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Elf Clan is one of the oldest and largest virtual world fantasy groups.  We feature the genres of fantasy, science fiction, steampunk and "tiny" worlds on 130+ regions.  On this site you will find our Charter, information on using virtual worlds, and classic Elf Clan stories and articles.  


PLEASE NOTE:   Due to technical limitations of the server, this website does not accept membership requests.   The purpose of this site is to provide current and historical information.


Many articles on this website are considerably out of date and are present here solely for historic and documentation purposes. To join Elf Clan, please do so on Second Life or DigiWorldz grids.




WHAT IS OPENSIM?   <--- CLICK HERE to learn why Elf Clan switched to Opensim grids.



ElvenSong  on OSgrid.  Home of Elf Clan.  Historical Museum, Dwagon Playground, Pirate Cove, Poetry Guild Treehouse, Thirsty Dragon Tavern and much more.

ElvenGlen  on OSgrid.  Re-creation of the original Elf Clan Region, including the super-tall Elf Clan Castle.

Replicant City on OSgrid.  Multi-genre Science Fiction exhibit city in high-sky ElvenSong.

Sendalonde on DiscoveryGrid.  Community Library and Theatre.  Elf Clan Affiliate lands.

Total current Elf Clan Lands and Affiliates:  134 regions + Replicant City (high sky).


INTRODUCTION TO ELF CLAN  Learn about the group and lands


VISITOR GUIDELINES   We welcome everyone.  These guidelines retain that welcome.


ELF CLAN historical builds and tours are currently located at ELVENSONG on OSgrid.org (part of Opensim), with affiliate worlds on DigiWorldz grid.




Eren Padar on Second Life.

Snoots Dwagon on OSgrid. DigiWorldz and Kitely grids

It is best to contact us via notecard, as IMs can be capped or lost.





ELF CLAN AFTER INWORLDZ    <--- click here

ELF CLAN'S NEW HOME-- OSgrid    Sept 1, 2018

HOW TO JOIN ELF CLAN  Become a member or an Elf Clan Land Affiliate!

Elf Clan Affiliate Grids and Lands

Intellectual Property Information 




What is "Family Friendly"?  How is this defined and why is it a part of Elf Clan?


Introduction to Elf Clan Steampunk      What is steampunk anyway?


The Origin of Elf Clan     Fantasy lore to help fill in the gaps


Elf Clan Characters & More    compilation by Oona Sharple


RABID PINK PIRATES CHAAARTER!    Dat right!  We takin' over!  Watch out elfs!



How to Reduce Lag  Methods for locating and reducing laggy items.


Hints, Tricks and Newbie Tips   for using virtual reality worlds  


Crashing Much?   These viewer tweaks may help


What Computer Do I Need?  Suggestions for getting the most out of your VR experience

Ramping Up Computer Performance   It's all in the graphics

How to Back Up Your Textures   A relatively fast way to store full-perm textures on your hard drive

The Myth of Prim Lag   Does prim count cause lag?  In a word:  no.  Find out why here.

The Myth of Avatar Complexity  Is that AC score really accurate?  In a word: no. 



Da Dwagon and da Orc   The dwagons -- all of them --  insist this is a true story

Footsbrawl:  Orks vs Pixies & Dwagons   Also a true story... at least according to the dwagons and pixies

Tinies for Biggies    What are Tinies?  Dinkies?  Dwagons?  Wees?

Da RABID PINK PIRATES!   Who is dis scurvy group?

A Definition of Otters    by Kylinn Leimes

Snoots' Guide to Cosplay    What is Cosplay and how does one enjoy it?

Are Dwagons Cookie Theives?  Authorized answer to an ancient question

Win a movie date with Mean Golem to see AVATAR     rumored to be his favorite movie. Or maybe not.

Da Awful Rat Invasion: Ratbusters to da Rescue!     Dark days indeed

FUZZNUTZ Make Top Headlines     Oh those wild rock bands!

Da Great Kraken Hunt    Nothing like Krakens to spice up da day

Are You a Dwagon?   A quick quiz that will help you find out

What is an Ork?      by Big Boss Schlitzie Martini

How to Make a Door    according to Snoots.   A true voice of experience

How to Fly an Airplane-- Dwagon Style   Professional pilots may or may not agree

Is Bry's Boots Waterproof?      Oona the pixie tests to see

The Dragon and the Pet Shop    another true story.  The dwagons have a lot of those

Wot Food Really Is     A reality check by our *choke* friendly dwagon *choke*

Da Greatest Soccer Game Ever    Raglan Shire vs Elf Clan.  This really did happen

Kylinn & Oona's Slumber Party     For da lasses only! 

One da Heffalump    a poem by Oona Sharple

Schlitzie, Zekeen and Mean Golem   Stay at a farm house overnight

Star Wars as Role Playing    The reality of gaming

The Beginning of Ork War II     the pixies and dwagons meant well

Ork War III    There's no stopping Orks.  Our exit-event on Second Li..(cough cough)

A Night at the Thirsty Dragon    by Unique Serrao and Elf Clan members

Ode to the Tavern Keeper      thanks to Bryster Shan by Mao Lemieux

THE JOURNEY     by Oona Sharple


THOUGHTS AND CONCEPTS    Discussing Elf Clan and Virtual Reality in general

Could Social VR replace Creative VR?   The greatest competition to any grid may be not other virtual worlds-- but Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

Druid Role Play in Elf Clan    As with all roles, Chanwood theme complies with the Charter

The Freedom Paradox    Commentary by Wayfinder Wishbringer

Second Life Monopoly Game   The money and risks in this game are real

Notable Quotes of Virtual History   Quotes that have related directly to the path / growth / failures of virtual reality worlds.  Not a rant-- a set of historical observations

Wayfinder's Quotes    Quotes from the founder of Elf Clan

Retrospect 2019  -- Musings from Wayfinder regarding his last 18 years in virtual worlds

Recent History    UPDATED Aug 18, 2018





Unique Music Instruments    Unusual instruments throughout the world

The Most Valuable Video for Gamers     found on YouTube by Zauber Paracelsus

The Monty Python DVD Set     A dwagon's' review

The Totally Freaky Truth About Matter    When you hit your thumb with a hammer, you're hitting it mostly with nothing



The following information is for archival purpose only, as part of Elf Clan's history. 

Own an Official Elf Clan Region!  Own your own Elf Clan region for far less $$$ than you'd expect!

Why Elf Clan Chose Inworldz    Why did our group move from Second Life to Inworldz?

What Has Elf Clan Accomplished on Inworldz?   Quite a bit actually

Two New Eldar     are introduced to Elf Clan

Inworldz Choice Awards: 2013   And we have the winners!

Using Inworldz  Essential information for accessing our virtual lands

Elf Clan Renters Guide.   Basic guidelines for building within theme and maintaining harmonious concepts on Elf Clan lands.

The ELF CLAN CHARTER   The historic document that provided the foundation for the first large fantasy group on Second Life.  No longer in active use, as individual lands are operated by their respective land owners.  Our "Charter" rules are now covered in our Visitor Guidelines and the basic concept of "Family Friendly".






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