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Another Round, Tarbender! Tags: thirsty dragon tarbender

Following is a lengthy but fun read, a direct-chat copy of an evening at The Thirsty Dragon.


You just had to know something was afoot when Eren announced on behalf of Bryster that the Thirsty Dragon was open (at least it would be more fun than a lag party!!)

[18:10] Eren Padar: Bryster asks me to announce the Thirsty Dragon Tavern is open, in ElvenMyst. : )
[18:12] UniQue Serrao: Uh oh
[18:12] UniQue Serrao: twouble is afoot now!!
[18:13] Oona Sharple: yay!
[18:18] Kylinn Leimes: anyone in the tavern yet?
[18:19] Bryster Shan: The Thirsty Dragon is OPEN
[18:27] Exosius Woolley: Hi Eren
[18:27] Exosius Woolley: :-)
[18:27] UniQue Serrao: Hi twouble
[18:27] Eren Padar: Rums!
[18:27] Eren Padar: Hi Hi Hi !
[18:27] Bryster Shan: Greetings!
[18:27] Exosius Woolley: who meees?
[18:28] Eren Padar: Rums!
[18:28] Eren Padar: Unique, he not givings me rums
[18:28] Exosius Woolley: oh I thought you said Runs!
[18:28] Bryster Shan: UniQue, your rum is not in your hand
[18:28] Bryster Shan: Oh well.
[18:28] VooDoo Spiced Rum On the Rocks : Ice Cold mmmmm!
[18:28] Talking Barkeep whispers: GLOG? Ye sure are a hearty (if masochistic) soul!
[18:29] Eren Padar: Oops
[18:29] Eren Padar: Sorry, I bump handle thing
[18:29] Eren Padar: Hope it not make big mess
[18:29] Bryster Shan: Who is Exosius?
[18:29] Eren Padar: I not knows
[18:29] Eren Padar: Oh is person up on roofs. :D
[18:29] Bryster Shan: Ah!
[18:30] Eren Padar: Rums!
[18:30] Eren Padar poundses bar
[18:30] UniQue Serrao: lol
[18:30] Bryster Shan: Not sure I should be giving you rums, Eren.
[18:30] UniQue Serrao: here we go!!!
[18:30] Eren Padar: But... but...why?
[18:30] UniQue Serrao: can you give me rum that's not voodoo?
[18:30] Bryster Shan shakes his
[18:30] Exosius Woolley: I'm Exosius! :-)
[18:30] Eren Padar: But.. .but I likes Rums. :D
[18:31] Bryster Shan: Oh of course I can My Lady
[18:31] Eren Padar: Halllooooo
[18:31] Eren Padar: How you Exo?
[18:31] Exosius Woolley: awesome.
[18:31] Exosius Woolley: so nice to socialize for a bit
[18:31] Eren Padar: yeah is. :D
[18:31] Eren Padar: Rums!
[18:31] Bryster Shan gave you Elite Rum & Coke.
[18:31] Eren Padar: I finish da one you gibbed me yesterday
[18:31] Exosius Woolley: hahaha
[18:31] Eren Padar: I thinks Bryster noring me
[18:32] Bryster Shan: No Is nots
[18:32] Eren Padar: *mwwahaas* :)~~~~
[18:32] Eren Padar: We gots him talkins like dwagons! :D
[18:32] Bryster Shan: Ack!
[18:32] Eren Padar: *mwwahaas* :)~~~~
[18:32] Bryster Shan: Ah! My Lady Chrys
[18:32] JC Illyar: lol is not so near
[18:32] JC Illyar: :D
[18:32] Chrysalis Gabreski: hello hello
[18:33] JC Illyar: good morning
[18:33] Eren Padar: Hey, dat not a rums!
[18:33] Bryster Shan: And a Young Edan
[18:33] Bryster Shan: Greetings all. Hail and Merry met!
[18:33] Eren Padar: Halllooooo
[18:33] Bryster Shan: Not rums?????
[18:33] Chrysalis Gabreski: what will you have JC ?
[18:33] Bryster Shan: Now how did that happen
[18:33] Chrysalis Gabreski: hi Eren
[18:33] JC Illyar: you first i will copy you
[18:34] Eren Padar: I dunno. Baaaad Bartender. Not knows differenct tween rums an wot eber dis is.
[18:34] Eren Padar punctures can wif fangs, laps.
[18:34] Eren Padar: lap lap lap lap
[18:34] Bryster Shan: I know that's not rums, Eren!
[18:34] Bryster Shan: I'm soooooooo soooryy.
[18:34] Eren Padar shouts: OHHHHHHHHHH!!!! SUGAR AN CAFFFEEEENSSSS!!!
[18:34] JC Illyar: in London i was drink a lot of bear :D
[18:34] Bryster Shan: Oh-oh
[18:34] Exosius Woolley: hahaha Eren
[18:34] Eren Padar: laplaplaplaplaplaplaplap...
[18:34] Eren Padar: ~ Time to Tiny River Dance ~

Eren dancing on the bar ^^ LOL

[18:35] Exosius Woolley: my cat tries to do that w/her teeth also
[18:35] JC Illyar: hot rum never drink before
[18:35] JC Illyar: :D
[18:35] Bryster Shan: Now, Exosious
[18:35] Eren Padar: Unique, Bryster gived me coffee
[18:35] Bryster Shan: What can I get you?
[18:35] Eren Padar: lap lap lap lap lap...
[18:36] Exosius Woolley: most kind, I am unable to imbibe in my current state
[18:36] Eren Padar: Boy dat stuff good. :D
[18:36] Eren Padar: ~ Time to Tiny River Dance ~
[18:36] Exosius Woolley: hahaha Eren you kill me
[18:36] Eren Padar: I thinks I likes cafffeeeens
[18:36] Exosius Woolley: love to watch you
[18:36] Eren Padar: : )
[18:36] UniQue Serrao: ~ Time to River Dance ~
[18:36] Bryster Shan: Well just let me know when you can. I have some wonderful rum.
[18:36] Eren Padar: See! Him got rums an not gives me any!
[18:37] Bryster Shan: I didn't gives hims rums. He cant drink yet.
[18:37] Exosius Woolley drop his outer spell - oops! sorry
[18:37] Exosius Woolley: forgot I had that active
[18:37] Eren Padar: Wows. I really likes coffeeeeess....
[18:37] Eren Padar: ~ Time to Tiny River Dance ~
[18:37] Exosius Woolley: Coffee rocks.
[18:37] Bryster Shan: Oh good grief.
[18:37] Eren Padar liddle eyes twirls
[18:37] UniQue Serrao: ~ Time to River Dance ~
[18:37] UniQue Serrao: *.. HahahaA *..
[18:38] Eren Padar: mmmm sugar.... mmmm coffeeeeeee....
[18:38] Bryster Shan: Cookies
[18:38] Eren Padar: Cookies! 8D
[18:38] Eren Padar: ????
[18:38] Eren Padar: You got cookies? :D
[18:38] Bryster Shan: Big cookies.
[18:38] Eren Padar: mmmmmmm
[18:38] Bryster Shan: JUst outside the door there.
[18:38] Eren Padar laps more cofffeee. REFILLL
[18:39] Bryster Shan: LOL
[18:39] Exosius Woolley: have some rum in it this tme
[18:39] Eren Padar: Bleh! I gots milks. Wants more coffeee!
[18:39] Exosius Woolley: another fave of mine
[18:39] UniQue Serrao: more RUMS!!
[18:39] Eren Padar: mmmmm cofffeeeeeeeeeee... yeah an wif rums! :D
[18:39] Bryster Shan gave you Elite Rum & Coke.
[18:39] Eren Padar: ( durn, now I done it. gotta go make some Irish coffee now. Drat you Bryster Shan! BRB). :D
[18:39] NikitaMaria Shilova: did i hear someone say rum?
[18:39] Bryster Shan: Greetings, My Lady Nikita
[18:40] Chrysalis Gabreski: hi Nikita
[18:40] Exosius Woolley: Rum! haha
[18:40] NikitaMaria Shilova: thank you
[18:40] Bryster Shan: Most welcome.
[18:40] Bryster Shan pours more milk into Eren's hat
[18:40] Exosius Woolley: Please take my seat.
[18:41] Exosius Woolley: I am unable to eat or drink at the moment
[18:41] NikitaMaria Shilova: is this run gonna make me fall down?
[18:41] NikitaMaria Shilova: rum
[18:42] Bryster Shan: I hope not. I have a bad back.
[18:42] NikitaMaria Shilova: lol
[18:42] Exosius Woolley: oh dear. Yet another spell needs casting. The work of a shapeshifting magician is never done.
[18:42] Bryster Shan grins
[18:42] Exosius Woolley: Good night! back later maybe I hope
[18:42] Bryster Shan begins to wonder what Exosius actually is.
[18:43] UniQue Serrao: maybe he's a shadow??
[18:43] Bryster Shan: of his former self?
[18:43] JC Illyar: good night people!
[18:43] Bryster Shan: Goodnight young Sire!
[18:43] NikitaMaria Shilova: ni night
[18:43] Bryster Shan: THank you for your custom.
[18:44] Deliah Bravin is Online
[18:44] UniQue Serrao: Goodnight fair people
[18:44] Chrysalis Gabreski: oh...i'm staying...
[18:44] Chrysalis Gabreski: not nearly drunk enough yet
[18:45] Bryster Shan: I think Eren is.
[18:45] UniQue Serrao: I'm trying but it's not working
[18:45] Bryster Shan: He's gone all quiet
[18:45] UniQue Serrao: nope
[18:45] UniQue Serrao: his eyes aren't whirling yet
[18:45] Eren Padar: ( am back, Irish coffee in hand. :D)
[18:45] UniQue Serrao: this is some cheap Rum, Bryster
[18:46] UniQue Serrao: where did you get it??
[18:46] Bryster Shan: Oh my! Hangon.
[18:46] Bryster Shan: Try that.
[18:46] Bryster Shan: Well now looks like Lady's night!
[18:46] Bryster Shan: Greetings!
[18:47] Auburn Heron: And greetings to you fine sir
[18:47] Bryster Shan blushes.
[18:47] Bryster Shan: Hail and Merry met.
[18:47] Chrysalis Gabreski: hello Auburn
[18:47] Bryster Shan: A drink for you, My Lady
[18:47] Auburn Heron: indeed yes
[18:47] Auburn Heron: and greetings Chrysalis
[18:47] Bryster Shan: What will you have.
[18:48] Bryster Shan: Eren recommends the rum.
[18:48] Auburn Heron: your best malt if I may
[18:48] NikitaMaria Shilova: aye she'll be needing a straw too. giggle
[18:48] Auburn Heron: ah well then, the rum it is
[18:48] Bryster Shan: Ah! A Lady of good taste.
[18:48] UniQue Serrao: done
[18:48] Glenlivet On The Rocks : Ice Cold mmmmm!
[18:48] UniQue Serrao: hum
[18:48] UniQue Serrao: what have you done to this chair?

There was certainly something mysterious about that rum.

[18:49] Bryster Shan: Huh?
[18:49] UniQue Serrao: or could it be the RUM?
[18:49] Bryster Shan: That would do it!
[18:50] Auburn Heron: hmmm
[18:50] Bryster Shan: You sure?
[18:50] UniQue Serrao: I had some of that voodoo rum earlier
[18:50] UniQue Serrao: lol
[18:50] Bryster Shan: LOL
[18:50] NikitaMaria Shilova: lol
[18:50] UniQue Serrao: or someone is up to sumpting
[18:50] Bryster Shan polishes a glass or two.
[18:50] UniQue Serrao: no wonder he's been quiet
[18:50] Bryster Shan: Try standing and sitting again.
[18:51] Bryster Shan: There !
[18:51] UniQue Serrao: good thing I didn't fall down between up and down
[18:51] UniQue Serrao: *.. HahahaA *..
[18:51] Eren Padar: mmmmm coffeeeeeeeeeeee
[18:51] Chrysalis Gabreski: hehe
[18:51] Bryster Shan scratches his head.
[18:51] Eren Padar: Wow... coffee interesting
[18:51] Talking Barkeep whispers: One Rum, comin' up!
[18:52] Eren Padar: It... smack smack smack... pretty tasty
[18:52] Bryster Shan: Then you'r be stuck somewhere in the middles and that wouldn't be right ifen you take my meaning.
[18:52] Drink whispers: Easy now, you remember what happened the last time? Err, on second thought, maybe you don't!
[18:52] Eren Padar: it make me feel funny.. like.....
[18:52] Eren Padar freaks out like a ferret on catnip.
[18:52] UniQue Serrao: lol
[18:52] Eren Padar: Yeah, I likes coffeee
[18:52] Bryster Shan: I really need a baseball bat.
[18:52] NikitaMaria Shilova: lol one too many drinks i think
[18:52] Eren Padar: yeah, baseball fun!!!
[18:52] Eren Padar: So is coffeee
[18:52] Eren Padar freaks out like a ferret on catnip.
[18:53] Eren Padar: *mwwahaas* :)~~~~
[18:53] Bryster Shan: Right about now, we could use a certain dwagon as a baseball.
[18:53] Eren Padar: I LIKES coffeees and Dr. Peppers. It better dan rums!
[18:53] Eren Padar smacks lips
[18:54] Eren Padar: Hi dere Auburn an Nikia an Chrys. :D
[18:54] NikitaMaria Shilova: Aubi he be a little dragon
[18:54] Chrysalis Gabreski: hi Eren
[18:54] Bryster Shan: Aw thank you Eren.
[18:55] Eren Padar: mmmm
[18:55] Eren Padar smacks lips
[18:55] Chrysalis Gabreski: hey Monty
[18:55] Eren Padar: mmmm rums....
[18:55] Bryster Shan: Hail Monty!
[18:55] Bryster Shan: Welcome!
[18:55] UniQue Serrao: let's see if he can eat a cookie too
[18:55] Bryster Shan: LOL
[18:55] Monty Anthony: Hello friends
[18:56] Eren Padar: Bryster gived me rums to go wif my Dr. Pepper an coffeee.. :D
[18:56] Bryster Shan: A drink for you Sire?
[18:56] Eren Padar: `..❤.●. Powers ..●.❤``..
[18:56] Eren Padar: geez
[18:56] Monty Anthony: a double Bryster
[18:56] Eren Padar: Dat cookie would flatten Refrigerator Perry. :D
[18:56] Bryster Shan: er..a double what, Sire?
[18:57] Eren Padar: Uh... Bryster, if you thinks dat a "Sire", you drinkin too much you own stuffs
[18:57] Auburn Heron: Nikita this is a most salubrious locale! I toast you on your good taste!
[18:57] UniQue Serrao: too big for ya, Eren?
[18:57] Eren Padar: No, too big for tavern. :D
[18:57] Monty Anthony: milk,and put it in a dirty glass
[18:57] NikitaMaria Shilova: lol
[18:57] Bryster Shan: He's a big Edan. He's a Sire.
[18:57] Eren Padar: Dey can't makes a cookie too big for tavern
[18:57] Eren Padar: Dey can't makes a cookie too big for a dwagon. :D
[18:57] Bryster Shan: Milk it is!
[18:58] Bryster Shan: Serious drinkers, these Edan.
[18:58] Auburn Heron: and the glass looks none too clean
[18:58] Monty Anthony: burp,,,excuse me
[18:58] Eren Padar: I hoped somebody getted photo of dis for evidence. I is total not responsible for whateber happen rest of nithg.
[18:58] Eren Padar: night

Just look at all the drinks Bryster had given Eren. No wonder he was buzzing all over the place!

[18:59] UniQue Serrao: floor looks pretty clean to me
[19:00] UniQue Serrao: and Eren doesn't have a single beer can in his pawses
[19:00] Auburn Heron: Nikki will you show me the way home? I am none too sure on my feet just now.
[19:00] NikitaMaria Shilova: shhhhhhhhhh i need to sneak up on that dragon
[19:00] Bryster Shan: Yous all must be making up for last night.
[19:00] Bryster Shan: No one here last night.
[19:00] Bryster Shan: Thank you , My lady Auburn.
[19:00] UniQue Serrao: making up what for last night?
[19:01] Auburn Heron: well it was Sunday, warnt it?
[19:01] Chrysalis Gabreski: was too hungover
[19:01] UniQue Serrao: River dancing?
[19:01] Bryster Shan: Making up for not drinking last night.
[19:01] Eren Padar: I brb
[19:01] Bryster Shan: Not even a dwagon here.
[19:01] UniQue Serrao: think I'll just cary my own keg on my back
[19:01] UniQue Serrao: with a straw
[19:01] Monty Anthony: thanx for the drink
[19:02] UniQue Serrao: now, I put down the rum and looks what happens
[19:02] Bryster Shan: Or you could get a Dwagon to carry it for you.
[19:02] UniQue Serrao: I'm floating again
[19:02] Bryster Shan: Welcome you are Sire.
[19:02] UniQue Serrao: yeah, I guess
[19:02] NikitaMaria Shilova: safe travels friends
[19:02] UniQue Serrao: what sized dragon do you recommend, Bryster?
[19:02] Chrysalis Gabreski: bye...have fun...
[19:02] Bryster Shan: Dwagon sized.
[19:02] Auburn Heron: Unique, you seem to be floating again
[19:02] Bryster Shan: Fair winds!
[19:03] Auburn Heron: safe paths
[19:03] UniQue Serrao: Zgotta be that Ork stuff your are serving for RUM
[19:04] Bryster Shan: It's very good rum, I'll have you know.
[19:04] UniQue Serrao: it makes you float, that's for sure
[19:04] Bryster Shan grins
[19:04] Bryster Shan: Now how is that my problem.
[19:04] Bryster Shan: ?
[19:04] UniQue Serrao: you stock the tavern don'tcha?
[19:05] Bryster Shan: Yes My Lady
[19:05] UniQue Serrao: so you KNOW where it comes from
[19:05] Bryster Shan: Of course!
[19:05] UniQue Serrao: who have you been buying from??
[19:05] Eren Padar: BTW Bryster
[19:05] Bryster Shan: No one but the most reputable brokers as recommened by a certain.....let's see.......Mr E. Ren and Company.
[19:06] Eren Padar: I camed in late last night and putted da half-drinked leftovers in da rum keg for ya.
[19:06] Eren Padar: It fuller now
[19:06] Bryster Shan: You did whjats???????????????????
[19:06] Chrysalis Gabreski: lol
[19:06] UniQue Serrao: *.. HahahaA *..
[19:06] Eren Padar: yeah, it amazing how much lefted in bottoms of glasses.
[19:06] Chrysalis Gabreski: i thought it tasted funny
[19:06] UniQue Serrao: I thinks you got it from Mer Maid and CO.
[19:07] Eren Padar eeps
[19:07] Eren Padar: UniQue, he gots sword again!
[19:07] Eren Padar: And I being a GOOD dwagon!

[19:07] Bryster Shan: I swear I'll swing for that dwatted dwagon.
[19:07] Eren Padar: *mwwahaas* :)~~~~
[19:08] Eren Padar: lap lap lap lap lap
[19:08] Bryster Shan: I'm goona moider it.
[19:09] Bryster Shan: Pesky rodent!
[19:09] Eren Padar: I not a rodent!
[19:09] Eren Padar: See no furs!
[19:09] Bryster Shan: Say your prayers.
[19:09] Eren Padar: mmmm warm on hiney
[19:09] Eren Padar clears the air
[19:09] Eren Padar: Oops sry
[19:10] Eren Padar: Wow
[19:10] Bryster Shan: Oh good grief!
[19:10] UniQue Serrao: uh oh
[19:10] Eren Padar: Looks wot Bryster did!
[19:10] Bryster Shan: Huh?
[19:10] Eren Padar applauds
[19:10] Eren Padar: -*-*-*- A P P A W S !! -*-*-*-
[19:11] Eren Padar: Dat almost as good as a dwagon poot!
[19:11] Bryster Shan: Greetings, Oona!
[19:11] Eren Padar: you pretty talented
[19:11] Eren Padar: ~*~*~>>>>> Oona <~*~*~
[19:11] Oona Sharple: bryster :D
[19:11] Chrysalis Gabreski: hi Oona
[19:11] Bryster Shan: While youre there, do you feel like scwering a dwagon!
[19:11] Bryster Shan: ?
[19:11] Oona Sharple: ~*~*~>>>>> Eren <~*~*~
[19:11] Eren Padar: Oona, Bryster gived me Rums an an an Dr Pepper an an an Coffee! 8D
[19:11] Eren Padar: ~ Time to Tiny River Dance ~
[19:11] Bryster Shan: Fibbers!
[19:11] UniQue Serrao: You better not touch my little buddy

[19:11] Oona Sharple: sorry,bryster?
[19:12] UniQue Serrao: he is a big help around here
[19:12] Oona Sharple: uh oh !
[19:12] Chrysalis Gabreski: fight....fight !!
[19:12] Eren Padar: Yeah, I recycles lefted over rums!
[19:12] Oona Sharple: who is,,uni?
[19:12] UniQue Serrao: Good Dwagon
[19:12] Bryster Shan: Some help!
[19:12] Bryster Shan: Poisening my customers you is.
[19:13] UniQue Serrao: not like you iz with that voodoo rum
[19:13] Eren Padar: Yeah
[19:13] UniQue Serrao: making peoples floats around here
[19:13] Bryster Shan: You liked the voodoo rum.
[19:13] UniQue Serrao: you just want to empty out their pockets
[19:13] Oona Sharple: o.O
[19:13] Eren Padar: Uh.... oops
[19:13] Eren Padar: I thinks I just peed
[19:13] UniQue Serrao: you did?
[19:13] Eren Padar: Dat Dr. Pepper an coffee wented right through
[19:13] Oona Sharple: wut did oona just walks into?
[19:13] Eren Padar: Maybe da rums too
[19:14] Bryster Shan: Empty pockets are no good to me. Booze is free here anyway.
[19:14] Eren Padar: I only peed a liddle
[19:14] Bryster Shan: Oh my!
[19:14] Oona Sharple: meh !>.< dat's one of da problems wif pets..dey pee and doo doo everywhere..
[19:14] Eren Padar: Dis place not gotta potty
[19:14] Eren Padar: I'll puts a potty outside
[19:15] Bryster Shan: Good thing too. Wules number 2...No widdles
[19:15] UniQue Serrao: widdles?
[19:15] Bryster Shan: Trust me. You don't want to know.
[19:15] UniQue Serrao: better make an outhouse for biggies and tinies
[19:15] Eren Padar: Dere, now is potty outside
[19:15] UniQue Serrao: you make the hole too big and the tinies will fall in
[19:15] UniQue Serrao: Ewwwwww
[19:15] Bryster Shan: Good idea! I'll mention it to the Big noises.
[19:16] UniQue Serrao: How about cushions on the bar stools??
[19:16] Eren Padar: I gotta widdle: wot did da green cow say to the purple zebra?
[19:16] UniQue Serrao: makes people more comfy?
[19:16] UniQue Serrao: try out that first barstool Eren
[19:16] UniQue Serrao: see how nice it feels
[19:16] Bryster Shan: Cushions made from purest dwagon skin?
[19:17] Eren Padar: *mwwahaas* :)~~~~
[19:17] Eren Padar: Wot did a green cow say to da purple zebra?
[19:17] Oona Sharple: oona dunno,eren..wut did da green cow says?
[19:17] Eren Padar: Moo. Moo.
[19:17] Eren Padar: *mwwahaas* :)~~~~
[19:17] UniQue Serrao: lol
[19:17] Bryster Shan shakes his head and raise his eyes skywards.
[19:17] Bryster Shan: brb
[19:17] Eren Padar: Okies!
[19:18] UniQue Serrao: he's making the 40 yard dash to the outhouse
[19:18] UniQue Serrao: look at him go!!!
[19:18] Oona Sharple: lol,eren
[19:19] Eren Padar eeps
[19:19] Oona Sharple: o.o
[19:20] Oona Sharple: oona didn't gets it,uni..
[19:20] Eren Padar: Protects me! I innocents!
[19:20] UniQue Serrao: go for it bryster
[19:20] Eren Padar: *mwwahaas* :)~~~~
[19:20] Bryster Shan: Can't even go for a widdle
[19:21] Eren Padar: *mwwahaas* :)~~~~
[19:21] Oona Sharple: wut is it,eren?
[19:21] Eren Padar: wot?
[19:21] Bryster Shan: er...??
[19:21] Oona Sharple: yas asks fer protection..
[19:22] Eren Padar: Bryster trying to chops me
[19:22] Bryster Shan: No good hacking at me. I don't even know how this sword thing works.
[19:22] Eren Padar: For NO REASON.
[19:22] Eren Padar: *mwwahaas* :)~~~~
[19:22] Chrysalis Gabreski: lol

At this point a sword fight begins between UniQue and Bryster. He was clearly out armed as UniQue has had more experience with swords and is protecting the cutest liddle dwagon in ElvenMyst. We must protect the honor of our leaderer.

[19:22] Eren Padar: Hiya Knoi.
[19:22] Eren Padar: Koni
[19:22] Koni Lanzius: hehe
[19:22] Koni Lanzius: Hi!
[19:22] Eren Padar: I keeping Bryster's beer warm

[19:22] Oona Sharple: uhh!
[19:23] Chrysalis Gabreski: Hello Koni
[19:23] Koni Lanzius: Helloo!~ :D
[19:23] Oona Sharple: knoi hehehehehe
[19:23] Eren Padar: There goes! :D
[19:23] Oona Sharple: oona gots cookies :D
[19:23] Eren Padar: That workd!
[19:23] Bryster Shan: Ohhhhhh WWWWWOOOOWWW
[19:23] Eren Padar: It fun fun. :D
[19:23] Koni Lanzius eeps.
[19:23] Eren Padar: Dat pretty good sword. :D
[19:24] Koni Lanzius: hiya Bry!
[19:24] Bryster Shan: pretty sharps too.
[19:24] Eren Padar: Yeah
[19:24] Oona Sharple: ~*~*~>>>>> Koniii <~*~*~
[19:24] Eren Padar: Don't worry Bryster... I keeping you beer keg warm
[19:24] Koni Lanzius: ~*~*~>>>>> Oona <~*~*~
[19:24] Bryster Shan: My Lady Koni!
[19:24] Koni Lanzius: Good Elf!
[19:24] Bryster Shan: How nice of you to call.
[19:24] Koni Lanzius: How be ye?
[19:24] Koni Lanzius: hehe
[19:24] Bryster Shan: Excuse me a moment while I kill an Eren
[19:25] Chrysalis Gabreski: your good'elf
[19:25] Koni Lanzius: Ahahaha! XD
[19:25] Eren Padar: UniQue was protecting me from unprovoked attacks by Bryster
[19:25] Chrysalis Gabreski: lol
[19:25] Oona Sharple: ohh
[19:25] Koni Lanzius: Ahahaha! XD
[19:25] Eren Padar: See? He a madman!
[19:25] Eren Padar: No tellings why.
[19:25] Koni Lanzius: hehe
[19:25] Eren Padar: Impulsiv!
[19:25] Impulsiv Writer: Hey Eren!
[19:25] Bryster Shan: Unprovoked. To poured dregss into the kegs!
[19:25] Eren Padar: Hey Imp, Bryster gived me rums an Dr. Pepper an Coffee and den tried to chops me for no reason!
[19:25] Koni Lanzius: hello Imp!
[19:25] Impulsiv Writer: Hey Koni!
[19:26] Koni Lanzius: :D
[19:26] Impulsiv Writer: well, giving rums is not as bad as runs...
[19:26] Chrysalis Gabreski: Hi Imp
[19:26] Koni Lanzius: Ahahaha! XD
[19:26] Eren Padar: rums is good
[19:26] Oona Sharple: imp
[19:26] Impulsiv Writer: Dr. Pepper and Coffee? wow...
[19:26] Eren Padar: So is Dr. Pepper an coffeeees
[19:26] Eren Padar freaks out like a ferret on catnip.
[19:26] Impulsiv Writer: It's Oona!
[19:26] Oona Sharple: hyper dwagon...
[19:26] Bryster Shan: A drinkfor you, Impulsiv?
[19:26] Eren Padar: INOTHYPER!
[19:27] Oona Sharple: hiyas imp, how is ya?
[19:27] Impulsiv Writer: I have to hold off this evening, sir barkeep
[19:27] Impulsiv Writer: early morning tomorrow...
[19:27] Oona Sharple: yeah ok,eren heee
[19:27] Oona Sharple: :* Eh hehehehe haha! *:
[19:27] Impulsiv Writer: I am good..., yourself?
[19:27] Bryster Shan: Ah. As you ish then
[19:27] Eren Padar: Koni, bryster gived me rums. Wanna laps?
[19:27] Eren Padar: Dere still some lefted
[19:27] Koni Lanzius: yesh :D
[19:27] Oona Sharple: uhh !!
[19:27] Impulsiv Writer: that sound...o...better not...keep me up all night.
[19:27] Koni Lanzius: sniff sniff
[19:27] Oona Sharple: laps? heeee
[19:27] Eren Padar gives Koni rums
[19:28] Koni Lanzius: lap lap lap
[19:28] Koni Lanzius: yummy!
[19:28] Eren Padar: Yeah is.
[19:28] Oona Sharple: heheheheee;)
[19:28] Koni Lanzius: Ahahaha! XD
[19:28] Bryster Shan stacks bottles ready for closing.
[19:28] Impulsiv Writer: Dis is a good variety of creature this evening...
[19:28] Koni Lanzius: hehe
[19:29] Eren Padar hugs bryster
[19:29] Impulsiv Writer: Lets see...
[19:29] Koni Lanzius: poor Bryster!
[19:29] Koni Lanzius: awwwwwwww
[19:29] Oona Sharple: oona prolly thinks of sumthin else...heeee
[19:29] Impulsiv Writer: Dwagons...Pixie, Elves, Blue Thing, Dark Fae... (me)
[19:29] Bryster Shan: Eren. No dwagons behind da barss.
[19:29] Bryster Shan: Elfen
[19:29] UniQue Serrao: Bryster? You have a headache?
[19:29] Chrysalis Gabreski: blue thing !!
[19:30] Oona Sharple: blue thing? where?
[19:30] Koni Lanzius: oooh Chrys!
[19:30] Impulsiv Writer: Well I honestly don't know...
[19:30] UniQue Serrao: I keep seeing a glowy thing on your head
[19:30] Koni Lanzius: you look great!
[19:30] Bryster Shan: Not really, Just too much on my mind.
[19:30] Impulsiv Writer: I cammed you up and down...and thought, "I got nothin'"
[19:30] Eren Padar polishes boots
[19:30] Chrysalis Gabreski: why thanks Koni
[19:30] Oona Sharple giggles.
[19:30] Eren Padar: I not behind bar. I wif you.
[19:30] Koni Lanzius: thats a remarkable skin
[19:30] Impulsiv Writer: Chrys is pretty blue....thing...but not sure what your....race is...
[19:30] Talking Barkeep whispers: One Ale, comin' up!
[19:30] Talking Barkeep whispers: One finely-aged wine, comin' up!
[19:30] Oona Sharple: ✦✧HaHaHa✦✧
[19:30] Talking Barkeep whispers: One Rum, comin' up!
[19:31] Eren Padar: *mwwahaas* :)~~~~
[19:31] Chrysalis Gabreski: its from the new film 'Avatar'
[19:31] Oona Sharple: nite elf
[19:31] Talking Barkeep whispers: One Ale, comin' up!
[19:31] Eren Padar laps pouring booze
[19:31] Koni Lanzius: OHHHHHHHHH
[19:31] Talking Barkeep whispers: One fine Irish Mist. Caution! Do not serve to Orcs. It makes them... friendly. Last one started dancing ballet in a tutu.
[19:31] Talking Barkeep whispers: One finely-aged wine, comin' up!
[19:31] Talking Barkeep whispers: GLOG? Ye sure are a hearty (if masochistic) soul!
[19:31] Eren Padar: I not done it!
[19:31] Koni Lanzius: right
[19:31] Talking Barkeep whispers: One Orc Snot, comin' up! Warnin'! For orcs only. Can cause hives, the jitters and extreme flatulence.
[19:31] Talking Barkeep whispers: One Rum, comin' up!
[19:31] Eren Padar: It not me!
[19:31] Eren Padar: lap lap lap lap
[19:31] Koni Lanzius: yea i see the resemblance
[19:31] Eren Padar: I bet pixie trick
[19:31] Impulsiv Writer: I even thought that, but then I thought, "Well, she can't be THAT"
[19:31] Chrysalis Gabreski: a Na'vi....Imp
[19:31] Oona Sharple: wut? wut did oona do?
[19:32] Oona Sharple: hey,gives oona a chance here..oona will do sumthin ;) heee
[19:32] Eren Padar: wow dat one big clock
[19:32] Koni Lanzius: how did you get an AVATAR avatar? hehehe
[19:32] Impulsiv Writer: Hmmmmm, I could become blue dark fae with a similar skin
[19:32] Impulsiv Writer: Oh! So that means Chrys is an AVATAR
[19:32] Koni Lanzius: ahhh
[19:32] UniQue Serrao: nice clock
[19:32] Eren Padar: It also really inaccurate clock. LOL
[19:32] Koni Lanzius: cool
[19:32] Koni Lanzius: i like it
[19:32] Bryster Shan: No she is Na'vi.
[19:32] Impulsiv Writer: Chrys, is an Avatar, of an Avatar, from AVATAR. ( I could just go on all day)
[19:32] Koni Lanzius: wow
[19:32] Bryster Shan: Only folks wot lives in Navi skin is Avater.
[19:32] Koni Lanzius: hehe
[19:33] Impulsiv Writer: It does look very nice Chrys!
[19:33] Chrysalis Gabreski smiles
[19:33] Impulsiv Writer: the hair is perfect for it.
[19:33] Koni Lanzius: it is!
[19:33] Impulsiv Writer: You almost as cute as me.
[19:33] Chrysalis Gabreski: lol
[19:33] Impulsiv Writer: :D
[19:33] Bryster Shan: THank you, My Lady Koni ;-)
[19:33] Chrysalis Gabreski: impossible
[19:33] Oona Sharple: .::Giggles::.
[19:34] Koni Lanzius: *:-.,_,.-:*'``'*You're Welcome!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*
[19:34] Impulsiv Writer: what a wonderful place. I can come here, get my smile on, no matter what.
[19:34] Bryster Shan: If you don't mind me saying so, I think the nose whould be broader and flatter.
[19:34] Koni Lanzius: YAY!!!! \o/
[19:34] UniQue Serrao: hum, clock must have lag time
[19:34] Eren Padar polishes boots

Eren has been a busy liddle dwagon, trying to make friends with Bryster even to the point of polishing Bryster's boots. Maybe a few more tips in the jar and he can afford some new ones?

[19:34] Koni Lanzius: hehe
[19:34] Chrysalis Gabreski: hows that...Bry ?
[19:35] Bryster Shan shouts: Last Orders at the Bar Please!
[19:35] Oona Sharple: ohh,already?
[19:35] Oona Sharple: oona would like sumthin wif orange
[19:35] Impulsiv Writer: well lets me run with my smile and such...
[19:35] Bryster Shan: Well my boots can only take so much polishing.
[19:35] Impulsiv Writer: great seeing all of you...!
[19:35] Impulsiv Writer: :)
[19:35] Koni Lanzius: Bye Bye
[19:36] Eren Padar: :D
[19:36] Chrysalis Gabreski: byee
[19:36] Eren Padar: Nitey nite!
[19:36] Bryster Shan: Hurry back!
[19:36] UniQue Serrao: nice seeing you Impulsive
[19:36] Eren Padar: Sure is shiney boots!
[19:36] Impulsiv Writer: Night! you all as well!
[19:36] Oona Sharple: bey beys
[19:36] Eren Padar: Dey shiney cos I spitted on 'em.
[19:36] Koni Lanzius: Ahahaha! XD
[19:36] Bryster Shan: Oh my grief!
[19:36] Koni Lanzius: Ahahaha! XD
[19:36] Oona Sharple: him poofs
[19:37] Oona Sharple: koni so cute..lil dwagon wif dress
[19:37] Koni Lanzius: :D
[19:37] Oona Sharple: very nice,koni :D
[19:37] Koni Lanzius: hello Kelly!
[19:37] Bryster Shan: My Lady Kelly! Welcome.
[19:37] Koni Lanzius: thanks sweetie!
[19:37] Kelly Kingmaker: hello
[19:37] Chrysalis Gabreski: Hi Kelly
[19:37] Kelly Kingmaker: grab last drink
[19:37] Oona Sharple: *:-.,_,.-:*'``'*You're Welcome!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*
[19:38] Bryster Shan: And what will you have?
[19:38] Kelly Kingmaker: hello my beautiful neighbor
[19:38] Kelly Kingmaker: Irish whiskey
[19:38] Koni Lanzius: Ahahaha! XD
[19:38] Bryster Shan: Ah!
[19:38] Oona Sharple: oona says sum time ago..oona would like sumthin wif orange...
[19:38] Eren Padar: Gives Kelly some a dat second day rum.
[19:38] Oona Sharple: kelly
[19:39] Oona Sharple: eeww..2nd day rum?
[19:39] Kelly Kingmaker: ha
[19:39] Kelly Kingmaker: thank you kind sir
[19:39] Bryster Shan: Well my friends, I must wander off.
[19:40] Eren Padar: Nitey nite!
[19:40] Koni Lanzius: goodbye Bry!
[19:40] Chrysalis Gabreski: nite nite Bryster

At this point cookies and milk have mysteriously appeared behind the bar for a liddle dwagon who was so busy polishing Bryster's boots. Guess he needed to whet his whistle after spitting on Bryster's boots so much.. lol

[19:40] Eren Padar: ohhh cookies!
[19:40] Eren Padar: An milk!
[19:40] Bryster Shan: Ifen that stuffs there when I get here tomorrows, Eren!
[19:41] Koni Lanzius: cookies!
[19:41] Koni Lanzius: .❤.
[19:41] Koni Lanzius: *.❤.* AHHH Ha! *.❤.*
[19:41] Koni Lanzius: *.❤.* Ha Ha Ha Ha *.❤.*
[19:41] Koni Lanzius: ~♡♡♡~
[19:41] Eren Padar: Wots?
[19:41] Kelly Kingmaker: Unique special hello
[19:41] Oona Sharple: meh ! oona not gets a drink..
[19:41] Eren Padar: I putting up new clock. :D
[19:41] Oona Sharple: bey beys,bryster
[19:41] Kelly Kingmaker: want some of mine
[19:42] UniQue Serrao: Hello Kelly
[19:42] Kelly Kingmaker: tiny sip only
[19:42] Oona Sharple: is it 2nd day rum?
[19:42] Koni Lanzius: hehe
[19:42] UniQue Serrao: I saw an Ork wagon out back making deliveries this morning
[19:43] UniQue Serrao: might be why the RUM is so Aaaagh!!
[19:43] Kelly Kingmaker: oh no barf
[19:43] Chrysalis Gabreski: Bryster was trying to kill the patrons earlier...i think this job is getting to him
[19:43] UniQue Serrao: could be
[19:44] Kelly Kingmaker: oh no need to get him some help

Hum, a barmaid possibly? We shall see!!

[19:44] Koni Lanzius: Ahahaha! XD
[19:44] Oona Sharple: oh
[19:44] Eren Padar: Dere, is clock. :D
[19:45] Oona Sharple smiles
[19:45] Kelly Kingmaker: goodnite ladies have to go
[19:45] Koni Lanzius: Bye Bye
[19:45] Oona Sharple: oona thnks it nice wif clock dat tells wrong time too :D
[19:45] Eren Padar: *mwwahaas* :)~~~~
[19:46] Eren Padar: Bye Bye
[19:46] Oona Sharple: does not matter wut time it is,coz fer oona is playtime anyway....or candy time
[19:46] Eren Padar: How likes clock?
[19:46] Koni Lanzius: ohhhhh
[19:46] Koni Lanzius: nice!
[19:46] Oona Sharple: who is leavin?
[19:46] Chrysalis Gabreski: time for my bed too....have a great evening all
[19:46] UniQue Serrao: Goodnight ladies
[19:46] Chrysalis Gabreski: was ever
[19:46] Koni Lanzius: Goodnight. :3
[19:46] Koni Lanzius: Chrys
[19:46] Eren Padar: Nitey nite!
[19:47] Koni Lanzius: good
[19:47] Koni Lanzius: Goodnight. :3
[19:48] Koni Lanzius: she gotz da new blue AVATAR avatar!
[19:48] UniQue Serrao: ○☆"Bye Bye ^^"☆○
[19:48] Eren Padar: Look at all da cookies!
[19:48] Koni Lanzius: yum!
[19:48] Eren Padar: some of 'em even floating in air!
[19:48] Oona Sharple: bey beys,uni

And so another night passes at the The Thirsty Dragon tavern. Shiney new boots for Bryster and who knows what next for the clients. Maybe better RUM?

Goodnight ElvenMyst and the Elf Clan!!


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