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What Has Elf Clan Accomplished on Inworldz?
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The following information is for archival purpose only, as part of Elf Clan's history.

    A quick note about our presence on Inworldz.  What have we accomplished there?  Some things are obvious.  Some things may not be so obvious.



    First of all, consider some 50+ regions.   Our group lands are larger than we ever believed would be possible... and indeed would not have been possible on Second Life (we couldn't even keep 2 sims alive on that grid).  Not only that, but our regions are more beautiful, more interesting and as interactive as anything we've ever built.



    On SL one person owned all our regions.  That's how it had to be because of SL TOS issues.   But here we have the ability to allow individuals to own their own lands... which has been a tremendous boost for our group.  For you region owners-- how do you like owning your own region?  Fantastic, isn't it?  Brings a whole new level of VR to VR. 



    We've done our best to help get Inworldz on its feet and be a small part of keeping it there.  Most people don't realize it... but since we've been on Inworldz Elf Clan as a group has paid the Inworldz company in excess of US $120,000 for our lands.   That's right, over one hundred twenty thousand dollars over the years.   That is what collective large-group funds can accomplish.  

    What's more, that proves something we tried to tell Linden Lab long ago:  sometimes less is more.  In the seven years we were on Second Life, our group spent somewhere around $50,000 with that company (for 2 full sims and 6 open space sims).   In the approximately-five years we've been on Inworldz we've paid the company more than double that amount.   And as a group we're far more contented and peaceful on Inworldz than we ever were on the old grid.  It's not without its flaws, but the bonuses are considerable.

     So which company would you say is smarter at business policy and value for price?  The answer is obvious.


    So that's just a brief summary of why Elf Clan moved to Inworldz and what we've accomplished there, as well as what we've done for the grid.   It's a symbiotic relationship.


-- Wayfinder Wishbringer





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