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TINY CENTRAL was established to help people to join one group and thereby get information on everything going on with the Tiny community no matter where it happens on the thousands of Opensim worlds.  Anyone from any hypergrid world can join.  Anyone from any hypergrid world can post their Tiny-oriented event.

The basic idea is to promote tiny events without having to post the same event notice on multiple groups or grids.

You will need to visit DigiWorldz and join TINY CENTRAL to post and receive group notices.  Just SEARCH for TINY CENTRAL and JOIN.

On some grids in order to automatically receive notices of events you may need to create an avatar on DigiWorldz grid (, but this is very easy to do. (This is the case with OSgrid members for example, since OSgrid does not receive or forward external grid messages.)

In most cases you don't have to use a DigiWorldz avatar to post an event; you can come in across the hypergrid using your normal tiny avatar and post your event.  You will need to activate your TINY CENTRAL group to do so. 

Fortunately it's possible to join the group with any Opensim Avatar by visiting DigiWorldz Grid, SEARCHING for the TINY CENTRAL group, and clicking the JOIN button.  (If you later find you're not receiving notices you will need to create a DigiWorldz avatar and join the group. Simple process, and after that group notices will go to your  email.)



TINIES DEFINED:  small avatars (usually about knee-high).  These include the original Wynx Tinies, other brands of Tinies, Dinkies, Wees, Bladencats, Koalas, Dwagons (Tiny or Dinkie), and even Teenies (really small tinies) and other small avatars.   Usually tinies are small animals or fantasy creatures, but really can be almost any small avatar. 

Following are sensible guidelines that will make people want to be a member of this group.  Please take a  moment to become familiar with these basic "rules of posting".


* TINY CENTRAL is a group on DigiWorldz Grid that can be used by any tiny on any grid to announce their events.  

* ANYONE MAY JOIN Tiny Central (regardless of avatar size), but only Tiny-oriented events may be posted in group notices. 

* HYPERGRID. Please note the hypergrid requirement.  It must be easy to teleport to your event without logging in to a specific world.

* FAMILY FRIENDLY.  All such events should be considered family friendly, as conceptually there is no such thing as an "adult tiny".  ;D

* BIGGIES (normal size avatars) may attend such events if the event permits it (most do).  Biggies must dress modestly or face the wrath of our Tiny Bouncers.  ; )

* ANY TINY MAY POST an event in Tiny Central, on ANY Opensim Hypergrid..  You don't need to be a founder or officer of any group; you just need to be hosting a real event with permission from the land owner. 

* IF YOU POST IT, HOST IT (barring RL issues, in which case please try to get someone else to fill in or at least send notice of cancellation).  Non-hosted, automated, or "non-events" (just trying to get people to visit your land) are not allowed.

* PROVIDE ACCESS.  Please be sure to include a hypergrid-jumpable landmark or URL.  Test it with an avatar from a different grid to make sure it works before posting.  It doesn't do any good to have a hypergrid Tiny event if people can't get there.  ; )

* NO AVERTISING ALLOWED.  This is not a marketing group, it is an EVENT GROUP ONLY.  Advertising may result in avatar ban without prior notice.  If this proves to be a problem we will switch from open event posting to role-required registration.

* ONLY TWO ANNOUNCEMENTS PER EVENT please.  Please avoid spam.  You can post an event days prior to the event, and then the day of the event. 

* NO "HALF TIME" EVENT ANNOUNCEMENTS.  Again, only two announcements per event.  Please no announcements such as, "It's half time at the My Special Event! Come and dance your feet off!"  Is spam... and not da tasty kind.

* NO BIGGIE-SPONSORED EVENTS.  If it's a regular "biggies" club where tinies are invited... that's not a tiny event.  This group is for tinies-specific events.  Of course, biggies may be invited, 'cos it encourages them to be tinies. : )

* PLEASE AVOID REPETITIOUS POSTS.  If a group hosts a Tiny Dance every night and sometimes twice a day... please avoid driving members crazy by announcing every. single. event. (Instead, post a single notice with a notecard listing your week's events.)  Of course, if you're an event-prolific Tiny and regularly host unique and fun events, that's total okay. We're glad to have you join us!  Moderation and balance is the key.  We leave that bit of discernment in your paws.  Thanks for your cooperation.

We're happy to have you join us!  : )



On Sept 16, 2022 a proposal was presented to Terry Ford, owner of DigiWorldz, to create a group to centralize event announcements for Tinies, Dinkies and Weefolk that exist on Opensim Grids, regardlesss of the grid where the event is held.  Terry approved the concept the same day:

Hi Snoots,
No problem at all on our end if you make your own group to do this, I think it's a great idea!
--Terry Ford   DigiWorldz, LLC

Friday, September 16th, 2022 (21:46)

The Tiny Central concept was a joint idea between Snoots Dwagon (usually a Dinkie Dwagon in appearance) and Shalheira Nailo (a well-known mechant of wee apparel and gear).  It was discussed and conceptualized, then upon approval Tiny Central was founded by Snoots and includes moderators to insure group adherance to posting guidelines.
















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