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Elf Clan Charter


Guardians are the protectors of Elf Clan. They are basically Greeters with considerable
experience, who have been authorized with powers equivalent to sim managers. They watch over
the lands, remove trash, boot unruly people, and basically help keep Elf Clan in shape. They are
friendly-- just like Greeters-- but in addition can... if the need arises... take on the role of "police"--
as is required by all societies.
These are guidelines to assist our guardians. These items are the result of years of experience
and have been shown to consistently work.
Total nudity or "organs" showing... take the following steps:
Recognize two things:
1. Sometimes glitches occur and the people may seem dressed in their view
2. Some people with "organs" have simply forgotten they're wearing them
3. Griefers use this as an excuse all the time
* In IM so as not to embarrass the person, politely and in a friendly manner inform them this is a
family friendly land and that they appear naked. Ask the person to fly up to 150m and put some
clothes on.
* If they refuse or "don't hear you" (within a reasonable period of time-- 30 seconds or so)... boot
them from the land. Zero tolerance.
* If they return still nude, inform them of such and ask them to relog. If they remain in the area, boot
them. Zero tolerance.
* If they relog and are still nude-- they're griefing you. Boot them and report them.
1. Note the person's name.
2. Click on HELP/ABUSE REPORT and be sure to click INCLUDE SCREENSHOT.
3. Before completing the report, right click and EJECT AND BAN the person from ALL REGIONS.
4. Finish filing the abuse report.
NOTE: If they claim they were "looking for clothes"... point out to them that ANY clothing is
preferrable to nudity... and that they were asked to fly up and change. Tell them we have zero
tolerance for people who don't respect sim rules.
Beyond that, it's their problem. Our home, not theirs.
Before removing someone, make sure it is actual griefer or drama queen activity. There are many
times that simple newbie activity is mistaken for griefing (for example, a newbie may accidentally
play an x-rated sound or set off a weapon, having no idea what it does). Or it may be a newb who
has been suckered by a griefer group, and has no idea such activity is inappropriate. That is why
we first use polite warnings.
ATTITUDE is of prime importance. Do they stop when contacted? Do they apologize? If so, likely
they are not offenders. There are many instances in Elf Clan history of apparent griefers who were
in actuality simply newbs, and later became supportive members.
BOGUS CLAIMS. Be aware that the #1 claim of a griefer is, "Oh, I'm a newbie"-- or apologize
while continuing on with the activity. Don't let them pull the wool over your eyes. It's fairly easy to
discern their true intent from continued actions and attitude.
Handling of griefers is easier than ever before. Once you have determined they ARE griefing:
1. Right click their av and FREEZE the person. The freeze will last for 30 seconds.
2. Use that time to examine the situation for further possible action. Repeat freeze them if
necessary. That's one of the most effective ways of removing them-- force them to remove
3. If warranted, right click and EJECT AND BAN the person from THIS ESTATE. ("All Estates"
doesn't currently work on Inworldz and is irrelevant to our single sim on SL).
Note the freezing works for only 30 seconds, and is designed primarily to give you time to
examine the situation. There's nothing a griefer hates more than being frozen. It de-powers them. If
you feel the situation warrants it, you may use freeze repeatedly to get the point across.
Q: What should I do if I ban someone?
A: Fill out a notecard detailing the reasons why, include chatlogs and photos if you have them, and
send such to an Eldar.
Q: Should we report griefers to the grid company?
A: Yes, if you feel the situation is a breach of Terms of Service (such as nudity on a PG sim or
harassment of group members).
Friendly is the word. Not all seeming-griefers are griefers. Sometimes it's just a misunderstanding
or a lack of knowledge by a newbie or of someone unacquainted with our ways. Always give the
benefit of the doubt. But when that doubt is no longer warranted, feel free to take immediate and
strong action, with no apologies or "talking it over with them". Griefers love to waste your time with
bogus whining.
SPECIAL CAUTION: there are a very few dishonorable people who have made themselves
unwelcome in our group and lands. (Antisocial, arrogant people abound). If you find an individual
bad-mouthing Elf Clan, its rules or its Eldars, feel free to consider such a person as unwelcome
and freeze him/her without warning. There is no need to say anything, no need to chide or do
anything else. Just freeze the person and let 'em steam. Our group has had far enough of liars,
slanderers and propagandists in the past; we need tolerate no more of such ill-mannered louts. If
they continue such conduct or cop an attitude, warn them that drama and politics is forbidden here.
If they still continue, you know the response. This is our home; they are guests. If they cannot
conduct themselves with civility... they do not need to be here.
There is nothing in Elf Clan that warrants badmouthing or ill speech. We would not enter
someone's home in real life and badmouth them; we do not allow such here.
Again: Zero tolerance for drama queens. Drama is forbidden in these lands. They can take their
antisocial and disruptive attitudes elsewhere.
Some of our most useful lines to offensive people:
"If you like these lands, abide by our rules. If you don't, there are thousands of other lands for you to
explore. No one is holding you here against your will."
"Our land is not run by the whims of individuals, but by the directives of the Group Charter. If you
wish to visit or reside here, you need to respect the principles of these lands."
"This is our home. We make the rules, not those who visit here. It is not your privilege to tell us how
to conduct our own home."
"These lands are peaceful and friendly. Our structure and rules is what makes them so. These
lands do not belong to you and you did not create this group. If you disagree with something, you
may contact an Eldar with respectful feedback. Drama is forbidden here."
"We do not alter our rules to suit personal preferences. It works the other way around. Indivdiual
members are expected to adapt to the rules of this group. You are a VISITOR here. This is our
HOME. Please respect our rules."
Such concepts usually get the point across. If they don't... then obviously that person does not have
the Honor, Respect or Friendship to be welcome in these lands. Dysfunctional people do exist; we
do not disrupt our lands by tolerating such activity. As a Guardian, you are authorized to remove
people who show little or no cooperation and friendship.
As a Guardian, you have been given several extra abilities:
1. The ability to delete ALL objects on the lands.
2. The ability to IMMEDIATELY ban a person
3. Send Group Notices
4. Change Music and Media Settings
There are many, many tools under Estate Management. You are authorized to use the above four
listed tools. Other estate settings (light/dark/textures/script management etc) are off-limits,
reserved for the sim owners and sim managers.
You have the ability to delete trash. That means you can also conceivably delete ANYTHING on the
sim. Deletion powers are LINE OF SIGHT and can go through both buildings, water and even solid
So please BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL and TRIPLE-CHECK what you have selected before
deleting anything.
One way to reduce problems is BIRD'S-EYE-VIEW deleting. When you're looking straight down at
the ground, not much chance of over-shooting your delete target. It is very dangerous to delete
items from normal-vision standpoint. You can easily shoot across a sim and delete something you
didn't mean to... or even across multiple joined sims!
If you are on a sky platform do not use bird's-eye-view; you can take out things on the ground. If in
question... delete items individually, or by a person's name using ABOUT LAND functions (in the
case of griefing).
The main thing is to make triple sure that what you have selected to delete is what you MEAN to
have selected. Best way to do that is to see where the positioning arrows are located. If they are
not at the center of where you think they should be... then you have something else inadvertently
IF you happen to accidentally delete something, don't be embarassed. The best thing you can do
is immediately notify a sim manger / Eldar so that we can quickly correct what was deleted. We
don't cast blame; we learn from our mistakes and manage damage for minimal impact. We have
all accidentally deleted the wrong thing at one time or another.
Same rules as with Greeters (and the same exercise of care), except you can now remove them
both from Elf Clan and from an entire region or regions.
Please avoid spamming the group with repetitious notices. Think about what is sent before
sending it, and proofread before hitting the send button. ONE notice per event allowed, usually
best sent 24-72 hours (1-3 days) prior to the event. Be sure to post on Grouply as well.
NON-EVENT NOTICES are to be passed through to Eldars. ALL NOTICES other than EVENTS
are to receive prior authorization before publication.
ABSOLUTELY NO non-Elf Clan notices (from other groups) are to be sent out without
authorization of the Eldars.
You can change the music and media URLs on individual plots.
We prefer light, enjoyable, relaxing music. Irish folk, smooth jazz, classical, new wave are usually
Hard rock, acid, heavy metal and rap are to be avoided. These are Elven fantasy lands. The music
should reflect that concept. We understand people have individual music preferences. However,
this is Elf Clan; music is part of our culture and theme. Those wanting harsh, modern music, may
not find Elf Clan to their liking. We're not prudes or stick-in-the-mud; this is just the theme and
environment that is a hallmark of this group.
On occasion music can be changed. It is sensible when having a lively dance party with a DJ that
classic rock may be used. Even then, harsh metal, acid, rap etc are way outside the concepts of
this family-friendly group.
You have been entrusted with a responsible role in Elf Clan. Welcome Guardian!

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