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Elf Clan Land-- FREE or Rent, your choice!
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The following information is for archival purpose only, as part of Elf Clan's history.


Have you wanted to live on beautiful Elf Clan lands... but simply couldn't afford it?  In these days when rent, food, energy, insurance and health costs are so very expensive, for some people it can be difficult to come up with even $10 to spare.  You are not alone; we understand-- and have worked to make provisions for members willing to contribute a little bit of time to the group.


YOU CAN GET FREE LAND... or be a Patron!

We have now set up Mellyn region (Elvish for "friendship").  This is group-owned land, paid for by generous group donations from our Elf Clan Patrons.  We thank you very much for supporting this project!

Our Patrons have made it possible for us to offer two types of residental land plots:   Free or Fee.  In summary:

EVENT HOST-- FREE LAND.  If you can spare 1 to 2 hours a week (depending on the event you choose) you can obtain a free 64x64m plot with 2,000 prims of building allowance.  Elf Clan needs Event Hosts to hold regular events.   Hosting events is easy... we'll even teach you how.  All we need is for you to host one event per week... and you can have a good-size land plot on beautiful Mellyn.

ELF CLAN PATRON.  If you have some cash to spare, for as little as $10 a month you can become an Elf Clan Patron (<--- click for more info).  $10 brings you a 64x64m 2,000 prim plot, $20 brings you a 64x128m 4,000 prim plot.  

Being a Patron not only brings you Elf Clan land, but helps support Elf Clan Arts and Events.   So it's your choice-- fee (Patron) or free (Event Host).   Either way, inexpensive land is now available!


DO BOTH-- GET MORE LAND!  You can sign up as a Patron and volunteer as an Event Host... and get more land.  A Patron at $10 a month level gets 64x64m, and a regular Event Host gets 64mx64m.  Do both... and you get 64x128m... double the land!


WHICHEVER MEETS YOUR NEEDS... you can take part and help meet Elf Clan's needs at the same time.   A group with active, regular events as well as residential lands forms a community that thrives and grows.  Your local neighbors will seem like family.   The special title of Event Host makes you part of a group that help attract attention to Elf Clan and spur on group enthusiasm.


WANT FREE LAND?  Volunteer to become an event host.   Want land and can afford to be a Patron?   That's what provided the isle of Mellyn to start with.   Or do both.  

Please contact SNOOTS DWAGON to sign up for either offer or both.  Your participation and support is greatly appreciated... and you'll become part of the central core of Elf Clan community!







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