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Elf Clan Charter


For quite some time it has been a primary rule of landholding that all ground-level lands in Elf Clan must be of a fantasy theme.

With our more relaxed situation on Inworldz, we are able to expand our themes considerably for islands totally separated from other lands.

In the real world there is a tremendous crossover between the areas of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Elf Clan can now recognize that cross-genre concept.

On Inworldz regions in the Elf Clan Fantasy Islands... any privately-owned island(s) totally separate from other Elf Clan lands (not touching on any side or corner) may contain ground-level themes
other than strict fantasy in the following areas:

1) Science Fiction
2) Steampunk
3) Post-Apocalyptic

If someone has an alternate idea, we will consider additional genres as well so long as they exist within the general concepts of the "unreal" (for example, Alice in Wonderland, Willy Wonka, etc).

All aspects of the Elf Clan Charter still apply.

Ground-level lands must be family-friendly G-rated.

Genres such as vampirism, horror, occult, witchcraft etc are still forbidden.

All lands must be open to visitors and visitor-friendly.

Contemporary builds are still excluded. Genres such as Steampunk should exhibit quite a bit more fantasy/sci-fi creativity than simple re-creation of Victorian times and homes. Science fiction themes should show unique and creative structure rather than blockish, ugly buildings. Above all we wish to remember that Elf Clan lands are beautiful and unique. Even in our adoption of other genres, we wish to retain the creativity and skill for which Elf Clan is known. While we know that not all members have equal building and scripting skills... we still encourage everyone to "think outside the box" and build with style and flair beyond the norm. : )

Elf Clan has always tried to grow and adapt with the needs of our members. From the beginning we have allowed more than just "Elven" culture in our group, even welcoming the Orcs, Drow, Fae, Dragons and others when they asked to join our lands. From our early days we have allowed Star Trek groups to conduct guided tours in their shuttlecraft. We've always tried to be a bit more "laid back" than typical Elven groups.

With the change of our venue from Second Life to the Inworldz platform, we are able to expand and alter our efforts according to member needs and preferences. Since we can now offer our members their own private islands, we see the potential to expand our genres to include areas that are usually of interest to fans of fantasy and science fiction alike. We hope you enjoy this new opportunity and join us in welcoming these additional genres to our group.




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