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Elf Clan 2020- Status Report
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As I write this it is late October 2020, and it has been an odd few years.  Aside from the Inworldz grid self-destructing in July 2018 and changing the face of Elf Clan... the Covid-19 virus has changed the face of society globally. 

So what is the status of Elf Clan at this time?





Elf Clan still exists in name, history, and some rather incredible lands.  As of this writing (2020-11-04) Elf Clan affilite lands total 144 regions. 

When the Inworldz grid self-destructed the centralized-nature of Elf Clan that had existed from 2004 to 2018 ended.  Members of Elf Clan spread throughout the virtual worlds, moving to different grids.  Some returned to Second Life (though not in Elf Clan capacity).  Others set up new homes on grids such as OSgrid, Kitely and DigiWorldz.   Some returned to real life, having tired of the ups and downs of virtual worlds and replacing them with something more substantial.



The core home of Elf Clan settled on OSgrid in the form of two continents:  ElvenSong and ElvenGlen.   Both of these are 5x5 VAR regions, 25 times the size of a normal region.  The huge amount of land and ocean area combined with no sim lines provided wonderful building opportunities.

These two continents present the history of Elf Clan, including our orginal ElvenGlen region with its immensely tall castle and the nearby Orc Fortress.  This is Elf Clan in 2005 when it existed on the Second Life platform.  Eldar Peter Lioncourt has placed additional lands and creations around the original ElvenGlen to achieve the huge woodland areas and sailable waters he's always enjoyed.

ElvenSong presents Elf Clan as it existed on Inworldz, with changes made to take advantage of the increased continent size.   The areas of ElvenMyst and Pirate's Cove have been merged with ElvenSong to form a large dual-island pair.  Here one will find ElvenSong Castle, Dwagons Keep (home of the Dwagons), the Poetry Guild Treehouse, Pirate's Cove, and the Elf Clan Museum that contains numerous beautiful, hand-picked photos of Elf Clan history.

In high-sky ElvenSong you will find Replicant City, our  enjoyable multi-genre science fiction exhibit. Replicant City is often featured on the splash page when logging in to OSgrid.  It has been greatly expanded and now includes nine detailed starships surrounding the City.  For science fiction fans this area offers hours and even days of potential exploration possibilities.

We have added to these regions Frankenstein.  As the name implies it is an experiment, a stitched-together complex of multiple worlds available on the Internet, as well as our own creations to add to the fun.   Almost everything on Frankenstein is free-to-copy... one of the largest "freebie stores" anywhere, consisting of 25 themed regions.  

Just recently Wellspring on Kitely grid has converted to a 8x8 mega-world consisting of 64 regions.  Owned by Alexina Proctor and Prax Maryjasz, Wellspring is the home of the famed Sendalonde Community Library (Sendalonde is Elvish for "peaceful haven"), as well as the newly-formed Weefolk Township (Kitely's first Tiny community).  Wellspring is a mutli-themed beautiful world that features Steampunk, Tiny and Fantasy themes.  Of the Elf Clan lands it is the most active, with planned events, three markets, tours and extensive creations by several individuals.



Elf Clan central is inactive as far as activities.  We no longer have events and seldom send out group messages.  But if one wishes to explore the lands and history of one of the oldest and (at one time) largest themed groups on any virtual world... there is much on these lands to explore.  Elf Clan (according to Linden Lab) was the very first themed group to purchase a private region on Second Life. It was the first group to reach 500 members, then 1000 members... and just kept going. 

Elf Clan affiliate lands are more event-active.

When we left Second Life (due to constantly changing policies and ridiculous prices) and moved to Inworldz... that tiny 14-region micro-grid turned from an unknown into a 1,000+ region mega-grid.  Unfortunately Inworldz self-destructed due to some very bad management... and our Elf Can home moved to the Hypergrid.  This actually turned out to be a good thing for our home lands; they're larger than ever before and far less expensive.

The total number of Elf Clan regions comes to 144 (at our height on Inworldz we had 54).  Elf Clan central is hosted on two privately-owned servers, one in the U.S. and the other in the Netherlands.   ElvenSong, Frankenstein and Wellspring contain full auto-guided tour systems.   So while the group itself exists primarily in name and history, the lands have never been larger or more interesting to explore. 

You are invited to visit these lands on OSgrid and Kitely, either by registering with that grid or hopping directly to the lands via the Hypergrid (a system that hooks together virtual worlds).  The history is interesting, the lands fascinating, and your avatar will by no means leave empty-handed.  : )





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