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Where is Elf Clan now and what are we up to?


Elf Clan remains one of the oldest and largest fantasy groups on the virtual worlds.  Rather than being based on the single world of Second Life, our group is spread throughout the Metaverse, especially on Hypergrid worlds such as OSgrid, DigiWorldz and Kitely.  Such worlds are very low cost and allow maximum building potential.

OUR PRIMARY HOME is at ElvenSong on OSgrid.  (See below on how to join the Hypergrid).  In addition we have affiliate lands such as WELLSPRING on DigiWorldz (see SENDALONDE and Rascal Flats at PIZZAZ regions), and smaller lands that still hold to the basic Elf Clan concept of * Honor * Respect * Friendship *.... as well as family-friendly fun.


You can join Elf Clan on Second Life, as well as OSgrid, Kitely and DigiWorldz grids.  These three grids are part of the Hypergrid, a consortium of over 200 grids (both large and small) that are joined together so one can teleport from one grid to another.  Event notices or important information are primarily sent out on DigiWorldz or Second Life. 

EVENTS. Elf Clan was at one time the center of Elven events.  We are no longer event-active; we have passed that effort on to honorable role playing groups.  For some 15 years Elf Clan was a major center for events and activities.  That is a very long time.  Now we have spread out into individually-owned virtual worlds, and focus more on self-guided tours, attractions and historical exhibits. (See below.)  Elf Clan is an interesting and fun place to explore, with many, many things to see and experience.

THINGS TO DO AND SEE.  There are several attractions and places at which you can take self-guided tours-- or simply walk around and explore.


ELVENSONG on OSgrid is the Home of Elf Clan.  Here you can find ancient Elf Clan creations such as two historic early castles, one of the original homes of the Poetry Guild,  Dwagon's Keep (home of the Dwagons), Pirates Cove (a long-standing tradition of Elf Clan), and the Elf Clan Crystal Museum... a place filled with historic photos of Elf Clan and members in times past.   For those interested in the history of Elf Clan as well as beautiful surroundings, ElvenSong is a wonderful place to visit.


REPLICANT CITY is located in high-sky ElvenSong.  It is a science-fiction themed city that presents multiple genres in a highly-interactive environment.   Visit our Star Trek exhibit, the Doctor Who museum, TRON exhibit, a full-size Firefly space ship, Steampunk Museum, and the famed Hall of Funny.   The nine fully-populated Starships surrounding the city should offer you days of exploration.  (Be sure to left click almost everthing.  Replicant City is highly-scripted and very interactive.) 

ELVENGLEN.  The original home of Elf Clan, ElvenGlen has been re-created in almost every detail.  Here you will find the (mostly empty) stalls of the original Elf Clan Market, the Elven Gardens, the original Thirsty Dragon Tavern, the nefairous Ork Fortress, the lands of Eldar Peter Lioncourt, and the huge 600 foot-tall Elf Clan Castle and Throne Room... all as it was originally created in 2005.  This is the most ancient of Elf Clan history, in full detail.

FRANKENSTEIN.  How much "stuff" can one cram on a single, high-powered server?  This experiment entails 25 full regions all joined together in varying themes.  Frankenstein is full of interactive activities (be sure to ride the Ferris Wheel of Doom), as well as copyable freebies from one end to the other.   Frankenstein is a fun and fascinating place to explore-- as well as to experience offerings gleaned from all over the Hypergrid.

SENDALONDE.  Sendalonde LIbrary is a famous Elf Clan Affiliate, as are the associated lands of the Wellspring group.  Family-friendly, beautiful and multi-themed builds.  The Sendalonde Library is an events-active location that has sponsored such events a Live Theater, the Shipwrights Guild Exhibit, Live Music, an immense Science Fiction Exhibit, and much more.  Of all the groups associated with Elf Clan, Wellspring's Sendalonde Community Library is undoubtedly the most event-active.  Sendalonde has recently moved to DigiWorldz grid, where they have expanded lands and core power on their custom Pro-Server system.

Wellspring lands include RASCAL FLATS, home of the Elf Clan tinies.   Rascals are good friends of both Raglan Shire and Weefolks Weelandia.   Rascal Flats is a place of beauty, fun, and insanity... as would be expected of any Tiny Town.


Elf Clan started out as a very active, event-heavy group based on limited lands on one grid.   Now we have expansive lands (more than 140 regions) spread across the Metaverse.  Rather than events we feature exploration and beauty.   Instead of constant activities our members are more interested in creating amazing builds we could never create on Second Life.   (For example, the Firefly spaceship is 105m long and consists of 1,000 prims... all linked together in one object.  Such a thing cannot exist on SL.  It required the Hypergrid.)

So our members rather than being concentrated and centrally-active, are spread-out and developing their own worlds.  Time changes things, including Elf Clan.  We invite you to explore our worlds and see the amusing, fascinating, and fun things that await you.  




A "grid" is a virtual world such as Second Life.  The Hypergrid is a virtual world "highway" that allows you to instantly teleport between dozens of privately-owned grids.  (Second Life is not part of the Hypergrid.)  The Hypergrid is largely based on Opensim software... a freely-downloadable software package that allows people to run their own virtual worlds on home computers.  Some people have set up professional-level "server grids" that contain hundreds or thousands of privately-owned lands.

Most people aren't aware of several facts:

* Opensim is as powerful as Second Life (in some ways more powerful)

* The Building tools on Opensim are more powerful (they removed some of the arbitrary building limits of Second Life, such as link limits and prim size allowance). 

* The total population of the Hypergrid and total regions of the Hypergrid exceed Second Life in number.   In other words, the Hypergrid is larger than Second Life.  In fact, just the top few Opensim grids together contain more regions than all of SL.  The total population and land area of the Hypergrid is unknown.

* At one time Opensim was "laggy" and filled with bugs.  But so was Second Life.   Opensim has progressed to the point that it is fast, sim-crossings (what few exist) are almost instantaneous, and performance equal to SL. 

To join the Hypergrid one must register with a Hypergrid Grid, just like you register with Second Life.

* Pick a grid (or grids) of your choice.  Many people have accounts on multiple grids.  Register with that grid (create an avatar).  Three major grids to check out:

All of these are professionally-operated, well-know large grids.

* Download and install the FIRESTORM viewer for your particular computer.  Most people seem to prefer the Phoenix version of the software.

* To log in to a grid, load the Firestorm viewer, enter your avatar name and password, and choose the GRID NAME in the Log Into Grid field.  You should be able to log right into your grid of choice.

* To travel the hypergrid, either visit a Hypergrid Access Terminal or enter the Hypergrid Map Address into your viewer chat and click on it... just like you would an SLURL location.

That's all there is to it!  Many people who enjoy the Hypergrid consider themselves "grid hoppers"... people who may have their main home one one specific grid, but also visit other grids, including Second Life.  As our well-known dwagon puts it:

"Build and live on Opensim because of the building tools, vast land areas and low-cost... and party down on Second Life.   We are no longer bound to one grid."









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