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We are pleased to announce that ELF CLAN CHAT is being reinstated as of 2022-10-18.  Chat will be conducted through the main ELF CLAN group (not Elf Clan Chat... which group has been discontinued and has far fewer members).

When Elf Clan left Second Life in 2011, chat was shut down due to abuse of chat by others.  However 11 years has passed since then and the Eldar have been asked recently to reinstate chat so Elf Clan members can once again enjoy one another's association on Second Life. The Eldar have agreed by unanimous vote.



The chat system is being reactivated to allow members to enjoy one another's association and discussions.  It is not intended for advertising, event announcement or other acivities.   You can ask questions, ask for assistance (but not for money), and keep in touch with Elf Clan friends.

Group chat follows the Charter rules of * Honor * Respect * Friendship *.  All chat is to be family-friendly, with G-rated language and subject matter.  Please avoid real life topics; people come to Elf Clan to escape real life-- not dive back in to it.  As has always been our Charter rules:  politics, religion, sexuality and other controversial subjects are prohibited. 

In short, this chat is for fun, community and friendship.  Thank you for helping us to keep this chat venue harmonious.



If you don't want to engage in Elf Clan Chat but wish to remain in the group to receive announcements, you can simply shut off group chat in the Group Profile. 



In order to maintain peaceful and harmonious conduct, a few guidelines and rules are required.

* NO ADVERTISING is allowed, unless authorized by the Eldar.  Please contact Wayfinder Wishbringer if you feel something warrants exception.

* NO EVENT ANNOUNCEMENTS by other groups or organizations.  Only official Elf Clan / Affiliate events will be announced, and that will be by group notice.  Again see Wayfinder Wishbringer for such requests. A group and lands must be official Elf Clan Affiliates to announce events with Elf Clan. (See elsewhere on this site regarding becoming an Elf Clan Affiliate.)

* BREACH OF RULES will be given one private notice (public if the breach warrants it).  The second offense steps will be taken to insure there is not a third.  Griefing or obvious intentional abuse of chat will result in banishment from the group without notice-- as has always been our policy (and is the policy of most groups).

* MODERATORS are in place, peole who live in different parts of the world and are usually on Second LIfe.  They will be keeping track of group chat.

* REPORTING CHAT ABUSE.  If you notice someone abusing chat and no moderator is available at that time, please copy the chat text and send it in a notecard to EREN PADAR.  Thank you.



The reactivation of group chat does not mean that Elf Clan is returning to Second Life.  Our group is firmly established on Opensim, where we have 75 regions of land on Opensim and 64 Official Affiliate regions on DigiWorldz.  Those who wish to examine Elf Clan lands may do so on OSGrid ( ElvenSong region) or DigiWorldz ( Sendalonde region). 

SL chat is being reinstated on Second Life simply to grive our members a channel of communication so you can enjoy one another's company.  We hope you gain enjoyment from this function.


-- Elf Clan Eldar


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