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OPENSIM EVENTS  For information on how to join Opensim (a series of grids apart from Second Life) please see end of this page. 

TO GET THERE:  Plug "hop" coordinates into Opensim chat, call up your chat window (ctrl-H) and click on the link.  (You must log into an Opensim grid first.)  You may have to teleport twice to arrive at your location.

Plug "grid" coordinates into the Viewer MAP and Teleport.  Again, you may need to teleport twice to arrive at your location.


SL EVENTS:  Plug the SLURL into the system MAP and teleport.  You may have to teleport twice to arrive at your location.



Sat June 25 4pm   Grand Opening of Catnip Brewery. Snoots Dwagon live show:  "I Know You're Out There"



Sat July 16  Noon   Snoots Dwagon Chirps a bit

Fun, original songs.  Catnip Brewery Weelandia.




SNOOTS DWAGON Live Performances

Stage 2 MAPS here:  grid.opensimfest.com:8022:Event2

Stage 4 MAPS here:  grid.opensimfest.com:8022:Event4


Sat July 9  4pm     Stage 4    Almost Irish  (Traditional & original Irish music)

Sun July 10 6pm   Stage 2    I Know You're Out There (misc original music)

Fri July 22 10am   Stage 2    Beyond Reality (filk-- sci fi & fantasy folk songs)


Please place these events on your personal calendar. 



Opensim is a series of over 2,000 "grids" that work like Second Life but are owned by separate companies or individuals.  A great deal of Opensim is connected by the HyperGrid, which allows members to travel freely between one grid and another by using HOP or GRID addresses.

To join Opensim, pick any grid of your choice and register with that grid.  From there you can travel to any other HyperGrid-connected grid by using the above-listed Hop or Grid coordinates.   Here is a list of three prominent grids where you can get started.




You can log into Opensim grids using the FIRESTORM Viewer.  (The Second Life Viewer is specific to SL and does not work on Opensim.)


WHY OPENSIM?   <---- click this link for more information




ELF CLAN 2022 and Onward
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Where is Elf Clan now and what are we up to?


Elf Clan remains one of the oldest and largest fantasy groups on the virtual worlds.  Rather than being based on the single world of Second Life, our group is spread throughout the Metaverse, especially on Hypergrid worlds such as OSgrid, DigiWorldz and Kitely.  Such worlds are very low cost and allow maximum building potential. (See How to Join the Hypergrid, below.)

OUR PRIMARY HOME is at ElvenSong on OSgrid.  In addition we have affiliate lands such as WELLSPRING on DigiWorldz (see SENDALONDE and Rascal Flats at Varmints region). If you'd like to become an Elf Clan affiliate land, please contact Snoots Dwagon on DigiWorldz grid.



You can join Elf Clan on Second Life, as well as OSgrid, Kitely and DigiWorldz grids.  The later three grids are part of the Hypergrid, a consortium of hundreds of grids (both large and small) that are joined together so one can teleport from one grid to another.  Event notices or important announcements are primarily sent out on Second LIfe and DigiWorldz, so be sure to register and join Elf Clan on those grids.

EVENTS. Elf Clan was at one time the center of Elven events.  We are no longer event-oriented; we have passed that effort on to individual region owners.  For some 15 years Elf Clan was a major center for events and activities.  That is a very long time.  Now we have spread out into individually-owned virtual worlds, and focus more on self-guided tours, attractions and historic exhibits. (See below.)  Elf Clan is an interesting and fun place to explore, with many things to see and experience.


ELVENSONG on OSgrid is the Home of Elf Clan.  Here you can find ancient Elf Clan creations such as two historic early castles, one of the original homes of the Poetry Guild,  Dwagon's Keep (home of the Dwagons), Pirates Cove (a long-standing tradition of Elf Clan), and the Elf Clan Crystal Museum... a place filled with historic photos of Elf Clan and members in times past.   For those interested in the history of Elf Clan as well as beautiful surroundings, ElvenSong is a wonderful place to visit.



REPLICANT CITY is located in high-sky ElvenSong.  It is a science-fiction themed city that presents multiple genres in a highly-interactive environment.   Visit our Star Trek exhibit, the Doctor Who museum, TRON exhibit, a full-size Firefly space ship, Steampunk Museum, and the famed Hall of Funny.   The nine fully-populated Starships surrounding the city should offer you days of exploration.  (Be sure to left click almost everthing.  Replicant City is highly-scripted and very interactive.) 

ELVENGLEN.  The original home of Elf Clan, ElvenGlen has been re-created in almost every detail.  Here you will find the (mostly empty) stalls of the original Elf Clan Market, the Elven Gardens, the original Thirsty Dragon Tavern, the nefairous Ork Fortress, the lands of Eldar Peter Lioncourt, and the huge 600 foot-tall Elf Clan Castle and Throne Room... all as it was originally created in 2005.  This is the most ancient of Elf Clan history, in full detail.

FRANKENSTEIN.  How much "stuff" can one cram on a single, high-powered server?  This experiment entails 25 full regions all joined together in varying themes.  Frankenstein is full of interactive activities (be sure to ride the Ferris Wheel of Doom), as well as copyable freebies from one end to the other.   Frankenstein is a fun and fascinating place to explore-- as well as to experience offerings gleaned from all over the Hypergrid.

SENDALONDE.  Sendalonde Community LIbrary is a famous Elf Clan Affiliate, as are the associated lands of the Wellspring group.  Family-friendly, beautiful and multi-themed builds.  The Sendalonde Library is an events-active location that has sponsored  events in the Library Theater, the Shipwrights Guild Exhibit, Live Music, an immense Science Fiction Exhibit, and much more.  Sendalonde has recently moved to DigiWorldz grid, where they have expanded lands and core power on their custom Pro-Server system (a "grid within a grid").

Wellspring lands include RASCAL FLATS, home of the Elf Clan tinies.   Rascals are good friends of both Raglan Shire and Weefolks Weelandia.   Rascal Flats is a place of beauty, fun, and insanity... as would be expected of any Tiny Town.



Elf Clan started out as a very active, event-heavy group based on limited lands on one grid.   Now we have expansive lands (more than 130 regions) spread across the Metaverse.  Rather than events we feature exploration and beauty.   Instead of constant activities our members are more interested in creating amazing builds we could never create on Second Life.   (For example, the Firefly spaceship is 105m long and consists of 1,000 prims... all linked together in one object.  Such a thing cannot exist on SL; it required the Opensim environment and its expanded building tools.)

Basically, Elf Clan is now a creator's group consisting of numerous individually-owned lands.

So our members rather than being concentrated and centrally-active, are spread-out and developing their own worlds.  Time changes things, including Elf Clan.  We invite you to explore our worlds and see the amusing, fascinating, and fun things that await you.  





A "grid" is a virtual world such as Second Life, OSgrid, Kitely and DigiWorldz.  The Hypergrid is a virtual world "highway" that allows you to instantly teleport between hundreds of privately-owned grids.  (Second Life is not part of the Hypergrid.)  The Hypergrid is based on Opensim software... a freely-downloadable software package that allows people to run their own virtual worlds on commercial servers home computers.  Some people have set up professional-level "server grids" that contain hundreds or even thousands of privately-owned lands.

Interesting Things to Know:

* Opensim is as powerful as Second Life (in some ways more powerful)

* The Building tools on Opensim are more powerful than Second Life.  For example, link limits have been removed, and maximum prim sizes are set by indivudal grids-- up to 2048m (SL limits prims to 64m).  This allows larger and more effective creations-- such as mega space ships, a full-size seagoing ship, large home or castle-- linked as one object. (This makes it much easier to fly or sail a creation.)

* The total regions of the Hypergrid exceed Second Life in number (ie, the Hypergrid is larger than Second Life).  In fact, just the top few Opensim grids combined contain more regions than all of SL.. and there are hundreds of grids.

* The total population of the Hypergrid is unknown because many grids don't report membership count, but it's estimated the total active population of the Hypergrid far exceeds that of Second Life.

* At one time Opensim was "laggy" and filled with bugs.  But so was Second Life.   Opensim has progressed to the point that its performance challenges Second Life, and most lag has been reduced or eliminated.  

* In 2020 Kitely Grid on Opensim fixed a major texture load bug that had plagued all virtual worlds for almost two decades.  They passed this fix on to both Opensim and Second Life, so now on-demand textures (such as clicking on a sign) load up to 15x faster than previous years (if using the Firestorm Viewer).  Snoots Dwagon and Alexina Proctor of Elf Clan were instrumental in helping to identify and locate that bug by providing Kitely with notice of the bug as well as extensive data testing that assisted in pinpointing the bug location.

* Opensim costs Linden Lab (the host of Second Life) millions of dollars a year in lost sales (possibly even millions per month).  This was Linden Lab's doing; when they initiated several very-customer-unfriendly policies... those customers left Second LIfe by the thousands and created Opensim.

* There are few sim crossings on Opensim due to the VAR concept-- extra-large regions.  SL is limited to 256m regions.  Opensim allows large "VAR" worlds measuring up to 8x8 regions (8192m x 8192m)-- without sim crossing lines. This allows ships to sail vast oceans with no lag, "rubber band" sim crossings, or loss of passengers-- and air ships can fly open skies.

* To join the Hypergrid one only needs register with any associate Grid, just like you register with Second Life.

To travel the hypergrid, either visit a Hypergrid Access Terminal or enter the Hypergrid Map Address into your viewer chat and click on it... just like you would an SLURL location.

Due to secular law some grids require "hypergrid registration" on their grid webpage before entry, but such is usually a simple process of filling out a short form.  Most non-commercial grids do not recognize such laws as apply to their grid, so "grid-hopping" can be performed freely and without hassle. 

* Pick a grid (or grids) of your choice.  Many people have accounts on multiple grids.  Register with that grid (create an avatar).  Or you can create one avatar and use it to jump from grid to grid.

Three major grids to check out:




All of these are professionally-operated, well-known large grids.

* Download and install the FIRESTORM viewer for your particular computer.  Most people seem to prefer the Phoenix version of the software.  Be sure to use the OPENSIM version of Firestorm. (There is a separate version for Second Life.)

* To log in to a grid, load the Firestorm viewer, enter your avatar name and password, and choose the GRID NAME in the Log Into Grid field.  You should be able to log right into your grid of choice.  Of course you will need to register with that grid prior to use, just as with SL.

That's all there is to it!  Many people who enjoy the Hypergrid consider themselves "grid hoppers"... people who have their main home one one specific grid but also visit other grids.  As Elf Clan Founder Wayfinder Wishbringer puts it:


"Build and live on Opensim because of the building tools, vast land areas and low-cost... and party on Second Life.   We are no longer bound to one grid."









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IMPORTANT:  When settinng up your Patreon account please use your Elf Clan avatar name. 



Elf Clan members have mentioned wanting homes on group lands, but begin unable to afford entire regions. 

Historically in most societies Patrons have sponsored the arts and public events.  People like Elf Clan events... so we need Elf Clan Patrons.



Patrons pay a small amount that can collectively add up.  Such funds provide us with the finances to pull a couple of very neat tricks.

There are members who would like to live on Elf Clan's family-friendly lands but can't afford an entire region.


In addition, people have told us they enjoy Elf Clan's event revival.  But events cost money and require event hosts.  

So it occured to the Eldar we could kill two birds with one stone by using Patreon.

* If we can get at least 8 to 16 Patrons, we can purchase a special residential region.

* That region will provide land for homes... both to Patrons (if such is desired)  and to Elf Clan members who host at least one event per week.



Can't afford land?  Can't afford to be a Patron?   Just host one event per week (or more if you're able) and you will be provided nice piece of Elf Clan land.  The more events you host-- the larger the piece of land!



With Patreon, Elf Clan members can own a home with Elf Clan for as little as $10 a month...  and at the same time help Elf Clan by providing funds to host events and offer incentives to Event Hosts.

A region costs us $40.  If we have just 16 patrons at the $10 level, that's $160... which will provide us all the funds necessary to host numerous events and pay for the residential region required.   Even reaching our minimal goal of $80 a month will provide us with residential lands and essential event operating funds.

All Patreon land funds will go to land Eldar Peter Lioncourt.  What is left over will go to our group funding avatar for event hosting costs.



The great thing is you aren't charged for Patreon the moment you sign up.  Our first billing will be June 1.   We must have $80 in funding by May 30.   If we do, everyone is billed on June 1 and monthly thereafter.   We will purchase lands and hand them out to our new Patron residents.

If we don't get enough Patrons, no monetary loss occurs.  We simply shut down Patreon May 30, June 1 comes and no one is billed.  On the other hand if people generously become Patrons... Elf Clan can host regular, weekly events and our society thrive and prosper!



Do you like an active Elf Clan?  If you enjoy Tavern Nights, CritterBall, Dragon Fights, Giant Spider Races, Star Trek events and much more we have in mind-- we need your help in sponsoring such.  If we're going to hold events we need both the funds to do so... and event hosts to run them. 

If you want good events, different events... the kind of activities for which Elf Clan is famous.... We need Patrons.  : )

Remember:  no money is involved up-front.  You can sign up for Patreon now... and your first payment won't be due until June 1.  Please go to Patreon now and pledge your assistance to Elf Clan.  The entire group will benefit.

Please visit the Elf Clan Patreon page and see if you can assist.  All it takes is a relatively small donation per month to assist our group in a major way. 



Calling All Members
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Your assistance is needed!

Do you enjoy the low price of Elf Clan regions?

Would you prefer to pay $50, $60, $75 per month instead?

As an Elf Clan member, do you enjoy the peaceful and harmonious atmosphere of the numerous Elf Clan lands?

The answers to these questions are of obvious.  We love having full-power, 45,000-prim regions at only $40 a month.  In addition, Elf Clan members enjoy exploring the beauty and harmony of these lands.  Many have described Elf Clan as a "safe harbor from the rest of virtual reality".

However the special pricing of Elf Clan lands is only available to us if we maintain a certain number of regions.  If we fall below that number, prices increase. 

The reality:  as region owners we cannot simply enjoy low costs without effort, expecting others to somehow keep the group alive.  We must each contribute to the group effort.  Without such assistance Elf Clan can decline... and prices will increase.

EVIDENCE OF THIS:  in the last three years, Elf Clan has dropped from 54 regions to 30.  This follows a trend on all virtual worlds:  neither Inworldz nor any other grid is growing.  Most of us are well-aware of this trend.

What this means is that we need our region owners and members to offer your assistance in building Elf Clan's region count back up.   There are several ways to do this... which we will discuss here.


ACTIVELY SEEK NEW LAND OWNERS.  We all have friends.  You may often meet new people.  Wearing your Elf Clan Tag on a regular basis, dressing as Elven (or a themed race) and telling new people about our low-cost lands is one way to actively acquire new land owners.  In fact it is the best way we know to do so.


POST THOSE SIGNS.   Recently Elf Clan sent out signs for region owners to set out on their lands.  The signs say "OWN AN ELF CLAN REGION for only $40 a month!" and explains the advantage of our full, 45,000-prim regions.   (If you didn't receive such a sign, please contact Snoots Dwagon).

These signs are attractive, vibrant and to-the-point.  They contain a simple notecard that sends people to this website where they are introduced to Elf Clan.  The land arrangement is fully explained.

All you have to do is set out those signs in prominent places on your lands, where visitors can see them. 

In addition you can send copies of the notecard to your friends and give copies to new visitors.   This too is an excellent way to attract people to Elf Clan.


CAN YOU BUY A REGION? If you don't own a region, have you wished you did?  Would you like to have your own Elf Clan land-- a beautiful place to call home and build to your heart's content?  Can you manage a low $40 a month to do so?   Elf Clan has hundreds of members.  If even a portion of our existing members purchase regions, we can reach our goal of filling the remainder of our 50 regions.   You have three themes to choose from:  Fantasy, Science Fiction, Steampunk.  This provides you a wide scope of concepts on which to create your own personal world.


PURCHASE ANOTHER REGION YOURSELF.  If you already own a region, have you wanted more room, to expand your current lands, or to develop a different theme?  If you can afford one more region, that will of course help increase our region count.  This does not negate the need for all of the other items listed here, but it will help... every month.


BECOME A GREETER.  For years Elf Clan Greeters were the heart of Elf Clan activities.  They wore their Elf Clan tags and stood at Welcome Centers and greeted new members, hosted events, helped new ones with viewer tips, building hints, avatar arrangement and anything else people needed.   In short, Greeters make themselves personal friends to visitors.   We show them around, answer questions, and make new ones feel at home.

Can you volunteer to be an Elf Clan Greeter?  As such you will receive a special Title and a Greeters Manual which explains how to be a Greeter, based on years of Elf Clan experience.  It's really pretty easy to be a Greeter, and it's fun befriending new people.  All it takes is a little time.

If you can volunteer as a Greeter and spend some time each week assisting the group, this can be very helpful.


HOST EVENTS.  We have a brand new activity center in the form of ElvenMyst.  This region contains a Floating Castle with introductory materials, a fully-operational archery range, huge sandbox, surrounding Fantasy Market, Pirate's Cove with rezzable sailing ships, two taverns, a Drum Circle dance area and much more. 

We have a list of events that you can browse and help by hosting events.  Most events are fairly easy to host.

Events are helpful because they draw people to Elf Clan.   The more events we have, the more people become aware of Elf Clan... and the better chance we have of increasing our land count.

You can help. Imagine if we could get ten people to host one or two events a month apiece.  All we need are some dedicated Elf Clan members to help us in this area and host regular events.



We've been doing these things since 2004 (a period of over 13 years as of this writing).  Who do people think created ElvenSong, ElvenMyst, ElvenGlen, ElvenHope, Replicant City, the Archery Range, Pirate's Cove, our event tools and engines, group documents... and this very website.  Who does the extensive group scripting we see on our primary regions?  Who handles the finances each month which allow your regions to operate?  Who manages Elf Clan so that it continues to run smoothly?

In short, the Eldar do a great deal.  But we cannot do everything by ourselves-- nor should we be expected to.  This is your group too.  We need your help to keep Elf Clan alive.  Without that help, things will go as they go. 

Again... do you enjoy your low $40 tier level?  Do you want to help maintain that level? 



Of course, if we don't mind paying higher land prices there is no need to do any of this.  Elf Clan can drop to 20, 10 or even fewer regions-- and we can pay the same full-region prices as the rest of the grid.   That is the alternative to Elf Clan members cooperating together for the good of our group and lands.

Our special early-adopter grandfathered price was earned through our group working to build Elf Clan from ground zero. With Elf Clan's help Inworldz zoomed from 14 to 500 regions practically overnight.  That work must now continue with the focus of regularly bringing more members to purchase group lands. 

Only with your help can this be accomplished.  The Eldar cannot do this by ourselves.  We need the cooperation of all of our region owners and members combined if we are to succeed in building our land count back up into the "safe zone".  We currently have 18 regions available that need owners.  That is not an impossible figure, nor even a difficult one to reach.  We simply need your assistance to make this possible.   Without your assistance, Elf Clan like the rest of virtual worlds, will very likely continue to decline.

So what do you say?  How much do you appreciate our $40-a-month full-sim lands?  If you're not a land owner... how much do you appreciate being able to enjoy your virtual life on Elf Clan lands?

Here is your chance to show appreciation for this arrangement.  Please contact Snoots Dwagon for information on assisting Elf Clan in whatever manner you can offer.

-- The Eldar of Elf Clan


The Beginning of Elf Clan (lore) Tags: elf clan lore beginning


We're sometimes asked, "What is the story behind Elf Clan?"... the lore of the group (not how we came to be, but our "role play" story).

It's not a complex one. After the War of the Rings, once the One Ring had been destroyed at Mount Doom... the world returned to normal... at least as much as it could.

Most of the Middle Earth people returned home. As you know, Samwise returned to the Shire and raised a fine family. Bilbo Baggins and Frodo Ninefingers went off to Valinor with the Elves.

However, it is little known that there were some Elven who were in far distant places in Middle Earth, who once the One Ring was destroyed, had too far to travel to join the other Elven at Valinor. Upon the destruction of the ring we were found in a rather unusual situation. The Orcs that had previously been fighting against us, their minds now cleared of the evil influence of Sauron, were now quite lost. Dim memories began to return-- memories that they were once Elven. Of course, they were unable to totally shed their Orcish influence and still retained many of their ways, but they came to realize that things simply were not right.

The Lord of the High Elven, realizing Elf Clan was now the last of the Elven in Middle Earth, invited the Orcs to a feast of friendship... which amazingly the Orcs accepted. This was due largely to the leader of the Orcs... Schlitzie... who realized new changes were necessary. During that feast, the two leaders became fast friends, recognizing in one another honor particular to their race (mainly because the Elven Lord accepted a draught of Ork Snot Ale and declared it palatable-- which instantly endeared him to the Orc Boss). On that night, Schlitzie stood before Orc and Elven alike and swore friendship of the Orc Waaagh to Elf Clan for all eternity. Wayfinder granted the Orcs land and Embassy... and a firm friendship began.

Thus did the unthinkable occur, and the Orcs became Elf Clan's strongest and most fearsome allies. No, there was not always peace between the two groups. They once engaged in a major war (fortunately at which no lives were lost but one... and that was an Orc that unintentionally killed himself with an Elven Arrow and started off the war in the first place). The Elven and Orcs often jokingly insult one another... but would even more strongly defend the honor of one another should anyone else dare to insult.

Beneath the jibes exists a friendship and understanding stronger than any army could break. Let no outsider attack either group, for they shall face the wrath of the other. If Elven and Orc were fierce warriors alone... pity the army that comes against them jointly.

This alliance became legendary and as news traveled throughout Middle Earth, it attracted many homeless of other races. Hobbits came to the land and found that indeed, while the Orcs regularly spoke of feasting on Hobbit flesh... they were safe even in the middle of an Orc encampment (and Orcs found Hobbit ale to be somewhat acceptable... by the barrelful).

The Dragons, amazed that they were welcome and honored, swore to protect the lands and thus became our loyal guardians. There were no "good" nor "evil" dragons here... but rather dragons freed of the influence of evil... strong, wise and neutral in all politics and races, protecting all within their long-sight.

Dwagons eventually hatched and jointly decided "eberthing" was dwagon territory-- but they'd let the Elves run things because Elves makes good cookies. The Pixies came and along with the Dwagons, enjoyed tormenting the Orcs endlessly (the Orcs obligingly rage at and chase them-- to the delight of all involved).  The short-lived Orc-Pixie war is a record of history.

Soon the word spread to the Mer, and they came through the waters to join these lands, accompanied by Centaur and Faeries and Ents. Before long, all manner of creatures came to the lands of Elf Clan... even some from the race of men who no longer found a home in the rest of Middle Earth.

As time passed, the Elven Council realized that Mankind was growing populous and strong and soon would overrun everything. The Elven and Fae foresaw the time of technology... and a terrible time it would be. So with the agreement of their brethren the Orcs, they joined their magic along with the Dragons. The three races created a tremendous magic which removed the Elven Lands forever from the space and time of Man.

But the races wisely chose to leave a mystical gate open-- both to the age of Man and the ancient times of Middle Earth. Any who are rightly disposed of heart and mind are drawn to that gate... and may enter into our realms, where they may choose to stay or return to their own time and place. That barrier is sometimes crossed by the adventurous pixies and dwagons*... but they always return, reporting of the evils of men and weeping that they are destroying the earth.

Thus, in our place of time and wondrous magic, Elf Clan remains. It is a group not just of Elven, but of all those who have come to accept the code and honor of the Elves (more or less) and who in their joining, have given great joy and diversity to our lands.


* If anyone has ever wondered how we wound up with a Star Trek exhibit on Elf Clan lands.. that's how. A dwagon crossed the barrier into the times of modern man, somehow happened to watch a Star Trek episode or two... and after that there was no stopping them. Go Karts, automobiles and motorcycles soon followed. There is an Elf Clan saying: "As futile as controlling a dwagon."

Or as the Orcs say, "Ptah! Dwagons. Ya can't live with 'em and ya can't eat 'em." The Orcs have no right to complain of course. They think Klingons are great and the lore of Space Orks from a mere game of mankind changed their entire culture.

I really do need to start putting guards on that gate...

Open Statement from the Eldar: Elf Clan Policies and Rights
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Originally posted Sept 17, 2013

The following document has been unanimously approved by the Elf Clan Eldar and is published here in response to public drama, malicious accusations and falsehoods that have caused some of our members concern.  We trust this will make our position-- and reasons behind such-- completely clear.


Lately there has been a number of posts attacking Elf Clan and/or its members on certain issues regarding group policies-- most notably our group position on minors and the hotbed issue of same-gender marriage. We have already sufficiently replied to the first issue.  Herein we reply to the second.



    It is established history that tolerance has never been brought about through hatred and intolerance.  Calling someone "homophobic" is just as bigoted and prejudiced a statement as slurs against someone because of their sexual preference.

    This recognized:  It is not only improper, but it is against Federal law to incite public hatred against individuals  or a group based on race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual preferences or creed-- regardless of personal beliefs and preferences.  This applies from both directions.  

    No member of Inworldz has the right to attack our group or members because we decide to conduct ourselves differently from their personal beliefs, whims or agendas.  Further, such activity is in breach of the Inworldz TOS, which prohibits public defamation of individuals or groups Regardless of where hate-based activity takes place or by whom, for whatever reason, it is still wrong.

    In everyday practice, no individual or group has the right or privilege to tell another group how to conduct its group or lands.  Every region on Inworldz insists on the concept of "The Sim Owner's word is law".   That applies to Elf Clan lands as well as anywhere else.  Anyone attempting to interfere with our group who is not of our group is considerably out of line.

    These important concepts established, let us discuss the issues at hand.


    Statements attacking Elf Clan and its members have been posted without bothering to ask us the reasons behind our policies.  Some individuals have intentionally twisted the meanings of forum posts to promote personal agendas and inflame emotional response. 

    It is evident such defamation is a result of lack of information and even personal hatred-- as well as evident lack of interest in obtaining the truth of these matters.   Such posts have included libelous claims and direct attacks, open flaming and drama.  Most of these are based on what are basically false assumptions in addition to intentional manipulation by specific forum members.  We shall address these issues here.



    We were asked by certain indivdiuals if Elf Clan allowed same sex marriage as a public event.  It was later discerned this was with the purpose of forcing their personal opinions on our group by starting an emotional bigotry war.

    When they were referred to the Elf Clan Charter and its prohibition against political and controversial real life issues in Elf Clan, it was charged on Inworldz forums that Elf Clan's Founder (myself) and Elf Clan itself are "bigoted and discriminatory".  Let it be known such decision was not made due to any claimed "homophobic" sentiment.  Charges of bigotry and discrimination are false and slanderous.
    The decision to prohibit same sex marriages as an official event was made unanimously by the Elf Clan Eldar , for several very good reasons:

    1) We are a family-friendly, G-rated group.  Same-sex politics do not fit into that environment.   It turns an aspect of role play into one of real-life sexual commentary and controversy and brings politics into our "no politics allowed" group and as such does not respect the Elf Clan Charter-- the core guideline of our group.  

    2) This is not a matter of homosexuality; it is a matter of sexuality, period.  The Elf Clan Charter specifies open sexuality (thereby, sexually-charged controversy) is prohibited on these lands.

    3) Our group Charter specifically forbids POLITICS, RELIGION and PUBLIC CONTROVERSY on our lands.   Same-sex marriage is a hotbed of all three.  It is a divisive element... as forum posters have proved beyond any doubt. 

    4) Same-gender marriage has no precedent in the Elven lore and theme upon which our group and lands are based.  Recently we have expanded our themes to include science fiction and steampunk, but neither of those themes include such concept as an inherent part of the genre, nor does that alter our G-RATED status, which requires all themes to stay within the sensible boundaries of the Elf Clan Charter.

    5) Regardless of personal beliefs and feelings, same-gender marriage is still illegal in the vast majority of the United States.  (See ammendment below.)  That is a fact Elf Clan opposers have chosen to ignore.  Our group shall not be expected to officially condone and portray something that is still largely illegal in this country.  However, even should such in the future become legal, that does not change or negate the other issues listed above. 

    Real life legal or illegal-- politics, controversy, sexuality and drama are neither welcome nor permitted on Elf Clan lands.  The rule is well-known:  No drama-- zero tolerance.

Regardless, whether one personally agrees with these facts or not is irrelevant to the operation of our group and does not negate our right to exercise our policies on our lands as we deem fit.  Our group policies are not dictated by the personal lifestyles, whims and beliefs of others, nor should they be.  Anyone who attempts to interfere with how we conduct our group and lands is considerably out of line.  This is a principle widely-recognized on the Inworldz platform.



    Most users of virtual worlds are aware of the fact there are men who have female avatars and vice versa.  There are known homosexual and lesbian members in Elf Clan.  They are treated with the same respect as anyone else so long as they conduct themselves in a manner that is required of all members, namely: respect for the Elf Clan Charter and land ratings (G-rated lands).    In short this means:  do not openly practice sexual activities in public nor make other members uncomfortable by bringing blatant sexuality into this group. 

    "What you do in your homes is your business.  What you do in the streets is ours"... is one of Elf Clan's oldest tenets.  


    Not once in our more-than-a-decade history has any Elf Clan Eldar published or uttered “hate-gay” sentiment or posts.  Not once have any of us promoted or condoned such sentiment, nor used any derogatory term in regard to the homosexual community, either in chat, blogs or posts.  Any member promoting bigotry or prejudice within our lands can be banned from our group.  (Note:  this works in both directions, for those who think calling someone a "homophobe" is acceptable behavior.  It is not-- and will be treated as the bigoted hate-term it was coined to be.)

    Members with same-gender real-life lifestyles own regions in our group. Their personal decisions in sexuality do not affect our dealings with them and we certainly are not discriminatory.  
    Claims to the contrary are fabrications and propaganda intended to incite hatred and promote personal agendas-- and are themselves discriminatory and hate-mongering in nature.  They are without basis in fact and reality.  Evidence indicates they originated simply because certain individuals disagree with faith-based beliefs held by other Inworldz members.  We do not tolerate hate-based activity, no matter where it originates or for what reason it is practiced.  Bashing religious people for their faith-based beliefs is viewed the same as bashing people for their sexual preferences.  There is no difference.  It is hate-mongering regardless.
    Our group has never at any time forbidden private activities on Elf Clan lands-- so long as they remained private.   The Charter does state that certain things shall not be allowed as official group events or publicly announced in group notices.  This includes not only same-sex marriage but the practice of politics, religion, the occult or any activities illegal or controversial in real life. 

    Anyone who expects Elf Clan to go against its core tenets and further-- to publicly condone controversial, highly-charged and even illegal issues in our "no real life allowed" lands, is without understanding of the fantasy / recreational purpose of our group and the purpose of the Elf Clan Charter namely: to retain dignity, honor, respect and friendship within these G-rated lands. 



    For a number of years marriage of any kind was restricted as Elf Clan official events as it was considered an obvious "problem area".  In Elven lore mating is forever.  It is taken very seriously.  In other groups RP "marriage" was witnessed to cause regular drama and emotionalism, a source of repeated controversy and division when couples broke up, and was often not treated honorably as such warrants-- even in RP. 

    Elf Clan marriage events of any kind were only later allowed when a number of members requested such as a function of role play.  As such, it still had to remain in harmony with the existing tenets of the Charter and was to be treated with all due honor and respect.
    Same-gender marriage has nothing to do with the Elven Fantasy theme of Elf Clan and goes beyond the basic concept of role play, dragging real life sexual controversy into this group.  It is a highly controversial, emotionally-charged subject and does not belong on our G-rated lands. 

    Therefore it was not included as an official event, any more than we would allow any other socially controversial, politically-charged activity on these family-friendly lands.  Personal feelings, beliefs and bias regarding this subject are irrelevant to the operation of our group on our lands.  In addition, to put things plainly: anyone not a member of Elf Clan has no business in this matter.
    Nevertheless some have chosen to improperly make it their business, even going so far as to falsely portray and twist statements of Elf Clan members to achieve their goals.  Such conduct is dishonest and dishonorable-- and certainly brings no respect at all to the concepts such people are trying to promote.  Bigotry and hatred have never fostered tolerance and acceptance.  This is a lesson of history, of which these individuals should be well aware.


    The Eldar long ago thoroughly considered and discussed this issue and came to unanimous decision regarding same-gender marriage as public events.  It was unanimously recognized as political in nature and real-life controversy that did not fit the Elf Clan theme in any way.

    Anyone still offended by this decision after reading the statements above is reminded that no one is forced to be a member of this group.  Members may join or leave as they please.  If one remains a member of Elf Clan they are expected to uphold the rulings and guidelines of the Elf Clan Charter and honor the G-rated, family-friendly nature of our group.

    If one is not a member of Elf Clan, our affairs and our lands is none of your business.  If someone visits our lands they are expected to conduct themselves according to our visitor guidelines-- regardless of personal beliefs and lifestyles--  and to respect the rules of our lands, as we would when visiting theirs.  If they do not deem that proper-- they are free to enjoy their virtual experience elsewhere.
    Nevertheless in this regard, in order to remove any possibility of misconception or charges of discrimination, we at this time return to our original policies.  Wedding ceremonies of any kind may no longer be presented as official Elf Clan events.  They are henceforth to be private affairs consisting of personal invitation.  In this way we are sure to be fair to all.  We are sorry that some in the gay community have forced this decision, but bigotry and intolerance tends to have negative results, no matter which direction it comes from.
    We trust this explains our position and corrects any misunderstandings in this matter.  We certainly hope this puts an end to falsified posts and propaganda regarding our group and members.

-- The Eldar of Elf Clan


Ammendment:   In 2015 (approximately two years after this article was published) the Supreme Court of the United States declared that states are required to issue license for and recognize same-sex marriage.  This of course does not apply to all nations but is a considerable landmark case.  This legal change recognized-- as stated above it does not alter the remainder of the Elf Clan Charter regarding open sexuality on Elf Clan lands.  The decision of the Eldar stands: all marriage ceremonies (regardless of gender) is not of group theme or benefit and thus is to be considered a private rather than official group event.



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ELF CLAN is a fantasy /sci fi / steampunk group stationed on multiple 3D virtual worlds. We have dozens of regions with various themes and designs, owned by individual members.

Elf Clan is more a "themed" group than role playing. We're an Elven Fantasy group, one of the oldest in the VR worlds (since 2004).
Members tend to be in-character while on our lands, as it's more fun that way. But we don't require anyone to take character roles or speak / act any certain way. Visitors and members may be in or out of character at their choosing. We're pretty relaxed.



Currently the Elf Clan Homeland is hosted at ElvenSong region on OSgrid.

Elf Clan was originally founded on a system called Second Life, a very expensive platform.  Increasing expense, decreasing service and unfriendly policies stifled our group creativity and prevented growth.  We eventually moved to the hypergrid... a cooperative group of virtual worlds.  It is far less expensive and provides us greater control over our properties. In short we got much more for our money and a more hospitable environment.  As a result our group boomed far beyond any growth we'd experienced before.  Our lands and creations are more beautiful and our theme more diverse.   Elf Clan is everywhere.



We do have role playing rules available for those who wish to engage in such activities. However, reading such is not required to enjoy our group or lands; role playing is optional and voluntary.

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Elf Clan is very loosely based on Lord of the Rings, with a few twists. The Orcs are our oldest and most loyal allies (despite the occasional very hyper wars). Dragons are guardians of our lands. Tinies run about causing mischief. Pixies and Fae abound (mostly to keep the Orcs in line). All in all we are a pretty laid-back and very friendly group. We openly welcome visitors. Our lands are "Web-G, family-friendly".
Replicant City, high-sky ElvenSong


Elf Clan is not strictly limited to Elven fantasy. We also currently have science fiction and steampunk themes, and are looking to add additional fantasy / sci fi themes in the future. We believe diversity makes exploration more enjoyable.
Pick up a TOUR GUIDE and TELEPORT HUD at ElvenSong Castle.

Come join us in a wondrous romp that includes fantasy, science fiction, steampunk and more.
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If you like Elf Clan and would like to own your own region, please contact us. Our members love being part of our group of fantasy / sci fi islands.  We'll be happy to help you get established on OSgrid or one of our affiliate grids, according to your needs.

-- Wayfinder Wishbringer, founder of Elf Clan



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