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and ALL THINGS TINY shopping mall

Tues Nov 8 at 1pm on DigiWorldz, Opensim

Varmints region.  Click the box there for a LM.


OPENSIM EVENTS  For information on how to join Opensim (a series of grids apart from Second Life) please see end of this page. 

TO GET THERE:  Plug "hop" coordinates into Opensim chat, call up your chat window (ctrl-H) and click on the link.  (You must log into an Opensim grid first.)  You may have to teleport twice to arrive at your location.

Plug "grid" coordinates into the Viewer MAP and Teleport.  Again, you may need to teleport twice to arrive at your location.



SL EVENTS:  Plug the SLURL into the system MAP and teleport.  You may have to teleport twice to arrive at your location.


Please place these events on your personal calendar. 


WHY OPENSIM?   <---- click this link for more information




Calling All Members
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Your assistance is needed!

Do you enjoy the low price of Elf Clan regions?

Would you prefer to pay $50, $60, $75 per month instead?

As an Elf Clan member, do you enjoy the peaceful and harmonious atmosphere of the numerous Elf Clan lands?

The answers to these questions are of obvious.  We love having full-power, 45,000-prim regions at only $40 a month.  In addition, Elf Clan members enjoy exploring the beauty and harmony of these lands.  Many have described Elf Clan as a "safe harbor from the rest of virtual reality".

However the special pricing of Elf Clan lands is only available to us if we maintain a certain number of regions.  If we fall below that number, prices increase. 

The reality:  as region owners we cannot simply enjoy low costs without effort, expecting others to somehow keep the group alive.  We must each contribute to the group effort.  Without such assistance Elf Clan can decline... and prices will increase.

EVIDENCE OF THIS:  in the last three years, Elf Clan has dropped from 54 regions to 30.  This follows a trend on all virtual worlds:  neither Inworldz nor any other grid is growing.  Most of us are well-aware of this trend.

What this means is that we need our region owners and members to offer your assistance in building Elf Clan's region count back up.   There are several ways to do this... which we will discuss here.


ACTIVELY SEEK NEW LAND OWNERS.  We all have friends.  You may often meet new people.  Wearing your Elf Clan Tag on a regular basis, dressing as Elven (or a themed race) and telling new people about our low-cost lands is one way to actively acquire new land owners.  In fact it is the best way we know to do so.


POST THOSE SIGNS.   Recently Elf Clan sent out signs for region owners to set out on their lands.  The signs say "OWN AN ELF CLAN REGION for only $40 a month!" and explains the advantage of our full, 45,000-prim regions.   (If you didn't receive such a sign, please contact Snoots Dwagon).

These signs are attractive, vibrant and to-the-point.  They contain a simple notecard that sends people to this website where they are introduced to Elf Clan.  The land arrangement is fully explained.

All you have to do is set out those signs in prominent places on your lands, where visitors can see them. 

In addition you can send copies of the notecard to your friends and give copies to new visitors.   This too is an excellent way to attract people to Elf Clan.


CAN YOU BUY A REGION? If you don't own a region, have you wished you did?  Would you like to have your own Elf Clan land-- a beautiful place to call home and build to your heart's content?  Can you manage a low $40 a month to do so?   Elf Clan has hundreds of members.  If even a portion of our existing members purchase regions, we can reach our goal of filling the remainder of our 50 regions.   You have three themes to choose from:  Fantasy, Science Fiction, Steampunk.  This provides you a wide scope of concepts on which to create your own personal world.


PURCHASE ANOTHER REGION YOURSELF.  If you already own a region, have you wanted more room, to expand your current lands, or to develop a different theme?  If you can afford one more region, that will of course help increase our region count.  This does not negate the need for all of the other items listed here, but it will help... every month.


BECOME A GREETER.  For years Elf Clan Greeters were the heart of Elf Clan activities.  They wore their Elf Clan tags and stood at Welcome Centers and greeted new members, hosted events, helped new ones with viewer tips, building hints, avatar arrangement and anything else people needed.   In short, Greeters make themselves personal friends to visitors.   We show them around, answer questions, and make new ones feel at home.

Can you volunteer to be an Elf Clan Greeter?  As such you will receive a special Title and a Greeters Manual which explains how to be a Greeter, based on years of Elf Clan experience.  It's really pretty easy to be a Greeter, and it's fun befriending new people.  All it takes is a little time.

If you can volunteer as a Greeter and spend some time each week assisting the group, this can be very helpful.


HOST EVENTS.  We have a brand new activity center in the form of ElvenMyst.  This region contains a Floating Castle with introductory materials, a fully-operational archery range, huge sandbox, surrounding Fantasy Market, Pirate's Cove with rezzable sailing ships, two taverns, a Drum Circle dance area and much more. 

We have a list of events that you can browse and help by hosting events.  Most events are fairly easy to host.

Events are helpful because they draw people to Elf Clan.   The more events we have, the more people become aware of Elf Clan... and the better chance we have of increasing our land count.

You can help. Imagine if we could get ten people to host one or two events a month apiece.  All we need are some dedicated Elf Clan members to help us in this area and host regular events.



We've been doing these things since 2004 (a period of over 13 years as of this writing).  Who do people think created ElvenSong, ElvenMyst, ElvenGlen, ElvenHope, Replicant City, the Archery Range, Pirate's Cove, our event tools and engines, group documents... and this very website.  Who does the extensive group scripting we see on our primary regions?  Who handles the finances each month which allow your regions to operate?  Who manages Elf Clan so that it continues to run smoothly?

In short, the Eldar do a great deal.  But we cannot do everything by ourselves-- nor should we be expected to.  This is your group too.  We need your help to keep Elf Clan alive.  Without that help, things will go as they go. 

Again... do you enjoy your low $40 tier level?  Do you want to help maintain that level? 



Of course, if we don't mind paying higher land prices there is no need to do any of this.  Elf Clan can drop to 20, 10 or even fewer regions-- and we can pay the same full-region prices as the rest of the grid.   That is the alternative to Elf Clan members cooperating together for the good of our group and lands.

Our special early-adopter grandfathered price was earned through our group working to build Elf Clan from ground zero. With Elf Clan's help Inworldz zoomed from 14 to 500 regions practically overnight.  That work must now continue with the focus of regularly bringing more members to purchase group lands. 

Only with your help can this be accomplished.  The Eldar cannot do this by ourselves.  We need the cooperation of all of our region owners and members combined if we are to succeed in building our land count back up into the "safe zone".  We currently have 18 regions available that need owners.  That is not an impossible figure, nor even a difficult one to reach.  We simply need your assistance to make this possible.   Without your assistance, Elf Clan like the rest of virtual worlds, will very likely continue to decline.

So what do you say?  How much do you appreciate our $40-a-month full-sim lands?  If you're not a land owner... how much do you appreciate being able to enjoy your virtual life on Elf Clan lands?

Here is your chance to show appreciation for this arrangement.  Please contact Snoots Dwagon for information on assisting Elf Clan in whatever manner you can offer.

-- The Eldar of Elf Clan


Hosting Events Tags: hosting events

Elf Clan Charter


Events are fun. They draw our community closer together, help you make new friends, and win prizes. It's easy to host an event. You can offer prizes-- or not, as you wish. The primary purpose is the event itself.


If you wish to host a gathering of friends, hold an Archery or BattleMace tournament, call for a
Drum Circle dance, Avatar Contest, or enjoy other activities here-- that is what these lands are for. Enjoy yourselves.

* To host an event, figure out what you want to do, and do it. Don't be afraid to jump in with both
feet. The only way to learn how to drive a car is to get behind the wheel and step on the gas. :D
* Events must be family friendly.
* Events do not have to be fantasy in nature. You can hold trivia events, games and more.
* Events must not be opposed to Elf Clan charter (ie, "Sunday Morning Church" or "How to be a
vampire" aren't the best ideas). If you have a question, please contact a Greeter or Eldar.


Posting events is easy. 

* You can post them in the FORUMS at the Inworldz website (Inworldz.com / community section)
* Send out a group notice (please see the Charter section on posting group notices for guidelines)
* Go to http://inworldz.com/events.php and post there.
* LANDMARK GIVERS. If the event is not right at the land entry point, you may need to place a
landmark giver at the entry point, to take people to the actual event area. If you don't have a
landmark giver, ask Snoots Dwagon for one.


Prizes are not necessary, but they can draw attention and benefit members. Whether to have a
prize or not is completely up to you. Events are fun with or without prizes.

Elf Clan has an event prize fund. The fund is supported by event donations. If you're a merchant
hosting an event to promote your store, you can use merchandise as prizes if you wish.
If you decide to offer a prize, there are many ways to do so:

* If it is a contest and you are a builder, build a low-prim trophy or wall plaque commemorating the
* If you're a merchant you can donate a prize.
* You can make request to us for Z$ from Elf Clan
* If you have a nice-but-unused item in your inventory that you no longer need, it can make a nice
prize. Or your friends may have something you could offer (of course, the item has to be
transferable). Such is a good way to get rid of unwanted inventory that still has value. Please do
not use freebies as prizes. That's perceived as "cheap". : )
There are many ways to offer prizes, but you do not have to have a prize to hold an event.
Sometimes events are just for the fun of it (such as Drum Circle or Live Music). The purpose of an
event is to promote Elf Clan and have fun!

There are so very many kinds of events that can be held.  Visit that link to see a huge list of ideas.

REFEREE information is available for those who wish to hold sporting events such as BattleMace
or Archery. The REFEREE GUIDELINES explain how to conduct and score such events and is based on years of
sport event experience to make it easy for you.

Try to show up for the event at least 15 minutes early. Announce the event in the ELF CLAN IM
channel when the event is ready to begin (usually about 10 minutes ahead of time is good). No
further announcements are necessary. If the event is more than an hour long, it is good to
announce the event every hour on the hour.

That's all there is to it! Once you have held your first one or two events, it should seem like second
nature. : )




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