Rabid Pink Pirates ChARRRRRter! Tags: rabid pink pirates charter


Rabid Pink Pirates is a sub-group of Elf Clan and authorized by the "fantasy" theme under the Elf Clan Charter.

So listens up you bilge rats.   We is da RABID PINK PIRATES, da scurviest bunch of renegades this side of that side.  We is one of da oldest pirate groups on da virtual worlds, existing from waaaay back in days of early (that other place) and with a stronghold smack in middle of battle-zone JESSEE, from where we launched watermelons over whole region.   WE DA ROTTENEST BUCKLE SWASHERS ANYWHERE! 


While is true we is maked up mainly of tinies, wees, dinkies and yesh, even ferrets and dwagons... EBERONE is welcome.  Dat includes biggies, monters and dragons.  (In fact, monsters and dragons would be pretty kewl.)   Our group is FREE JOIN. 


YOU KIDDING ME?  We got no code!  However we do request modesty in dress and conduct, as we is a family-friendly group. 

Common clothing usually consists of pirate-type outfits and gear.   Now, how a pirate dresses is up to you. Can be anything from typical pirate gear to KRAKKEN!   Who gonna tell you wot to wear, right?  Well, da Cap'n if you get outta line, so WATCH IT or ye'll wind up scrubbing the keel.



ARRR YOU KIDDING ME???  We is Rabid Pink Pirates!  WE DON' NEED NO STEENKEEN OBLIGATIONS!  But if ye happen ta just want some, we got decks dat need scrubbin...











Guardian Guideline Tags: guardian

Elf Clan Charter


Guardians are the protectors of Elf Clan. They are basically Greeters with considerable
experience, who have been authorized with powers equivalent to sim managers. They watch over
the lands, remove trash, boot unruly people, and basically help keep Elf Clan in shape. They are
friendly-- just like Greeters-- but in addition can... if the need arises... take on the role of "police"--
as is required by all societies.
These are guidelines to assist our guardians. These items are the result of years of experience
and have been shown to consistently work.
Total nudity or "organs" showing... take the following steps:
Recognize two things:
1. Sometimes glitches occur and the people may seem dressed in their view
2. Some people with "organs" have simply forgotten they're wearing them
3. Griefers use this as an excuse all the time
* In IM so as not to embarrass the person, politely and in a friendly manner inform them this is a
family friendly land and that they appear naked. Ask the person to fly up to 150m and put some
clothes on.
* If they refuse or "don't hear you" (within a reasonable period of time-- 30 seconds or so)... boot
them from the land. Zero tolerance.
* If they return still nude, inform them of such and ask them to relog. If they remain in the area, boot
them. Zero tolerance.
* If they relog and are still nude-- they're griefing you. Boot them and report them.
1. Note the person's name.
2. Click on HELP/ABUSE REPORT and be sure to click INCLUDE SCREENSHOT.
3. Before completing the report, right click and EJECT AND BAN the person from ALL REGIONS.
4. Finish filing the abuse report.
NOTE: If they claim they were "looking for clothes"... point out to them that ANY clothing is
preferrable to nudity... and that they were asked to fly up and change. Tell them we have zero
tolerance for people who don't respect sim rules.
Beyond that, it's their problem. Our home, not theirs.
Before removing someone, make sure it is actual griefer or drama queen activity. There are many
times that simple newbie activity is mistaken for griefing (for example, a newbie may accidentally
play an x-rated sound or set off a weapon, having no idea what it does). Or it may be a newb who
has been suckered by a griefer group, and has no idea such activity is inappropriate. That is why
we first use polite warnings.
ATTITUDE is of prime importance. Do they stop when contacted? Do they apologize? If so, likely
they are not offenders. There are many instances in Elf Clan history of apparent griefers who were
in actuality simply newbs, and later became supportive members.
BOGUS CLAIMS. Be aware that the #1 claim of a griefer is, "Oh, I'm a newbie"-- or apologize
while continuing on with the activity. Don't let them pull the wool over your eyes. It's fairly easy to
discern their true intent from continued actions and attitude.
Handling of griefers is easier than ever before. Once you have determined they ARE griefing:
1. Right click their av and FREEZE the person. The freeze will last for 30 seconds.
2. Use that time to examine the situation for further possible action. Repeat freeze them if
necessary. That's one of the most effective ways of removing them-- force them to remove
3. If warranted, right click and EJECT AND BAN the person from THIS ESTATE. ("All Estates"
doesn't currently work on Inworldz and is irrelevant to our single sim on SL).
Note the freezing works for only 30 seconds, and is designed primarily to give you time to
examine the situation. There's nothing a griefer hates more than being frozen. It de-powers them. If
you feel the situation warrants it, you may use freeze repeatedly to get the point across.
Q: What should I do if I ban someone?
A: Fill out a notecard detailing the reasons why, include chatlogs and photos if you have them, and
send such to an Eldar.
Q: Should we report griefers to the grid company?
A: Yes, if you feel the situation is a breach of Terms of Service (such as nudity on a PG sim or
harassment of group members).
Friendly is the word. Not all seeming-griefers are griefers. Sometimes it's just a misunderstanding
or a lack of knowledge by a newbie or of someone unacquainted with our ways. Always give the
benefit of the doubt. But when that doubt is no longer warranted, feel free to take immediate and
strong action, with no apologies or "talking it over with them". Griefers love to waste your time with
bogus whining.
SPECIAL CAUTION: there are a very few dishonorable people who have made themselves
unwelcome in our group and lands. (Antisocial, arrogant people abound). If you find an individual
bad-mouthing Elf Clan, its rules or its Eldars, feel free to consider such a person as unwelcome
and freeze him/her without warning. There is no need to say anything, no need to chide or do
anything else. Just freeze the person and let 'em steam. Our group has had far enough of liars,
slanderers and propagandists in the past; we need tolerate no more of such ill-mannered louts. If
they continue such conduct or cop an attitude, warn them that drama and politics is forbidden here.
If they still continue, you know the response. This is our home; they are guests. If they cannot
conduct themselves with civility... they do not need to be here.
There is nothing in Elf Clan that warrants badmouthing or ill speech. We would not enter
someone's home in real life and badmouth them; we do not allow such here.
Again: Zero tolerance for drama queens. Drama is forbidden in these lands. They can take their
antisocial and disruptive attitudes elsewhere.
Some of our most useful lines to offensive people:
"If you like these lands, abide by our rules. If you don't, there are thousands of other lands for you to
explore. No one is holding you here against your will."
"Our land is not run by the whims of individuals, but by the directives of the Group Charter. If you
wish to visit or reside here, you need to respect the principles of these lands."
"This is our home. We make the rules, not those who visit here. It is not your privilege to tell us how
to conduct our own home."
"These lands are peaceful and friendly. Our structure and rules is what makes them so. These
lands do not belong to you and you did not create this group. If you disagree with something, you
may contact an Eldar with respectful feedback. Drama is forbidden here."
"We do not alter our rules to suit personal preferences. It works the other way around. Indivdiual
members are expected to adapt to the rules of this group. You are a VISITOR here. This is our
HOME. Please respect our rules."
Such concepts usually get the point across. If they don't... then obviously that person does not have
the Honor, Respect or Friendship to be welcome in these lands. Dysfunctional people do exist; we
do not disrupt our lands by tolerating such activity. As a Guardian, you are authorized to remove
people who show little or no cooperation and friendship.
As a Guardian, you have been given several extra abilities:
1. The ability to delete ALL objects on the lands.
2. The ability to IMMEDIATELY ban a person
3. Send Group Notices
4. Change Music and Media Settings
There are many, many tools under Estate Management. You are authorized to use the above four
listed tools. Other estate settings (light/dark/textures/script management etc) are off-limits,
reserved for the sim owners and sim managers.
You have the ability to delete trash. That means you can also conceivably delete ANYTHING on the
sim. Deletion powers are LINE OF SIGHT and can go through both buildings, water and even solid
So please BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL and TRIPLE-CHECK what you have selected before
deleting anything.
One way to reduce problems is BIRD'S-EYE-VIEW deleting. When you're looking straight down at
the ground, not much chance of over-shooting your delete target. It is very dangerous to delete
items from normal-vision standpoint. You can easily shoot across a sim and delete something you
didn't mean to... or even across multiple joined sims!
If you are on a sky platform do not use bird's-eye-view; you can take out things on the ground. If in
question... delete items individually, or by a person's name using ABOUT LAND functions (in the
case of griefing).
The main thing is to make triple sure that what you have selected to delete is what you MEAN to
have selected. Best way to do that is to see where the positioning arrows are located. If they are
not at the center of where you think they should be... then you have something else inadvertently
IF you happen to accidentally delete something, don't be embarassed. The best thing you can do
is immediately notify a sim manger / Eldar so that we can quickly correct what was deleted. We
don't cast blame; we learn from our mistakes and manage damage for minimal impact. We have
all accidentally deleted the wrong thing at one time or another.
Same rules as with Greeters (and the same exercise of care), except you can now remove them
both from Elf Clan and from an entire region or regions.
Please avoid spamming the group with repetitious notices. Think about what is sent before
sending it, and proofread before hitting the send button. ONE notice per event allowed, usually
best sent 24-72 hours (1-3 days) prior to the event. Be sure to post on Grouply as well.
NON-EVENT NOTICES are to be passed through to Eldars. ALL NOTICES other than EVENTS
are to receive prior authorization before publication.
ABSOLUTELY NO non-Elf Clan notices (from other groups) are to be sent out without
authorization of the Eldars.
You can change the music and media URLs on individual plots.
We prefer light, enjoyable, relaxing music. Irish folk, smooth jazz, classical, new wave are usually
Hard rock, acid, heavy metal and rap are to be avoided. These are Elven fantasy lands. The music
should reflect that concept. We understand people have individual music preferences. However,
this is Elf Clan; music is part of our culture and theme. Those wanting harsh, modern music, may
not find Elf Clan to their liking. We're not prudes or stick-in-the-mud; this is just the theme and
environment that is a hallmark of this group.
On occasion music can be changed. It is sensible when having a lively dance party with a DJ that
classic rock may be used. Even then, harsh metal, acid, rap etc are way outside the concepts of
this family-friendly group.
You have been entrusted with a responsible role in Elf Clan. Welcome Guardian!
Greeters Tags: greeters

Elf Clan Charter


Greetings! Being a Greeter is a rewarding volunteer position. It provides you with a sense of both
belonging and value and brings you more closely into our family-- as well as offering great benefit
to others.
Anyone can be a Greeter-- both experienced members and newbs. As you progress in your role
and prove yourself, you can be given more abilities and power in the group.
This guideline summarizes the functions and duties of being a Greeter. Please read thoroughly to
fully acquaint yourself with this Elf Clan role-- and to see if you wish to become a Greeter!
The Greeters group is designed to serve Elf Clan in several ways:
1. Promoting hospitality on our lands
2. Assisting new visitors and group members
3. Inviting people into the group
4. Conducting events. You don't have to... but it helps Elf Clan and it's fun! : )
5. Protecting the group from problem people
6. Guiding the group itself in proper conduct.
7. Moderating the lands and (where necessary) enforcing the Elf Clan Charter
* Being a Greeter is fun and is valuable to Elf Clan
* People get to know you and consider you a core part of Elf Clan
* In time you can have certain privileges and abilities not held by regular members
* You will sometimes be aware of internal developments before regular members
If after reading this document, you wish to be a Greeter, please contact:
Moontan Valeeva, Cinnamon Raymaker, Eren Padar or Snoots Dwagon
Greeters don't have to be on Elf Clan lands all the time.... but often enough to be seen and
recognized as regular members. It's OK to go to events elsewhere and shop and have fun... but
above all, Greeters love Elf Clan. If Elf Clan is your main stomping ground and if like Elf Clan lands
better than just about anywhere, likely you'll make a fine Greeter. : )
Our main purpose is to make newcomers feel welcome. Friendliness is the Greeters #1 tool. Your
primary duty as a Greeter is to make people feel immediately welcome and at home in Elf Clan
lands. That has always been the main function of our group and always will be.
There are many ways to do this. Inuchan the Dragon was known for spending hours sitting outside
the Castle or in Sandbox, just watching over the lands, saying hello to new arrivals and answering
questions. If you see a new person on the lands, by all means walk up and welcome them to the
islands. Feel free to extend to them an invitation to join Elf Clan. Help them to feel comfortable.
Point them to our website and the Charter documents. Show them where the TOUR document
is (in the main castle).
Make them feel welcome and part of the family. : )
1. It notifies them of group events
2. It provides them with unlimited sandbox use
3. It makes them feel part of our community.
To invite people, right click on their avatar, choose MORE, and choose INVITE. Choose Elf Clan
from the list, choose the MEMBERS tab. Follow the instructions from there.
While Greeters may send out group notices, it should be reserved for times of import such as
Events. Please do not send out spam notices, notices from other groups, or of things not of direct
application to Elf Clan. If you're unsure, contact an Eldar.
It's ok to send out a notice regarding an event:
* Send it out just a few hours prior to the event. Too long-- and people forget about it. Remember
you can POST the event any time you like-- thus informing Elf Clan the event is coming.
* Complex events (such as a fair or an all-day event) of may require more than one group notice.
* Any questions-- contact an Eldar.
Referee Guidelines Tags: referee guidelines

Elf Clan Charter


* Before and during the tournament, click on the donation box. It will give a hint about event
* Such donations will go to our Event Fund account which will provide you with prize funds before
or after each contest (as you require).
* Standard prize guidline: Count the number of combatants. The total prize will be # of fighters X
50 (double that in Inworldz). 1/2 of that total goes to the Beginning Class Winner, 1/2 to the Expert
Class Winner. Total cap L$500 (no matter how many combatants, top prize is 500).
* Any donations left over are carried forward to times of leaner donations.
* Basic BattleMace rules are by the arena. Please study them They are essential.
* At the beginning of the match, call for fighters to sign up.
* Call again before starting the elimination round, and again before continuing to the second
round. After the second round begins, no further signups.
* Write the fighter's names down as they sign up, in that order. It is true random that way and
assures fairness.
* If there is an uneven number for fighters, ask for someone to fill in.
* There are TWO scoring classes: BEGINNERS and EXPERIENCED.
* The winners of the first battles are put in the EXPERIENCED CLASS.
* The losers are placed in the BEGINNERS CLASS.
* Each class then fights as a whole in a multiple-person melee. The winner of those two melees
becomes the winner for each class.
* Beginner must never fight experienced. Fight only within the class set by the initial fights.
* The EXPERIENCED WINNER of CHAMPIONSHIP matches (held once each quarter) gets
his/her pic on the wall.
By the BattleMace Arena will be circular buttons. These trigger the arena.
During melees (more than one person), one person will be knocked out of the arena, resetting the
arena. Simple immediately trigger the arena again while people are still fighting. The "out" person
will be trapped within, but he can stand by while the others finish.
Scoring is by elimination. Example:
FRED vs HARRIOT (Fred wins)
ANDRES vs SMITHY (Andres wins)
DREYFUS vs BORT (Bort wins)
ROBBIE vs ANDY (Robbie wins)
FRED, ANDRES, BORT and ROBBIE fight in Experienced melee.
HARRIOT, SMITHY, DREFUS AND ANDY fight in Beginner melee.
FRED wins the Experienced Melee.
SMITHY wins the Beginners Melee.
Since there were 8 fighters, the prize is 400 total (8 X 50), 200 going to each winner.
* Standard prizes are identical to BattleMace.
* Decide beforetime what targets you are going to use and how they are going to be scored.
* Don't have too many target options. With 7-10 archers, in an hour you will usually have time to
shoot only two or three rounds of 3 arrows each. If you try to shoot too many, you will stretch to 1
1/2 or 2 hours, which is too long.
* At the beginning of the match, call for archers to sign up.
* Call again before starting the second target system. After the second system has begun, no
further can sign up. However, if a latecomer wants to join in without competing that is ok.
* Anyone may shoot without competing. Some folks like to join in but not go for the prize.
* There are TWO scoring classes: BEGINNERS and EXPERIENCED.
TO FIGURE SCORES (yeah, it takes some math, but it's easy):
* Add the total points of each individual archer.
* The highest score of course wins.
* Out of the remaining (non-winning) archers, count how many they are, throw a dice or something,
and assign an "attendance prize" totally at random.
* The EXPERIENCED WINNER of CHAMPIONSHIP matches (held once each quarter) gets
his/her pic on the wall.
* Bullseyes count as tiebreaker points-- but not scoring points. A score can be 36+5 (meaning 5
bullseyes were hit). This is not 41 points. 37+0 beats a 36+5. But a 36+5 beats a 36+3.
FRED 5 3 4 / 2 1 5 / 7 5 1 = 33+3
HARRIOT 2 1 0 / 3 3 2 / 5 5 2 = 23+2
ANDRES 1 3 4 / 5 5 4 / 1 5 3 = 30+3
SMITHY 1 0 0 / 2 4 2 / 3 0 0 = 12
DREYFUS 5 5 4 / 5 5 5 / 5 3 4 = 41+6
BORT 4 3 2 / 2 3 1 / 5 4 1 = 25+1
164 / 6 players = 27.33
Closest score to 27.33 is BORT, with 25. So BORT gets BEGINNER'S CLASS
Dreyfus gets EXPERIENCED CLASS, with his score of 41.
ALTERNATIVE: If you wish an easier and equally fair way to award the second prize, simply
number all players (except the expert class winner of course), and determine a random winner of
the second prize. Please use a totally honest method in doing so (dice, a scripted random number
generator, draw numbers out of a hat, etc.)
You pick the target. You pick the overall rules. Scoring is as above.
Please note that archers can easily get confused. Be prepared to repeat rules over and over.
Event Ideas Tags: event ideas

Elf Clan Charter


Following is a sizable list of ideas for events, to help you get started. They are divided into primary
areas for your examination.
CONTESTS (prize usually required)
* Dragon Fights
* Building Contests
* Make your Own Armor contest (both Elf Clan and Warhammer)
* Sculpture contest
* Games
* Archery Tournament (REF rules available)
* BattleMace Tournament (REF rules available)
* Fencing tourney
* Fishing
* Go-Kart race
* High Dive contest
* Jousting (random) -- needs scripted
* Pirate Battleship
* STOMPopolis (requires equipment)
* Tag
* Warhammer Tournaments
* Droid Attack
* Warhammer BattleMace
* Warhammer Melee
* Warhammer Space Hulk (requires special arena rezzing... see Eren Padar)
* Trivia contest
* 7 Seas Fishing (preferrably at Market area)
* Jousting
* Avatar Contests
* Best Armor
* Best Fantasy
* Best in (Green / white / red / blue / brown / black / purple)
* Best Overall
* Funny Avatars
* Weird Avatars
* Trivia contest
* Horse Race (requires special setup)
* Treasure / scavenger hunt
SOCIAL EVENTS (prize not required)
* Dances
* Grand Ball
* Drum Circle
* Masquerade Ball
* Monster dance
* Dwagon Party
* Dwagonville Playground
* Pirate Party
* BrokeDoll Party
* Your Best Armor party
* Monsters and Misfits
* Live Music
* Ork Wars
* Poetry Readings
* Story Telling
* Tour of Elf Clan lands
* Photo Journey (explore and take snapshots-- can have contest for the best)
* Horse rides
* Elven Magical Nuclear Missiles (and other fireworks)
* Pool Party-- outrageous swim suits (no nudity-- outrageous doesn't mean "bare")
* Watermelon throwing
* Structured Role Playing Scenario (BURPS or REVOLT)
* Classes
* Build classes
* Clothes making class
* Scripting Class
* Magic and spells show
* Fashion show for the ladies... could feature local merchants clothing.. guy stuff too
* Car and Cycle Show
... and these are just a start. There are so many things that can be done-- limited only by your
imagination. Do you have RL hobbies? Do you collect dolls, stamps, take nature hikes, go
sailing? Events are limited only by your time and creativity. Have fun with it. : )
Hosting Events Tags: hosting events

Elf Clan Charter


Events are fun. They draw our community closer together, help you make new friends, and win prizes. It's easy to host an event. You can offer prizes-- or not, as you wish. The primary purpose is the event itself.


If you wish to host a gathering of friends, hold an Archery or BattleMace tournament, call for a
Drum Circle dance, Avatar Contest, or enjoy other activities here-- that is what these lands are for. Enjoy yourselves.

* To host an event, figure out what you want to do, and do it. Don't be afraid to jump in with both
feet. The only way to learn how to drive a car is to get behind the wheel and step on the gas. :D
* Events must be family friendly.
* Events do not have to be fantasy in nature. You can hold trivia events, games and more.
* Events must not be opposed to Elf Clan charter (ie, "Sunday Morning Church" or "How to be a
vampire" aren't the best ideas). If you have a question, please contact a Greeter or Eldar.


Posting events is easy. 

* You can post them in the FORUMS at the Inworldz website (Inworldz.com / community section)
* Send out a group notice (please see the Charter section on posting group notices for guidelines)
* Go to http://inworldz.com/events.php and post there.
* LANDMARK GIVERS. If the event is not right at the land entry point, you may need to place a
landmark giver at the entry point, to take people to the actual event area. If you don't have a
landmark giver, ask Snoots Dwagon for one.


Prizes are not necessary, but they can draw attention and benefit members. Whether to have a
prize or not is completely up to you. Events are fun with or without prizes.

Elf Clan has an event prize fund. The fund is supported by event donations. If you're a merchant
hosting an event to promote your store, you can use merchandise as prizes if you wish.
If you decide to offer a prize, there are many ways to do so:

* If it is a contest and you are a builder, build a low-prim trophy or wall plaque commemorating the
* If you're a merchant you can donate a prize.
* You can make request to us for Z$ from Elf Clan
* If you have a nice-but-unused item in your inventory that you no longer need, it can make a nice
prize. Or your friends may have something you could offer (of course, the item has to be
transferable). Such is a good way to get rid of unwanted inventory that still has value. Please do
not use freebies as prizes. That's perceived as "cheap". : )
There are many ways to offer prizes, but you do not have to have a prize to hold an event.
Sometimes events are just for the fun of it (such as Drum Circle or Live Music). The purpose of an
event is to promote Elf Clan and have fun!

There are so very many kinds of events that can be held.  Visit that link to see a huge list of ideas.

REFEREE information is available for those who wish to hold sporting events such as BattleMace
or Archery. The REFEREE GUIDELINES explain how to conduct and score such events and is based on years of
sport event experience to make it easy for you.

Try to show up for the event at least 15 minutes early. Announce the event in the ELF CLAN IM
channel when the event is ready to begin (usually about 10 minutes ahead of time is good). No
further announcements are necessary. If the event is more than an hour long, it is good to
announce the event every hour on the hour.

That's all there is to it! Once you have held your first one or two events, it should seem like second
nature. : )



Handling Problems (drama) Tags: handling problems drama

Elf Clan Charter
* Griefers * Drama Queens * Personal spats *
From time to time, stuff happens. These range from intentional vandals (griefers) to problems with friends. We all get out of sorts from time to time. Please remember even in such situations, to deal with HONOR, RESPECT and FRIENDSHIP.

Even with griefers? Yes. Sometimes they are lost causes. Other times though-- those griefers have been impressed by Elf Clan ways and moved on to become our friends and allies. We have members today that ceased being griefers because of Elf Clan.


Now, if you show people respect and they still cop an attitude, that's when the following guidelines come in.

Please remember we're all imperfect, have flaws, and people get out of sorts from time to time. Be forgiving, let things slide, be the bigger person. Even friends and family have spats from time to time. Once you've had time to calm down, talk it over as friends and mature adults. Don't blame-- best to say "That upset me" rather than "You did that and this". Spats happen. Get past it by trying to seek peace and harmony, regardless. Mend the wounds. Heal the relationship.

NON-NONSENSE, TO-THE-POINT NOTE: "Drama" (excessive emotion and negativity) is
expressly forbidden on these lands. Those who engage in such activities will promptly be shown the door. This is our home. Visitors and members are guests. We appreciate suggestions and feedback and encourage suggestions. We don't appreciate arrogance or rude behavior. No one has the right to come here and tell us how to run our home. This is not a democracy. It is a Fantasy Elven Kingdom that has been in operation for years. Polite and respectful suggestions are welcome; attitude is not. We are a friendly, harmonious, hospitable and peaceful group and ask visitors and new members to show the same respect.

GREETERS, GUARDIANS and ELDARS are the Elf Clan equivalent of moderators, with their primary duty that of welcoming newcomers and making them feel at home. To help keep your visit pleasant and peaceful, some do carry the authority to freeze / ban if someone crosses the line.  Please respect the Greeters. They are here to help you enjoy your visit to Elf Clan.

We have dealt with griefers a very long time and we have learned one thing:  They can't do permanent damage. We can.

What we mean is that sure, they can upset people and harass them. The won't do so for very long.  They might destroy a sim. Sims can be "rolled back" and repaired-- easily-- as if nothing ever happened. They can rez annoying things and disrupt events. Usually they can be ignored, muted, and the event continue. If not... there will be future events. On the other hand we can abuse-report them, resulting in them often being perma-banned from the grid. It is easier for us to report them than for them to create a new avatar. Inworldz isn't afraid to ban people at core identity level (ie IP address, computer identity, etc).  

Don't interrupt your event. Call for assistance on Elf Clan chat, ignore the griefer, encourage others to do the same thing. Continue the event. Note their name and report them later, after the event is over.

In dealing with immature individuals:
1. Do not overreact. Note their name; write it down.
2. Call for a Greeter or Eldar
3. Ignore them.  If possible, continue your activity. Report them after the activity is done.
4. Ban them from the land if you have that authority.
... then just get on with things.

A griefer is a bully, a cowardly vandal. Griefing takes many forms, including attacks with weapons, "caging", verbal insults or or other abuse. Any "damage" they do can easily be undone, at the press of a few buttons. You have more power than they do... if you keep a cool head. Don't get upset... that's what they want. Don't feed the trolls. If you remain calm no matter what, you remove their power.

One of the primary tools griefers use is "push weapons", caging devices, or other toys. Sitting on the ground is usually an effective defense against all such.
One of the best ways you can disarm a griefer and totally spoil their plans is to simply say bye and leave the area. There's nothing they hate worse than to be ignored and left by themselves. It totally de-powers them to have their victim leave the vicinity. You can easily go find something else to do until the child is gone, then come back under more peaceful circumstances.

Ignore the offender. The best defense is to laugh it off. Gather as much data as you can in the way of NAMES, CHAT and SNAPSHOTS and send them on a notecard to a Greeter or Eldar. If one is not online, send it to the Eldar's profile. We promise you: they won't do so twice-- at least not on these lands under that avatar. If we find their behavior bad enough, we'll contact the grid managers and ask for them to be removed permanently. You are also strongly encouraged to file an abuse report with the respective grid.

Yes it does. Direct example:
We hosted an event on one of our sims. A griefer group invaded the sim, creating no small amount of havok. Unfortunately for them, the event was hosted by one of our Guardians. The Guardian froze the griefers, banned them from the sims, removed their toys, and contacted Concierge. The group continued to "attack" via IM and chat tools. Concierge examined evidence of the activity, and ten minutes later the most active of the griefers was banned from the grid. The rest of the griefing immediately stopped.

Griefers are cowards. They hide behind their keyboards and harass people for no reason than their own antisocial and abusive nature. Demonstrating that we are not powerless against them... that there will be consequences for their actions... usually makes them hesitant to strike again. If they are goofy enough to do so... we'll take them out again, zero tolerance.
Q: Why is drama forbidden? Isn't it rather common on SL? Doesn't RP entail "drama"?
Not in Elf Clan. Our RP is respectful even "in character". In the past, the worst problems in Elf Clan have been caused by "drama queens". Therefore, it is official policy that we no longer tolerate such. If someone cannot conduct him/herself in an emotionally mature, adult manner, they are welcome to conduct themselves elsewhere. Elf Clan is made up of harmonious, positive, friendly people. We like it that way. : )

So take it easy, don't get riled, laugh at them, enjoy yourself, and continue on with your activities. Such people are nothing more than a bump in the road, soon far behind and long forgotten. They are irrelevant... and they know that. If they want to become relevant, they can start helping people rather than harming them. Ignore them, take the correct steps as outlined above, get on with things. We do not validate negative, abusive people, by reacting to their tantrums. We boot them and continue enjoying our activities. If they decide to clean up their act and join us in the fun, they
are welcome to do so. : )


Elf Clan Lore Tags: lore

Elf Clan Charter


A little additional information on the group for the avid readers out there:

Elf Clan is one of the oldest SL Elven / fantasy groups. We are a conglomeration of elven races as
well as other races: High Elven, Wood Elves, Drow... as well as Orcs, fae, Mer, Centaur, our loyal
guardians, the Dragons, the mischievous dwagons and pixies, and much more. We are primarily
High Elven in concept (according to Lord of the Rings) but we do have other themes -- such as

science fiction and steampunk).

We try to avoid the elitism found in many elven groups throughout the internet. From the
beginning we have worked to make newcomers feel welcome and part of the family. Even the
Drow here are friendly. Rude and arrogant is not part of our group function.
The lore: When the Elven left the world of man, there were still some Elven scattered throughout
the lands. They formed Elf Clan and established a land where all races were welcome... even prior
"evil" races that were now lost and had no home. As a result, many of the dragons and orcs
embraced our society and began to consider themselves protectorates of the land. Along with
them came pixies, mer, trolls, goblins, and many, many other fantasy creatures... some large...
some tiny. Elf Clan embraced them all, with one simple set of rules:
* Honor * Respect * Friendship *
As a result, all races get along well together, without war or hostility. (Well, with the exception of the
occasional Orc war. But we take such with a grain of salt, understanding that if they don't war once
in a while they'll just explode). To keep the orcs in line, we have pixies, dwagons and tinies. It all
balances out.
The time: long after the defeat of Sauron. Several thousand years before the current age of man (if
time can be reckoned that way. Time on these isles passes differently than elsewhere). There are
none of the trappings of RL society on these lands, no RL nationalities or races here. Humans are
welcome and are part of our group (no, they are not looked down upon. They are respected as our
allies). Dragons are our friends. Orcs are our most loyal allies.
This is Elf Clan.
We wish to dedicate these lands to all those who loyally supported Elf Clan and maintained honor
throughout our history. Founder Wayfinder Wishbringer also wishes to personally thank Lord Peter
Lioncourt for his continued support of this group and for years selflessly providing lands for our
group operations, often at his own expense.
Vendui' Elvenae!
Role Playing and Weaponry Tags: role playing weaponry

Elf Clan Charter
Fantasy theme usually involves weapons of some kind. RPG (role playing games) are also often a part of fantasy groups.  Elf Clan also allows SciFi and Steampunk-based themes, which have their own type of gear.

Following are sensible, balanced weapons guidelines that allow you to enjoy your weaponry while protecting innocent bystanders.


* Decorative, non-functional weaponry
* Functional themed weaponry so long as not use against other members during normal activities
* Battle weaponry during battle events (archery, BattleMace, siege devices, castle defensive items, etc)


* Non-ornamental, active, abusive weaponry (griefer weapons).
* Non-fantasy weaponry (guns, bombs etc) except in appropriate-themed areas.
* Mass-damage weaponry (nukes)
There are exceptions to all of these. Please read below.
We wish you to enjoy your toys and to be able to properly test your weapons, but first and foremost this is a peaceful, relatively safe group. Please assist us in assuring that peace, with our thanks.
* All fantasy-type weapons may be worn for decoration (so long as they are not against the Charter, ie--  occult weaponry, black magic items, etc).
* Guns may be tested on sandboxes or facing any sim edge where they can do no harm.
* We do occasionally have massive weapons-related events. Our most popular is the "Elven Magical Nuclear Missile" event. (You'll just have to see it to understand). We also have pirate parties where there is quite a bit of weapons use. There are also science fiction and steampunk regions where such are acceptable. And there are always the "Ork Wars"... which are rare but incredibly weaponry-intense events that are part of our fondest-remembered events.  Note that these are AUTHORIZED events. Doing the same thing in an unauthorized area or manner would be prohibited.
* You may use combat-type weapons at any time in areas specifically designed for that purpose (ie, battle arenas).
* You may demonstrate animation-only type weaponry anywhere, so long as such is not used against another person unless they are a willing participant (ie, ask permission first). Animation-type weaponry would be weapons that have special effects, but no ammunition of any kind. Please be considerate of others and do not use such devices at events, or where crowds are gathered.
* Using animated weapons on an unwilling victim will be considered a psychological attack and will be dealt with as griefing.
* You are hereby notified that dwagons, pixies and other tiny creatures tend to start pie and toilet paper fights at the drop of a hat. What can we say? They're critters. But you do have the right to ask them to stop if they're annoying you. However, you will find that if you ask politely (and maybe give them a cookie), they will give you pie and toilet paper devices with which to join in the fun.
* Target weaponry (archery, throwing spears, etc) MUST have the consent of your target before use. Yes, you must literally ask for-- and receive-- permission to use someone as a target. The exception of course, is if you both are packing. :D
Exception: pie fights do tend to start unannounced. It's just one of those things.
ROLE PLAYING CONCEPTS-- friendly and without attitude
These are THEMED sims, not Role Playing sims. "Role Playing" on these islands refer basically to character and dress. It is friendly role play, with people playing their parts-- or not-- as they feel so inclined. There is no requirement for "OOC" (out of character) chat, nor IC chat. The mode people speak in is according to their mood at the time.
There is to be no "rude" or abusive RP. Role players are welcome; "attitude" isn't. No role player should ever be rude to a guest or fellow Elf Clan member. No role player should ever attack anyone for any reason (with the exception of mutually condoned battle). No special tag is required to walk these lands. It's friendly RP.
What we mean is that if your character is ordinarily rude and offensive (ie, dwarven, ork, drow)-- Elf Clan is different. All of our races get along here. It is possible to be "politely horrendous" and humorous in such rather than abusively offensive. So even Orks are expected to keep themselves in check. It's totally okay for an Ork to say, "Arg... another pinkie!" It's not okay to say, "You're on my turf. Get out or I'll stomp you." That's not how our RP works.
Exception: During sponsored battles... all bets are off. But these are highly advertised and people are pretty much aware something major is going on. Even then, our warriors tend to be generally friendly, and more funny than antagonistic. :D

Orcs swear they are never rude. We do not suggest disagreeing with them; they are after all, Orcs. Surprisingly, they are Elf Clan's oldest and most loyal allies. Same goes for dwagons and other tiny creatures. They do tend to do whatever they want to do. Please tolerate them. If one is bothering you, a polite cease-and-desist IM will usually do the trick.


Posting Group Notices Tags: posting notices

Elf Clan Charter



Greetings to all region owners and event hosts!


We very much appreciate your support of Elf Clan and our members.  Your events help keep this group active and alive.


We also appreciate our merchants and realize you sometimes have special releases you'd like to bring to the attention of our members.


We do wish to have your events and stores brought to the notice of our members.  We also want to avoid "spam".  Therefore we ask our hosts to follow these guidelines:



* Feel free to send out one notice for each event.  If you have several events the same day, please include them in the same notice rather than separate notices.   If there is a change to the event (date, time or other specific) an additional notice may be sent out with the update, but in most instances one group notice per event is sufficient.


* On the day of the event, 10 to 30 minutes prior to the event you can make a group chat announcement that the event is about to start.  You can make additional chat announcements during the event if needed.  Please keep such limited.


* The best time to send out an event notice is 1-2 days prior to the event, unless it requires advance planning (such as a fair or contest that will require advanced preparation).  


* When posting events in a notice, it is often good to follow the standard event format.  This is a time-proven format that helps people sort events and keep them straight.

Event Name

Day / Date / Time




To post a merchant notice one must either own a region or have a store on Elf Clan lands.  Simply being a member of Elf Clan and having a store somewhere else doesn't qualify.  It must be an Elf Clan business.


Region owners may wish to invite visitors, announce new regions, or host events.  Depending on which you're doing, such announcement would fall under either Event or Merchant guidelines.  If you're just advertising your region or an attraction you offer), merchant guidelines apply.


If you wish to draw attention to your region (ie encourage visitors) and own a store, such would be placed in the same notice.  Again, both must be part of Elf Clan lands.


Let us state the rule-of-thumb, and then we'll discuss exceptions.


* Merchant/region-type notices are limited to one per month and the notice must be placed by an Eldar or Guardian.  We want to support our merchants and keep our members informed of new goodies... but don't want to spam members excessively.  One can imagine what would happen if 50 merchants all sent out notices once a week. 


Please contact Moontan Valeeva, Cinnamon Raymaker or Snoots Dwagon for such notices.  A notecard accompanied by an IM is considered standard format.


* Exception:  We realize that every once in a while a special event may come up (such as a business anniversary) or that a merchant may release a new "totally awesome" product that they wish to bring to the notice of the group as quickly as possible.  In such instances we may be willing to set aside the "once a month" rule and allow a special notice.  We're usually pretty friendly and easy-going in such circumstances.  The rule of thumb here:  it doesn't hurt to ask.  The worst that can happen is that we respectfully decline the request.   In most instances though, if you feel it's important we'll likely feel it's important too.


The idea is to find the best balance between being informative and avoiding being "spammy".  We want to support our events and merchants without exasperating our members.  As Elf Clan is generally an unusually self-moderating group, we are confident both Event hosts and Merchants will have a pretty good feel as to what should be announced and when.



IM and Chat Guidelines Tags: IM chat

Elf Clan Charter


We wish to keep a polite and fun balance between social chat and group business. If people feel main chat is being spammed too much they turn it off-- blocking important chat. But if we limit it to "official business only"... what fun is that?

Remember: "Friendship". Everyone was once a newbie. We don't want members jumping down people's throats for chatting, but we don't want chat regularly abused either.  So here are some friendly guidelines:

* Feel free to chat. Nothing wrong with that. It is however, good to actually have something to say.
* Advertising by groups outside of Elf Clan is forbidden without specific permission of an Eldar or Guardian.  Advertising within the group should be limited to events.  No merchandise announcements in main chat.
* Chat may be used to ask for Greeter assistance.
* Chat may be used to ask questions (group, scripting, building, whatever). Please avoid asking questions that can be easily looked up.  It's best to ask a friend before you ask the group.
* Simple common sense polite and respect for others will help you recognize when to use chat or not. After consideration if you still want to group chat, go ahead. That's what it's there for. : )

NOTE: Yes, this is a change from past policies. We all grow with time and experience. : )



Group Organization and Management Tags: group organization management

Elf Clan Charter


Summary: Elf Clan is an ELVEN FANTASY group. Method of government in order of authority:
Elven Monarchy (group founder)
The Eldars
Elf Clan Council
Region Owners

Land Ownership:
These lands are official Elf Clan islands, under private ownership. Each island is owned by individuals. However, each land is under the covenant of the Elf Clan Charter and operates by the guidelines of that Charter.

Elf Clan and lands are self-supporting and self-moderating. All members and visitors are expected to moderate their own conduct and-- in a friendly manner-- the conduct of others. However if they don't... we will, for the benefit of the group. Anyone repeatedly and intentionally breaching the charter will be removed form Elf Clan lands, whether they are casual members or region owners.  All are expected to respect the code of honor that is Elf Clan.

General conduct:
* If someone offends, please avoid drama. IM them in a polite and friendly manner and try to work it out.
* If someone is publicly abusive, a polite public reminder may be in order.
* If necessary, call for a Greeter on the Elf Clan IM.
* Greeters are the primary moderative and "guard" factor on the lands.
* The Eldars have as little do do with group moderation as possible. Their "word is law"... but they choose to exercise that right as little as possible. We use Greeters to moderate the lands in a friendly manner. However if an Eldar needs to handle a matter, we will do so... hopefully in a mutually polite and non-adversarial manner (but beware... we do carry swords). ; )
* "Drama" (excessive and negative emotion) is strictly prohibited. We are a friendly lot. : )

All organizations must have a form of governance. Elf Clan is governed in as friendly and hospitable a manner as possible. This is largely due to the fact that our members themselves are friendly and conduct themselves in an honorable manner. This helps our group exist in a harmonious, friendly and peaceful environment.



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