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Elf Clan Charter



Greetings to all region owners and event hosts!


We very much appreciate your support of Elf Clan and our members.  Your events help keep this group active and alive.


We also appreciate our merchants and realize you sometimes have special releases you'd like to bring to the attention of our members.


We do wish to have your events and stores brought to the notice of our members.  We also want to avoid "spam".  Therefore we ask our hosts to follow these guidelines:



* Feel free to send out one notice for each event.  If you have several events the same day, please include them in the same notice rather than separate notices.   If there is a change to the event (date, time or other specific) an additional notice may be sent out with the update, but in most instances one group notice per event is sufficient.


* On the day of the event, 10 to 30 minutes prior to the event you can make a group chat announcement that the event is about to start.  You can make additional chat announcements during the event if needed.  Please keep such limited.


* The best time to send out an event notice is 1-2 days prior to the event, unless it requires advance planning (such as a fair or contest that will require advanced preparation).  


* When posting events in a notice, it is often good to follow the standard event format.  This is a time-proven format that helps people sort events and keep them straight.

Event Name

Day / Date / Time




To post a merchant notice one must either own a region or have a store on Elf Clan lands.  Simply being a member of Elf Clan and having a store somewhere else doesn't qualify.  It must be an Elf Clan business.


Region owners may wish to invite visitors, announce new regions, or host events.  Depending on which you're doing, such announcement would fall under either Event or Merchant guidelines.  If you're just advertising your region or an attraction you offer), merchant guidelines apply.


If you wish to draw attention to your region (ie encourage visitors) and own a store, such would be placed in the same notice.  Again, both must be part of Elf Clan lands.


Let us state the rule-of-thumb, and then we'll discuss exceptions.


* Merchant/region-type notices are limited to one per month and the notice must be placed by an Eldar or Guardian.  We want to support our merchants and keep our members informed of new goodies... but don't want to spam members excessively.  One can imagine what would happen if 50 merchants all sent out notices once a week. 


Please contact Moontan Valeeva, Cinnamon Raymaker or Snoots Dwagon for such notices.  A notecard accompanied by an IM is considered standard format.


* Exception:  We realize that every once in a while a special event may come up (such as a business anniversary) or that a merchant may release a new "totally awesome" product that they wish to bring to the notice of the group as quickly as possible.  In such instances we may be willing to set aside the "once a month" rule and allow a special notice.  We're usually pretty friendly and easy-going in such circumstances.  The rule of thumb here:  it doesn't hurt to ask.  The worst that can happen is that we respectfully decline the request.   In most instances though, if you feel it's important we'll likely feel it's important too.


The idea is to find the best balance between being informative and avoiding being "spammy".  We want to support our events and merchants without exasperating our members.  As Elf Clan is generally an unusually self-moderating group, we are confident both Event hosts and Merchants will have a pretty good feel as to what should be announced and when.




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