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Elf Clan Charter
Fantasy theme usually involves weapons of some kind. RPG (role playing games) are also often a part of fantasy groups.  Elf Clan also allows SciFi and Steampunk-based themes, which have their own type of gear.

Following are sensible, balanced weapons guidelines that allow you to enjoy your weaponry while protecting innocent bystanders.


* Decorative, non-functional weaponry
* Functional themed weaponry so long as not use against other members during normal activities
* Battle weaponry during battle events (archery, BattleMace, siege devices, castle defensive items, etc)


* Non-ornamental, active, abusive weaponry (griefer weapons).
* Non-fantasy weaponry (guns, bombs etc) except in appropriate-themed areas.
* Mass-damage weaponry (nukes)
There are exceptions to all of these. Please read below.
We wish you to enjoy your toys and to be able to properly test your weapons, but first and foremost this is a peaceful, relatively safe group. Please assist us in assuring that peace, with our thanks.
* All fantasy-type weapons may be worn for decoration (so long as they are not against the Charter, ie--  occult weaponry, black magic items, etc).
* Guns may be tested on sandboxes or facing any sim edge where they can do no harm.
* We do occasionally have massive weapons-related events. Our most popular is the "Elven Magical Nuclear Missile" event. (You'll just have to see it to understand). We also have pirate parties where there is quite a bit of weapons use. There are also science fiction and steampunk regions where such are acceptable. And there are always the "Ork Wars"... which are rare but incredibly weaponry-intense events that are part of our fondest-remembered events.  Note that these are AUTHORIZED events. Doing the same thing in an unauthorized area or manner would be prohibited.
* You may use combat-type weapons at any time in areas specifically designed for that purpose (ie, battle arenas).
* You may demonstrate animation-only type weaponry anywhere, so long as such is not used against another person unless they are a willing participant (ie, ask permission first). Animation-type weaponry would be weapons that have special effects, but no ammunition of any kind. Please be considerate of others and do not use such devices at events, or where crowds are gathered.
* Using animated weapons on an unwilling victim will be considered a psychological attack and will be dealt with as griefing.
* You are hereby notified that dwagons, pixies and other tiny creatures tend to start pie and toilet paper fights at the drop of a hat. What can we say? They're critters. But you do have the right to ask them to stop if they're annoying you. However, you will find that if you ask politely (and maybe give them a cookie), they will give you pie and toilet paper devices with which to join in the fun.
* Target weaponry (archery, throwing spears, etc) MUST have the consent of your target before use. Yes, you must literally ask for-- and receive-- permission to use someone as a target. The exception of course, is if you both are packing. :D
Exception: pie fights do tend to start unannounced. It's just one of those things.
ROLE PLAYING CONCEPTS-- friendly and without attitude
These are THEMED sims, not Role Playing sims. "Role Playing" on these islands refer basically to character and dress. It is friendly role play, with people playing their parts-- or not-- as they feel so inclined. There is no requirement for "OOC" (out of character) chat, nor IC chat. The mode people speak in is according to their mood at the time.
There is to be no "rude" or abusive RP. Role players are welcome; "attitude" isn't. No role player should ever be rude to a guest or fellow Elf Clan member. No role player should ever attack anyone for any reason (with the exception of mutually condoned battle). No special tag is required to walk these lands. It's friendly RP.
What we mean is that if your character is ordinarily rude and offensive (ie, dwarven, ork, drow)-- Elf Clan is different. All of our races get along here. It is possible to be "politely horrendous" and humorous in such rather than abusively offensive. So even Orks are expected to keep themselves in check. It's totally okay for an Ork to say, "Arg... another pinkie!" It's not okay to say, "You're on my turf. Get out or I'll stomp you." That's not how our RP works.
Exception: During sponsored battles... all bets are off. But these are highly advertised and people are pretty much aware something major is going on. Even then, our warriors tend to be generally friendly, and more funny than antagonistic. :D

Orcs swear they are never rude. We do not suggest disagreeing with them; they are after all, Orcs. Surprisingly, they are Elf Clan's oldest and most loyal allies. Same goes for dwagons and other tiny creatures. They do tend to do whatever they want to do. Please tolerate them. If one is bothering you, a polite cease-and-desist IM will usually do the trick.



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