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Rabid Pink Pirates is a sub-group of Elf Clan and authorized by the "fantasy" theme under the Elf Clan Charter.

So listens up you bilge rats.   We is da RABID PINK PIRATES, da scurviest bunch of renegades this side of that side.  We is one of da oldest pirate groups on da virtual worlds, existing from waaaay back in days of early (that other place) and with a stronghold smack in middle of battle-zone JESSEE, from where we launched watermelons over whole region.   WE DA ROTTENEST BUCKLE SWASHERS ANYWHERE! 


While is true we is maked up mainly of tinies, wees, dinkies and yesh, even ferrets and dwagons... EBERONE is welcome.  Dat includes biggies, monters and dragons.  (In fact, monsters and dragons would be pretty kewl.)   Our group is FREE JOIN. 


YOU KIDDING ME?  We got no code!  However we do request modesty in dress and conduct, as we is a family-friendly group. 

Common clothing usually consists of pirate-type outfits and gear.   Now, how a pirate dresses is up to you. Can be anything from typical pirate gear to KRAKKEN!   Who gonna tell you wot to wear, right?  Well, da Cap'n if you get outta line, so WATCH IT or ye'll wind up scrubbing the keel.


Since we is pirates and throw rules outta port hole... we opening up posting group notices to EBERONE.   Howeber, there is Captain's Guidelines.  Is this:

* Notice must be of interest directly related to Rabid Pink Pirates (raid, special event, ship battle, etc).  We not interested you club is hosting a DJ... unless we raiding da place and dere rums!  No serious, should be related to piratey / sea faring stuff.

* MERCHANTS may place one ad a month.   If you happen to have a really special good new item dat just come out and you itching to show it off, can post that when released.  Just keeps it within reason so members not geting spammed.

* Make your messages PIRATEY!  We is after all PIRATES!  Kinda.  If it not haz pirate words, ye'll be swabbing da sails or sumthin'.

Since we're being very fleible on this, those who abuse the notices will be warned once (if warranted), and if it continues will be subjugated to the group role of FLOUNDER, which means ye won't be able to post notices or group chat either one.  So self-moderation is the key here.  


ARRR YOU KIDDING ME???  We is Rabid Pink Pirates!  WE DON' NEED NO STEENKEEN OBLIGATIONS!  But if ye happen ta just want some, we got decks dat need scrubbin...












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