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Elf Clan Charter


Greetings! Being a Greeter is a rewarding volunteer position. It provides you with a sense of both
belonging and value and brings you more closely into our family-- as well as offering great benefit
to others.
Anyone can be a Greeter-- both experienced members and newbs. As you progress in your role
and prove yourself, you can be given more abilities and power in the group.
This guideline summarizes the functions and duties of being a Greeter. Please read thoroughly to
fully acquaint yourself with this Elf Clan role-- and to see if you wish to become a Greeter!
The Greeters group is designed to serve Elf Clan in several ways:
1. Promoting hospitality on our lands
2. Assisting new visitors and group members
3. Inviting people into the group
4. Conducting events. You don't have to... but it helps Elf Clan and it's fun! : )
5. Protecting the group from problem people
6. Guiding the group itself in proper conduct.
7. Moderating the lands and (where necessary) enforcing the Elf Clan Charter
* Being a Greeter is fun and is valuable to Elf Clan
* People get to know you and consider you a core part of Elf Clan
* In time you can have certain privileges and abilities not held by regular members
* You will sometimes be aware of internal developments before regular members
If after reading this document, you wish to be a Greeter, please contact:
Moontan Valeeva, Cinnamon Raymaker, Eren Padar or Snoots Dwagon
Greeters don't have to be on Elf Clan lands all the time.... but often enough to be seen and
recognized as regular members. It's OK to go to events elsewhere and shop and have fun... but
above all, Greeters love Elf Clan. If Elf Clan is your main stomping ground and if like Elf Clan lands
better than just about anywhere, likely you'll make a fine Greeter. : )
Our main purpose is to make newcomers feel welcome. Friendliness is the Greeters #1 tool. Your
primary duty as a Greeter is to make people feel immediately welcome and at home in Elf Clan
lands. That has always been the main function of our group and always will be.
There are many ways to do this. Inuchan the Dragon was known for spending hours sitting outside
the Castle or in Sandbox, just watching over the lands, saying hello to new arrivals and answering
questions. If you see a new person on the lands, by all means walk up and welcome them to the
islands. Feel free to extend to them an invitation to join Elf Clan. Help them to feel comfortable.
Point them to our website and the Charter documents. Show them where the TOUR document
is (in the main castle).
Make them feel welcome and part of the family. : )
1. It notifies them of group events
2. It provides them with unlimited sandbox use
3. It makes them feel part of our community.
To invite people, right click on their avatar, choose MORE, and choose INVITE. Choose Elf Clan
from the list, choose the MEMBERS tab. Follow the instructions from there.
While Greeters may send out group notices, it should be reserved for times of import such as
Events. Please do not send out spam notices, notices from other groups, or of things not of direct
application to Elf Clan. If you're unsure, contact an Eldar.
It's ok to send out a notice regarding an event:
* Send it out just a few hours prior to the event. Too long-- and people forget about it. Remember
you can POST the event any time you like-- thus informing Elf Clan the event is coming.
* Complex events (such as a fair or an all-day event) of may require more than one group notice.
* Any questions-- contact an Eldar.

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