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Elf Clan Charter


A little additional information on the group for the avid readers out there:

Elf Clan is one of the oldest SL Elven / fantasy groups. We are a conglomeration of elven races as
well as other races: High Elven, Wood Elves, Drow... as well as Orcs, fae, Mer, Centaur, our loyal
guardians, the Dragons, the mischievous dwagons and pixies, and much more. We are primarily
High Elven in concept (according to Lord of the Rings) but we do have other themes -- such as

science fiction and steampunk).

We try to avoid the elitism found in many elven groups throughout the internet. From the
beginning we have worked to make newcomers feel welcome and part of the family. Even the
Drow here are friendly. Rude and arrogant is not part of our group function.
The lore: When the Elven left the world of man, there were still some Elven scattered throughout
the lands. They formed Elf Clan and established a land where all races were welcome... even prior
"evil" races that were now lost and had no home. As a result, many of the dragons and orcs
embraced our society and began to consider themselves protectorates of the land. Along with
them came pixies, mer, trolls, goblins, and many, many other fantasy creatures... some large...
some tiny. Elf Clan embraced them all, with one simple set of rules:
* Honor * Respect * Friendship *
As a result, all races get along well together, without war or hostility. (Well, with the exception of the
occasional Orc war. But we take such with a grain of salt, understanding that if they don't war once
in a while they'll just explode). To keep the orcs in line, we have pixies, dwagons and tinies. It all
balances out.
The time: long after the defeat of Sauron. Several thousand years before the current age of man (if
time can be reckoned that way. Time on these isles passes differently than elsewhere). There are
none of the trappings of RL society on these lands, no RL nationalities or races here. Humans are
welcome and are part of our group (no, they are not looked down upon. They are respected as our
allies). Dragons are our friends. Orcs are our most loyal allies.
This is Elf Clan.
We wish to dedicate these lands to all those who loyally supported Elf Clan and maintained honor
throughout our history. Founder Wayfinder Wishbringer also wishes to personally thank Lord Peter
Lioncourt for his continued support of this group and for years selflessly providing lands for our
group operations, often at his own expense.
Vendui' Elvenae!

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