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Elf Clan Charter


Summary: Elf Clan is an ELVEN FANTASY group. Method of government in order of authority:
Elven Monarchy (group founder)
The Eldars
Elf Clan Council
Region Owners

Land Ownership:
These lands are official Elf Clan islands, under private ownership. Each island is owned by individuals. However, each land is under the covenant of the Elf Clan Charter and operates by the guidelines of that Charter.

Elf Clan and lands are self-supporting and self-moderating. All members and visitors are expected to moderate their own conduct and-- in a friendly manner-- the conduct of others. However if they don't... we will, for the benefit of the group. Anyone repeatedly and intentionally breaching the charter will be removed form Elf Clan lands, whether they are casual members or region owners.  All are expected to respect the code of honor that is Elf Clan.

General conduct:
* If someone offends, please avoid drama. IM them in a polite and friendly manner and try to work it out.
* If someone is publicly abusive, a polite public reminder may be in order.
* If necessary, call for a Greeter on the Elf Clan IM.
* Greeters are the primary moderative and "guard" factor on the lands.
* The Eldars have as little do do with group moderation as possible. Their "word is law"... but they choose to exercise that right as little as possible. We use Greeters to moderate the lands in a friendly manner. However if an Eldar needs to handle a matter, we will do so... hopefully in a mutually polite and non-adversarial manner (but beware... we do carry swords). ; )
* "Drama" (excessive and negative emotion) is strictly prohibited. We are a friendly lot. : )

All organizations must have a form of governance. Elf Clan is governed in as friendly and hospitable a manner as possible. This is largely due to the fact that our members themselves are friendly and conduct themselves in an honorable manner. This helps our group exist in a harmonious, friendly and peaceful environment.



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