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Elf Clan Charter


We wish to keep a polite and fun balance between social chat and group business. If people feel main chat is being spammed too much they turn it off-- blocking important chat. But if we limit it to "official business only"... what fun is that?

Remember: "Friendship". Everyone was once a newbie. We don't want members jumping down people's throats for chatting, but we don't want chat regularly abused either.  So here are some friendly guidelines:

* Feel free to chat. Nothing wrong with that. It is however, good to actually have something to say.
* Advertising by groups outside of Elf Clan is forbidden without specific permission of an Eldar or Guardian.  Advertising within the group should be limited to events.  No merchandise announcements in main chat.
* Chat may be used to ask for Greeter assistance.
* Chat may be used to ask questions (group, scripting, building, whatever). Please avoid asking questions that can be easily looked up.  It's best to ask a friend before you ask the group.
* Simple common sense polite and respect for others will help you recognize when to use chat or not. After consideration if you still want to group chat, go ahead. That's what it's there for. : )

NOTE: Yes, this is a change from past policies. We all grow with time and experience. : )




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