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Elf Clan Charter


Following is a sizable list of ideas for events, to help you get started. They are divided into primary
areas for your examination.
CONTESTS (prize usually required)
* Dragon Fights
* Building Contests
* Make your Own Armor contest (both Elf Clan and Warhammer)
* Sculpture contest
* Games
* Archery Tournament (REF rules available)
* BattleMace Tournament (REF rules available)
* Fencing tourney
* Fishing
* Go-Kart race
* High Dive contest
* Jousting (random) -- needs scripted
* Pirate Battleship
* STOMPopolis (requires equipment)
* Tag
* Warhammer Tournaments
* Droid Attack
* Warhammer BattleMace
* Warhammer Melee
* Warhammer Space Hulk (requires special arena rezzing... see Eren Padar)
* Trivia contest
* 7 Seas Fishing (preferrably at Market area)
* Jousting
* Avatar Contests
* Best Armor
* Best Fantasy
* Best in (Green / white / red / blue / brown / black / purple)
* Best Overall
* Funny Avatars
* Weird Avatars
* Trivia contest
* Horse Race (requires special setup)
* Treasure / scavenger hunt
SOCIAL EVENTS (prize not required)
* Dances
* Grand Ball
* Drum Circle
* Masquerade Ball
* Monster dance
* Dwagon Party
* Dwagonville Playground
* Pirate Party
* BrokeDoll Party
* Your Best Armor party
* Monsters and Misfits
* Live Music
* Ork Wars
* Poetry Readings
* Story Telling
* Tour of Elf Clan lands
* Photo Journey (explore and take snapshots-- can have contest for the best)
* Horse rides
* Elven Magical Nuclear Missiles (and other fireworks)
* Pool Party-- outrageous swim suits (no nudity-- outrageous doesn't mean "bare")
* Watermelon throwing
* Structured Role Playing Scenario (BURPS or REVOLT)
* Classes
* Build classes
* Clothes making class
* Scripting Class
* Magic and spells show
* Fashion show for the ladies... could feature local merchants clothing.. guy stuff too
* Car and Cycle Show
... and these are just a start. There are so many things that can be done-- limited only by your
imagination. Do you have RL hobbies? Do you collect dolls, stamps, take nature hikes, go
sailing? Events are limited only by your time and creativity. Have fun with it. : )

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