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Over the past several months we've sent out "Elf Clan Tricks and Tips"... things that can assist in daily enjoyment of Second Life. We're listing the "best of" here. Members can add additional tips in comments.

* TURN ON THE ADVANCED MENU.  Ctrl-Alt-D brings up an essential extra menu in most viewers.

* ZOOM IN ON SIGNS: Every had trouble reading signs? Here is how you zoom in on them:
Windows systems: Cursor on the target, ALT - LEFT CLICK - mousemove. This is often called "alt look". Be sure to hold down both the Alt and leftclick.
Apple systems: On Macs, Option = Alt)

* HOVER TIPS: There is basic information available on all objects. For some reason this is turned off by default. To turn it on, choose VIEW / HOVERTIPS and set tips ON and "Show tips on all objects" to ON.

* MAKING SCULPTIES APPEAR BETTER: Ever noticed sculpties seem to glitch and de-form at a distance? Advanced / Debug Settings / RenderVolumeLODFactor. Set to 4, 5 or 6 to stop that problem.

* STOP "FOGGY" AVATARS: Linden Lab created foggy avatars to prevent avatars from being visible before fully rezzed. The problem is that textures load so extremely slowly and even not at all, that avatars remain fog banks indefinitely. ADVANCED / Debug Settings / RenderUnloadedAvatar = TRUE.

* LAND INFORMATION: Click the land name at the top center of your screen.

* MAKE TEXTURES APPEAR FASTER: Advanced menu / Debug / type in: 

ImagepipelineUseHTTP and set to TRUE

* DAYLIGHT-BRIGHT PHOTOS: Ever wanted to take a picture but it was dark outside?

Press ctrl-shift-Y for daylight.

* TAKE BETTER PHOTOS:  Store them to your hard drive instead of in-world. It's a checkbox option on the Photo save box. Also, in the ADVANCE menu, set the SAVE HIGH RESOLUTION SNAPSHOTS option.

* TELEPORTING: Ever had someone try to teleport you, but your teleport button was grayed out? EDIT / PREFERENCES / COMMUNICATION / uncheck "Only my friends and Groups can see when I'm online."

* EXPANDING YOUR VIEW: There are several ways to empower your camera and expand your view...

* EDIT / PREFERENCES / GRAPHICS / (click custom) / DRAW DISTANCE. The higher this is set, the further you can see. 256m is the recommended maximum for most systems. If you have a lower-level graphics card, you may need to set it to 128m or even 64m.

* ADVANCED / LIMIT SELECT DISTANCE. Uncheck this.  This may be in a different area on some viewrs.  This was added to the system to prevent you from accidentally selecting things beyond 64m.  But as a downside... it prevents expert builders from selecting things beyond 64m.

* ADVANCED / DISABLE CAMERA CONSTRAINTS. Check this. Why would someone want their camera constrained? 

* WATCH "MOVIES" AND VIDEO: You will need to install the QUICKTIME video player prior to logging in. Don't wait until the last minute when the movie is ready to start. Installation takes some time. Quicktime is available from Apple Computers. Once it is installed, EDIT / PREFERENCES / AUDIO VIDEO / check everything. If you don't want video to play automatically, uncheck that box, but note that it will need to be checked when attending a public movie event.

NOTE:  Quicktime is known to cause issues in some Windows installations. (Apple has a knack for trying to take over systems... and Windows doesn't like that.)  Also, video will significantly slow down your performance any time video is running (like when entering a parcel with video), so myself I'd turn auto-play OFF.  Well in truth, I don't install QuickTime at all, and save myself potential headaches.

* SETTING MUSIC ON A PIECE OF LAND: Only a land owner can set the music stream. If you are not the land owner, you will need a "radio" that will allow you to set streams. Note that not all land owners allow tenants to set their own music streams (especially in themed sims).  If you have a radio, you will need to deed it to group.  If your group doesn't allow member deeding, the land owner will have to provide a radio.

That's it for now!




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