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Inworldz Choice Awards: 2013
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The following information is for archival purpose only, as part of Elf Clan's history.


Inworldz enjoyed its first CHOICE AWARDS yesterday, January 26 2014.  The theme line is "Residents Honoring Residents", a public vote of people's favorite people.


The results of the awards are here.  You'll notice several names of Elf Clan members and good friends, of whom I'm not going to even try to list here lest I miss someone.  But you can check through the list yourself and see if you recognize any of your friends:


Congratulations winners.   But win or not, we know both Elf Clan and Inworldz are filled with incredibly talented and creative people.  Congrats not only to the winners but the nominees and those who just go about making Inworldz a bit more enjoyable for others!  : )


 InWorldz Choice Awards 2013 Winners

  • Favorite Avatar Accessories Creator  is Eye Candi of Eye Candi
  • Favorite Kids Apparel Creator  is Veronika Garzo of Kidoo
  • Favorite Merfolk AV Creator  is EllieZalt Resident of YokiFish Mermaids
  • Favorite Writer/Blogger is Summer Rose
  • Favorite Dance Animations Creator is Abramelin Wolfe of Abranimations
  • Favorite Men's  Apparel Creator is Swaffette Firefly of SF Designs
  • Favorite Shoe Creator is F4 Forzane of Tiptoe Designs
  • Favorite Avatar Adult Attachments Creator are Craig Altman & Natasia Saintlouis of Bits and Bobs Animations
  • Favorite Female AO Creator is Vista Barnes of Vista Animations
  • Favorite Male AO Creator is Vista Barnes of Vista Animations
  • Favorite Magazine/Newspaper Creator is Jake Hunter of Grid
  • Favorite Model is Dazzeray Snowpaw
  • Favorite Artist is Teal Freenote of Gallery Freenote
  • Favorite Land Company is Anyraya Braveheart of Calia Estates
  • Favorite Static Pose Creator is Siennah Elcar of .:Antsie Avie:. Poses & Animations with Attitude!
  • Favorite Public EventCreator is EventsCoordinator Inworldz of FrightFest
  • Favorite Fashion Accessories Creator is Cute Avi of I Love Cute Things
  • Favorite Jewellery Creator is Jojo Lowe of Timeless Designs
  • Favorite Hair Creator is Mirja Mills of EMO-tions
  • Favorite Tiny AV Creator is Wynx Whiplash of WynxWorks
  • Favorite Adult Animations Creator is Craig Altman & Natasia Saintlouis of Bits and Bobs Animations
  • Favorite Shopping Region Creator is Emilie Seda of Victorian Market Place
  • Favorite Male Entertainer is Ganjo Mokeev
  • Favorite Host/ Hostess is Rowland Larkham
  • Favorite Garden & Landscape  Creator is Julia Hathor of Creative Fantasy
  • Favorite Role Play Sim Creator Bim Rasmuson of The Grand Duchy of Chanwood
  • Favorite Texture Creator is Xzavia Yifu of Timeless Textures
  • Favorite Photographer/ Photography Studio is Midnight Rain of Glas Photography
  • Favorite Skins/Make Up Creator is Lorac Farella of Pulse Skins Eyes and Shapes
  • Favorite Female Entertainer is Ceci Dover
  • Favorite Vehicles Creator is TenBears Running of Scrimshaw Marine
  • Favorite Public Group Creator is Snoots Dwagon of DragonForge
  • Favorite DJ is Cataplexia Numbers
  • Favorite Art Gallery Creator isTeal Freenote of Gallery Freenote
  • Favorite Scripter is Balpien Hammerer of InMotion
  • Favorite Furniture Creator is Teal Freenote of Wind River Homes and Furniture
  • Favorite Anything Else Creator is Gregg Legendary of Legendary Creations
  • Favorite NightClub Creator is Zoey Newlon of Brick House Blues
  • Favorite Buildings Creator is Teal Freenote of Wind River Homes
  • Favorite Sim Build To Explore Creator is Zayn Till of Raglan Shire
  • Favorite Women's Apparel Creator is Swaffette Firefly for SF Designs



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