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Own an Official Elf Clan Region!
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NOTE:  The following information is out of date and retained only for archival purposes.  It will likely be re-written by Sept 1, 2018.



Have you ever wanted your own region but couldn't afford even the low rates of Inworldz?


Elf Clan has available several grandfathered regions (via special arrangement with Inworldz).   You an own a full-size, 45k-prim region for only $40 a month!

It is a savings of $35 off the standard $75 private island fees.  It is a savings of $20 off the Inworldz $60 mainland fees... and offers significantly more prims and land tools.  Compare this to Second Life's fees of $295 and $350 a month for regions along with a $1000 setup fee... and this is a real bargain!

Elf Clan region owners have all rights and privileges of standard island owners. 


Region owners have significant building tools on Inworldz... tools not available elsewhere. 

* LAND TOOLS.  Unlike mainland, the land can be raised or lowered 100m (mainland is limited to 20m). 

* NO LINK LIMITS as found on Second Life.  SL has link limits within 30m of root prim centers and a maximum link count of 256 prims.   On Inworldz Snoots Dwagon built a space ship 105m long and consisting of almost 1,000 prims... all linked together as one flyable object!

* EXPANDED PRIM SIZE.  Second Life limits prim size to 60m.  The Internal Inworldz Viewer unfortunately limits prim size to 128m.  However using other Viewers there is no prim size limit-- allowing you to build entire region floors, levels and mountain ranges!

* 45,000 PRIMS!   Second Life offers 1/3 the prim count at 15,000 prims.  Imagine what you can crete with 45,000 prims on an Elf Clan region!

All for only $40 a month when you purchase a region as part of the Elf Clan group!


You don't have to be an Elf to own land on Elf Clan.  We have lands owned by humans, dwagons, faerie, Orks and a host of species.  The lands do have to be one of our three themes at ground level (fantasy, scifi or steampunk) but have relaxed standards in high-sky platforms above 1000m.   With 45,000 prims you can actually build two or three complete regions on different levels!

Please see the following web page for details:





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