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The Monty Python 16-Disc DVD Set

-- A dwagon's review


I recently purchased the entire Monty Python 16-Disc set. Here is my review of that product:


While the contents of this package are quite good and bits of it even moderately funny, I was especially entranced by the fine packaging, which although likely created by marketers and not the performers themselves, still contains quite a bit of humor and imagination. I especially enjoyed the "bright green sticker which covered otherwise informative and humorous parts of the original box". My only regret is that the sticker was quite firmly sealed to the cellophane and could not be removed. This prevented re-usage in imaginative ways. Perhaps the solution to this would have been to include additional stickers within the box itself, containing such phrases as "Please do not touch this sticker" or "I'm not really dead, I'm pining for the fjords".


I suspect I'm expected to say something about the DVDs themselves, regarding their quality, enjoyability, etc. Very well. The DVDs are somewhat roundish and thin, made of a respectable quality plastic, and do quite well as mirrors in cases of such need. They are each individually encased in equally fine plastic boxes, which can serve as coasters while you are watching the tellies. I'm not sure what the plot is about, as the individual segments tend to be somewhat confusing and rather silly. But aside from that, an excellent product overall, especially when purchased at half price.


My biggest disappointment is that in all sixteen discs containing far more hours of television than anyone should really have time to watch, I never did see that Monty Python chap. Must have been the director or producer or writer or other such nonsense. Camera-phobic I would guess. You'd think the bloke could have at least taken a bow once in a while.


No matter. Despite this oversight, I think the set well worth the purchase price and once watched, contains sufficient mass to be a perfectly good paperweight or doorstop, insuring its continued value over time. Plus, one can always re-read the box and enjoy continued chuckles until dying of something dreadful.





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