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Elf Clan Charter

In general, roles in Elf Clan are that of form more than of action. We are considered a "theme" group rather than heavy "role playing".

The Dwagons are very role-oriented by nature, as are the pixies, orcs and dragons. Other roles are more open and non-precise. Elf Clan is often referred to as being more easy-going and laid-back than other groups. Rather than focusing on story-drama and sexuality (which often forms the center of other fantasy groups), Elf Clan members tend to simply enjoy one another's company.

Our roles tend to be skin-deep, our nature open and friendly, and our members in general tend to be shape shifters more than in other groups. Rather than defining roles for our members, we allow our members to define themselves. No one is barred from Elf Clan or these lands because of their preferred form or activity (so long as such respects our charter... which specifies accepted conduct in our home).  So these are just general outlines of our primary roles-- roles that we see people adopting on a regular basis. To get a flavor for what Elf Clan is and what role you may wish to adopt, visit ElvenSong Castle in Inworldz (or ElvenMyst castle in Second Life), grab a tour document, and visit all the places shown. It is likely something within will tweak your interest-- and you will discover the role that you yourself will develop.

"What is an Elf?" is the question most commonly asked in Elf Clan. It's a valid question, for the concept of "elf" is not clearly defined in the roles of fantasy literature. Most commonly recognized are Tolkien Elves from Lord of the Rings, but those are obviously not the Elven of English literature, much less "Keebler Elves".

These are by no means the only roles available, nor are they "set" definitions. There are just generalized concepts of typical roles that have formed in our group over the years. They can be altered or added to at personal whim.

Elf Clan Elves take primarily three classifications:

HIGH ELVEN. Not named because of rank, but because of choice of environment. The High Elven tend to carve their abodes out of the solid rock of mountains... high places.  In the past Elf Clan has always resided in "mountainous" type landscapes with large hills, mountains and waterfalls throughout. This environment was more apparent on the old sims of ElvenHearth and ElvenHope... and on our current Inworldz sims of ElvenGlen, ElvenHope and several other mountainous regions.

High Elven are often typified by their style of dress, which is flowing, luxurious and highly ornamented. Rich colors and embroidery decorate their clothing, and highly decorated armor in battle. Unlike Tolkien Elven, Elf Clan Elves consider dwarves close friends and often trade with them to obtain the finest metalworks.

Physically our High Elven closely parallel Tolkien's elves. Both males and females tend to be tall and slender. Three times stronger than mankind, lightning reflexes, unerring accuracy and balance. Our Charter has HONOR as its first point, which is the core principle of all our society.

The High Elven spend more time in intellectual pursuits so can be powerful wielders of earth magic... almost the equal of dragons and unicorns (but not quite).

FOREST ELVES. The Forest Elves are the same "race", but prefer to live in wooded areas. This has become more common on our Inworldz lands where we have vast forest areas in numerous regions. The Forest Elves prefer to wear less ornate, simpler clothing, preferring comfort to beauty. They enjoy rich neutral colors such as brown, tan, yellow, orange, green or red for highlights, and tend toward sturdy cloth and leather as their daily wear as their lifestyle is more physically demanding than the high elves. Their forest magic is powerful, though perhaps not quite as developed as the high elven. Physically they are somewhat stronger than the High Elven and tend to be more practiced in arts of weaponry.

DROW. The Drow in Elf Clan tend to be highly individualistic. They are a different race of Elves, more like very distant cousins of the other Elves. Some claim the Drow are a mixture of Elves and Dark Fae, but that is unverified. Others state the Drow are "fallen" Elven (a Tolkien concept, but equally unverified in Elf Clan). In Elf Clan we tend to consider the Drow as a race of Elven that turned to dark arts and evil under the reign of Sauron, then changed their ways when they discovered Elf Clan lands.  Their skin can range in color from gray to blue to violet. Their ears tend to be much longer and more pointed than other Elves. Eyes are usually white, steel, violet or red. Hair can be white, blue, violet or black. The Drow tend to focus more on physical pursuits than magical or intellectual. They prefer to live in caverns either in mountainous  areas or deep underground.


NIGHT ELVEN. Very rare, the Night Elven are a form of Drow which are solid black from head to toe and look more like walking shadows than Elves. They wander the  forests at night and are extremely powerful in magic, perhaps even moreso than the High Elven. Night Elven are very rare in these lands, hardly ever seen (which is as they prefer it). They are by no means evil, but neither do they tend to be social (with some exceptions).  It is almost impossible to capture and hold a night elven... suicidal in fact. Of our Elven races, the Night Elven, while living in peace with all, are the most dark, both in appearance and nature.

The Night Elven and their characteristics are a pure Elf Clan-created character. Without lore precedence, these were created in the early days of Second Life as a protective role in Elf Clan. Their claws carried enough punch power to knock a griefer across three sims. Their totally black appearance-- in those days-- was a very intimidating avatar. Between the Elven Elite Guard and the Night Elven-- Elf Clan was well protected and developed a reputation for no-nonsense and zero tolerance when it came to griefing.


That's the Elven. Now for the other races.





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