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Da Great Kraken Hunt Tags: kraken dwagon dwagons hunt


Once in a while I visits Raglan Shire on SL because dey haz fun events (Raglan Shire is of course the center for Tiny activity in VR).  Dey had da GREAT KRAKEN HUNT.  There were Krakens (big squid things) flying at 150m in air and attacks you if you up dere wif 'ems.  If dey get you, you dies.  Fortunately you can uses all kinda weapons against dems. 

This weekend's hunt covered two days, each day 3 parts:

    1. Pirate pistols.  Single shot at a time.  Wear you fingers out.

    2. Automatic weapons. 

    3. Anything you got in you arsenal.

In addition to Kraken Hunters dere is da protestors, standing down on da ground.  Da first day I was a protestor.  Here a photo:

End Kraken Oppreshun

Da second day I decided dere only so much can do walking around wif sign wifout getting bored... so I decided to become Mighty Kraken Hunter.  Da Krakens had bited me a couple times da day before, so I figure dey haz it coming. 

Da Mighty Kraken Hunter

Yes, is Breech Uzis wif clips, silencers and dual-scopes.  Dwagons not mess around.

The first round wif da pirate pistol I scored 3rd place.  I pretty good but dem Tinies... dey rock when it come to Kraken hunting.   Still, 3rd place not bad considering I not Kraken hunted in years.

Second round was wif my favorite weapons above.  Dey packs a whallop and I scored 2nd place wif dems.

The third round I pulled out something with a little more kick...


HappyCat Gun


The above is the famed HappyCat Mini Chaingun.  It is one of the most fear-inspiring weapons on any grid.  It shoots streams of grinning-cat cubes that are super-physic to da gills.   Dere nothing wimpy about da HappyCat Gun.   Krakens started falling right and left.  End score:  me 180 points and 1st place... wif 2nd place coming in at 79.  Yeah... krakens was dropping like flies.

Unfortunately, HappyCat guns not too discerning about whether dey take out Krakens or innocent bystanders.  In order for contest to be fair, "health" was on and Krakens could kills us just like we could kills dem.  But den, so could falling HappyCat ammo and dead Krakens-- which I did nots realize until I later read comments in group chat:

"I just died and I'm standing on the beach."

"I just got killed by falling Krakens."

"It is the way of pirates that you get to keep whatever you kill.  That bein' the case... someone gets to keep me."

Yes, dat HappyCat gun rained down destruction da likes of which never seen in Kraken Land.  When I went back down to da ground and found I had actually won dat round... I also found some of the beach crowd onlookers had erected domes to protect them from HappyCat ammo and falling squids.*

Afterward we had BBQ calimari.  Now dat what I call a fun event.  Gotta luvs Raglan Shire.  :D




*PS-- I just hopes I not killed any fellow hunters; it hard to tell wif all dat ammo flying eberwhere.  Nobody shouted I was shooting dems, so hopefully nots.  If I kill any hunters I apologizes; I not used to Kraken hunting... and tinies can go nutz in excitement of game.  Next time I be really careful to watch where I shootings; I not even thinked about hitting other hunters until after da battle.   Dem Krakens was bad enough.  Boy dey nastee. 

Someone suggested since I had "protested" da day before maybe I was after hunters and Krakens just got in da way (snickers).   Dat not true of course, but I mighta accidentally knocked off one or two hunters wifout meaning to.  eeps.  Was lotsa different ammos eberwhere from eberone.  Not saw any tiny graves later though, so maybe not.  Or maybe they thought Krakens got 'em.  Who knows... some other hunters mighta knocked off ME!  :D 






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