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A couple of members have understandably mentioned a recently announced event regarding "Druid Rituals"... and questioned if such conflicted with the Elf Clan Charter regarding "no religious activities".


I discussed this personally with the leaders of Chanwood and they were most informative and cooperative.  I think to begin this discussion a quote directly from them would be helpful.  Regarding their Druid roleplay and ceremonies, Chanwood states:


"They are no more intended to represent "true" druidism than wearing a sword is intended to express a desire to actually kill someone or promote real-life violence."


The distinction made here is to be noted... for there is an established but not-well-known difference between historical Druids and Druid fantasy mythos.  As everyone is aware, Elf Clan is a fantasy group which allows some crossover into areas such as science fiction, steampunk, post apocalyptic and other fantasy themes. Druid mythos would fall into that theme.


While it is entirely possible for Druid mythos to include religious elements, Chanwood assures me they are most aware of the Elf Clan Charter requirements and are careful to not cross that line.   I have come to trust their word and honor in such matters so see no need to examine the matter further.



Very little is known about real life Druids.  The history is extremely scant and even authorities will admit that our "knowledge" of these ancient people are as much from legend and story as real-life archaeological evidence-- perhaps much more. 


Druid Mythos on the other hand is as rich and varied as Elven mythos.   While based on the lore of Druids, that's about as far as mythos goes.  That mythos can range all the way from "early scientists" to "human sacrificing monsters"... as is the case with Elves themselves (as Lord of the Rings fans will testify).  Just as we do not engage in "Elven Gods" or "Evil Elf" concepts... Chanwood's Druid roleplay stays away from the religious and evil side of Druid mythos.



I am not personally acquainted with the Chanwood Druid roleplay... but they are well acquainted with our Charter.  I have found few other roleplay groups as cooperative, friendly and harmonious as Chanwood, so I trust them to conduct such roleplay within the concepts of Elf Clan guidelines.   We recognize of course that in roleplay environments things may take place that are not precisely "Elf Clan" in concept. 


For example, during the Ork Wars many a lives were lost and lands ravaged... which of course has nothing to do with the actual harmony that exists in Elf Clan outside of such roleplay scenarios.  Most of us are well aware that in reality the Orks (when they are present) are our oldest and most loyal allies.   Such did not prevent us from having three rather hilarious and highly entertaining "Ork Wars".  Such is the method of RolePlay.


Thus, things which occur within Chanwood roleplay may not be 100% friendly, harmonious and respectful... nor should such be expected.  It is roleplay.   So long as blood does not gush, language is tempered and other major issues (such as occult, nationalistic, vampiric, modesty, religious etc) are adhered to, battles, ceremonies, plotting, backstabbing and downright unfriendly behavior are all part of the "game"... as roleplay is indeed a game. 


So my findings are there is no need for alarm or concern in this matter.   Chanwood is a trusted sub-group within our realm, they are very pro-Elf Clan and have been most cooperative in all of my communications with their group.   I have found I can discuss just about anything with them without offense either given or taken.  As one of the Eldar I find that most refreshing.


Chanwood assures us that any rituals, ceremonies, celebrations or otherwise will be kept within the terms of the Charter.   As their honor is established in our group and their word given in that, I have no reason to doubt or believe otherwise.  All members may rest assured that such has been examined and found to be standard roleplay concepts.  Their druid roleplay is of the fantasy/mythos nature and as such, is part of the fantasy theme that Elf Clan embraces.



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