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In ElvenMyst dere is lotses of different kind of peeps..Oona will writes a bit about dem and other peeps :)

High Elves

Dis is a high elven.High elves is distinguished from other fantasy elves by deyr place of livin, as dey usually dwell in stone cities, instead of woods, like woodland elves. Typically high elves consider demselves da most purely good race of all, and view all other races
beneath them, especially lower elves, and dey is usually da most magically developed of all elves. Dey is very proud and arrogant, developed fer magic instead of combat.
Generally dey is taller and more slender than humies, wif pale skin, blond or white
hair sum also wif darker hair, and light blue, green or grey eyes.Oona borrows dis pic from Koni

Woodland Elves

Skywise and Cutter from Elf Quest.Dey protect deyr forest and all its flora and fauna fiercely, and dey dun trusts outsiders. Dey prefer a romantic, simple existence in harmony wif da land, its wild beauty and wild creatures.Dey is nimble and quick in body and wit, and because of deyr curious natures and natural agility, woodland elves is especially suitable as scouts, rangers, and thieves. But most of all, da woodland elves is known for deyr skills with bows. Dere is no finer archers in all da lands. Generally dey is slightly shorter than humies, and have tan skin. Deyr hair is usually blond,shades of brown or black, and deyr eyes green, brown, or grey.
In da Elf Quest stories dey communicate wif telepathy wif eachother and animals so dat da enemy can't hear dem.Deyr enemy is humies.
Half Elves

Dis is Jaiden.Oona thinks him is half elven half hobbit.Half elves is da result of an elf breeding wif another race, usually humies. History reveals certain prejudices against half-elves. Humies is jealous of half-elves extended life spans, while other elves consider dem a tainting of pure blood. Because of dis, dey push demselves to excel in wutever deyr chosen field, maybe hopin dat success will help dem fit in or to spite dose who consider dem inferior. Ya will not find a more dedicated priest, a more loyal fighter, or a more studious mage dan a half-elf.Dis is Jaiden's profile pic..Oona borrows it.
Cyber Elves

Dis is Eren and Koni as cyber elvens..Ya might be surprised sum of ya,but dere really is cyper elvens :) In dese stories da elvens lives on fictional planets or futuristic fictional cities.Dey not ride horsies,or other animals,instead dey rides zoomers,a vehicle dat looks like a flyin motorbike.And dey gots jet boards to do tricks and jumps wif..Is like a skateboard.Dey dun uses bow and arrows when dey fight,dey've got serious boom sticks.And dey've got large space crafts.Oona borrows dis pic from Koni.
Wastelander Elven

Dis is Damas,king of da wastelander elvens.Oona couldn't find any pics of da original ones.
Da wastelander elven lives in da desert,and welcomes anyone to join dem.Anyone wif a skill dey can use to survive in da harsh desert.Dose dat dun possess any skills,is dead weight and left and forgotten.Dey not evil or bad,dey just sticks do da stongest survives.
Dey good melee fighters and archers.And good wif findin resorces dat exist in da desert.


Drows,Dark Elven

In older stories of dark elven,dey were not dark coz of deyr skin.It was coz of dey was evil,and forms allience wif da evil hob.Stories changes and now dey is seperated in 2 different races,dark elven and drow.Todays drows is tall like high elves,wif grey or ebony coloured skin and white hair..Oh,dey still evil and maybe even more arrogant and proud
dan high elves.Dey good melee fighters,archers and magicians.And in da new stories,it seems dey is da high elvens enemies.

Da most famous pixie must be Tinkerbell,Peter Pan's lil mellon.She naughty,does wut she wants when she wants. She haves a good heart tho.She loves Peter and is jealous of Wendy,whom Peter seems to fancy.
But she helps Wendy and da others coz she fond of Peter.
Oona Pixie

Is prolly more naughty dan Tink.And defiant and very stubborn.Oona is a very good prankster,but is also very fond of candy..So Oona might be distracted by da candy,and forget all about da prank.Oona luvs to bug dem orkses.Like decoratin deyr embassy,dat good fun.Oona is plannin a prank against dem orkses..Ya wait and sees wut Oona will do;)
Ya can reads more about Oona on "Dis is Oona".
Cornish Pixies

Cornish pixie from da 2nd Harry Potter movie.Dey not evil,but very naughty,and dey likes to bug everybody.Dey comes in packs and is an irriation factor like knats or mosquitos.
In sum games if ya wanders in da woods gettin lost or is not doin any activity like fightin or a puzzle,den dem annyoin lil thingies shows up and really bugs ya.

Dis is a gnome.Dem kinda naughty lil buggers too..If ya not nice wif dem,dey might burn yer crops,steal yer critters,steal food and pee in yer barn.So watch out.Dere is many kinds of gnomes,but da one on da pic,is one from da older stories.Dere is even a big book about dem.Called ""Gnomes".Is about how dey lives,wut dey eat..dey takes care of animals.Dey is not adults before dey is like 70 years old,and den dey gets married and haves kids..Dey always get twins.

Frodo Baggins,everybodys fave hobbit.Dey tiny peaceful peeps,wif big hairy feet..Even deyr babies haves big hairy feet.Dey lives in cosy howses kinda like da Tellytubby howse.
Da hobbits is known from Lord of da Rings trilogy books and movies.Story is dat Frodo haves to brings a ring dat holds awesome power to da place it was maked.Him haves to protect da ring so it not falls in da wrong hands.But da ring does stuffs to hims.Makes da sweet lil hobbit change personality.
Orks / Orcs

Dis is Schlitzie.Him is an ork.Oona says ork,coz him not one of Tolkien's orcs,him one of
Warhammer 40k orkses.Oona not gonna says dat much about da orkses,coz Schlitzie got it covered in one of hims blogs.But wut Oona is gonna says,is dat pixies luvs buggin dem,but we good mellons too.


Dis is a grull.Dey tiny creatures dat is fond of gold.Dey'll do anythin fer gold.Dey not so smart.Dey good melee fighters and evasive.Primary weapons is axes and maces,but dere is sum archers and mages.Deyr magic is not advanced.Dey is serious thieves.Dey rob ya blind if a not watch out.

Dis is Blix,a goblin from da Legend movie.Goblins is small, green (or yellow-green) creatures wif pointy ears and high intelligence (tho often lil common sense).Dey is evil and usually sidekicks of sumone like wizards or other evil beings.But in sum stories dey got deyr own society wif a goblin leader.

Northmen..Dem like really evil cold dudes from da Northern Tundra.Dem really good archers and melee fighters.Dey not uses magic.Dey also got mechanical weapons and catapults.Dey will form allience wif anyone evil dey can benefit from.Ya will often sees giant yeties wif dem.Dey is known as barbarians from da north.

Koni wanted dwarfs ^^ Here is Disney's Snow White and da 7 dwarfs,Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, and Dopey Happy,Koni? heee
Ok....Not da dwarfs ya had in mind..Oona finds dwarfs,Koni:)

Dis is Willow and hims wife.Willow finds a humie baby wif a tattoo on it's arm.Him and hims's wife wants to take care of it as deyr own.But it turns out dat dere is an evil witch dat wants to kill dis baby,and Willow has to protect it and go on a long journey too. Dis movie is old,but Oona likes it..And dere is a whole village dere full of dwarfs and even kids:) Willow's kids looks just like him and him's wife ^^ So cute...heee

Dese is prolly da dwarfs ya wanted,Koni:) Dey is worriors and often belongs to different clans.Dey is excellent blacksmiths and forges big weapons,armor etc.Dey is a proud race and often tells stories of great dwarven worriors of da past.Dey is awesome melee fighters,alltho slow,dey can pack a serious punch.Weapons is axes,maces,halbreds etc.
Note: Is many dwarven races and subraces.

Oona dunno much about da balrog..Only dat is a creature from Lord of da Rings,a creature of darkness,and Oona thinks Gandalf fights it in da end of da first book where dey both falls into da abyss..
Oona sure hope Koni happy now:)


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