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THIS IN FROM THE BBS: The popular rock group FUZZNUTZ had to leave their Berlin concert quickly when the local law enforcement agencies found smuggled acorns in their guitar cases! More at 11!

BBS: THIS JUST IN. Right on the heels of the prior scandal, this report from Spain: The Fuzznutz are now considered a national threat due to the undue influence on our younger population. Children and teenagers are running around and waving huge black gloves and setting free all the animals in pet shops and zoos! This rock band scourge must be stopped!

ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT: This evening's focus is the tiny rock group, the FUZZNUTZ. New lead singer Misa caused no small amount of controversy when she went skinnny dipping at Caesar's Palace. When the police showed up, they told reporters, "Nude critters are the responsibility of Animal Patrol, not the Police."

BBS: THIS JUST IN: It is rumored the Fuzznutz are LIP SYNCING. News at 11!

BBS THIS JUST IN: We have it from a reliable source that the rumor of the FuzzNutz having a nude pole-dancing horse in their hotel room is totally unfounded. According to our source, "The horse was fully clothed. Mostly."

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