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How to Fly an Airplane-- Dwagon Style Tags: airplane dwagon
(re-posted from an earlier article by Snoots Dwagon)

* First go to airport sim and swipe a plane. 'Cos dey just sittin' dere!
* Sit in plane and look around wondering wot to do next.
* Press forward arrow key. Press it again. And again. Finally figure out that not does nuthin.
* Touch plane. Read little thing that says "Say START to start plane."
* Type "start" in chat. Notice nothing happens. Type "start" again. Nuthin still happens. Finally type START. Woohoo! Engines!
* Touch forward arrow key. Sit right there. Touch again. Still sit there.
* Hold down forward arrow key. Hooooo boy something happens now!
* Desperately press back arrow key as looming mountain approaches very quickly.
* Press up-arrow key to climb. Immediately nosedive into the ground and crash plane.
* Go find nuther plane.
* Repeat above process but this time press DOWN arrow key to climb.
* Airplane points straight up. Can't see where is at all. Wot happened to camera?
* Press down arrow to try to level out plane. Fly for a while upside down on back.
* Press right arrow to turn. Suddenly head very quickly toward ground in a looping spiral.
* Leave dat plane where is and go find nuther plane.
* Do above stuff again, but CAREFULLY. Actually manage to get plane to flying.
* This is fun!
* Suddenly hit sim edge. Plane stops right dere. Oh, we can't fly into void space?
* Go get nuther plane. Notices the available planes are dwindling in supply.  Is planes not regenerating?  Don't they knows about dwagons?
* This time fly in circles. Okay, got circle flying down. Try to climb by pushing UP button. NO NO! DOWN BUTTON, DOWN BUTTON!
* Okay, got dat figured out. Flies around a bit.
* Notices nuther sim off in distance. Heads toward it.
* Hit sim edge. Notice plane sailing off into distance and avatar traveling backwards.
* Wait 5-10 seconds. Suddenly plane is back, avatar is back, is flying on new sim.
* Receive severe warning is not allowed to fly [expletive omitted] plane on this [expletive omitted] private sim and your [expletive body part omitted] is about to be sent home if you don't get youself off this [expletive omitted] private sim.
* Tries to turn plane and get off sim really fast.
* Just as almost to sim line, gets sent home.
* Find landmark and go back to airplane sim. Swipe another plane.
* This time head toward nuther sim in other direction.
* As crosses sim line, temporarily finds self at 3,500 meters and falling rapidly. Fortunately hit plane at sim edge on the way down, where it stalled and is patiently waitings for me.
* Start plane up again and flies in new sim. It kinda like flying in other sim.
* Flies around for bit. Hmmm...  flying... flying... flying...
* Okay... let's find stuff to crash in to !

And dat how Dwagons fly airplanes.  :D

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