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Is Bry's Boots Waterproof? Tags: bry's boots waterproof

Is Bry's boots waterproof ?  

by Oona Sharple

EDITOR NOTE:  Oona is a pixie.  That may help explain some things about this article.  Pixies and Dwagons... (takes aspirin)

When Oona got to da tavern today, Oona sees  Bry's boots were outside.  Oona knows it Bry's boots coz it says "Bry's boots" inside dem.

Bry's Boots

Oona knows Bry goes fishin lotses and is important to has good gear. So Oona wondered if dey waterproof. And Oona thinkies of doin sum research. : )

Oona Checkings if Bry's Boots is Waterproof

Oona gets water from inside da tavern and pours it in one of Bry's boots.  Oona tries not to spill any on da ground.

Oona checkings both boots

Oona pours water in udder boot too.  Has to check both boots, coz dey different boots. One fer right foot and one fer left foot.  So dey might not both be waterproof.

Is dey waterproof?

When Oona done fillin da boots wif water, Oona checks boots. Dey is waterproof! Is no water comin out!   Bry has good boots!  :D




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