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Kylinn & Oona's Slumber Party Tags: slumber party kylinn oona

Vendui,Elf Clanners :) Da udder day,Kylinn and Oona planned a slumber party fer lasses only in da sandybox:)
It all worked out well :) heeee We hads so much fun :D



And yes,it ONLY fer lasses,so da lads hads to stay out ! Most of da lads got da message,tho ;) hehe



We had a tent and a fire pit,marshmellows,pizza,cookies and drinks:)




We even hads a hut tub :) And big walls to keeps da lads out heeee We dun wants lad koodies !

Kylinn ^^


Kylinn has wootnogs :)



Oona :)



Oona had marshmellows and free PJs fer everyone:)





Malada brings her squirrel :)


Cute kitteh ^^



And dis cute kitteh came too:) We gives her a wootnog ^^ Kittehs we likes Kitteh's name is Dakkon:)


Cousin Curi ^^



Oona's cousin,Curious came also :) She had cute PJs ^^





Kelly came by also fer a wootnog and she had purdy wings da udders said,but Abby sooo slow dat evenin..Not sure if dey rezzes right fer Oona.


Feydra ^^



Feydra was beautiful blue :)


Koni ^^



Koni cute in pink :) heeee (Oona lucky to get dis pic before she poofed:) )


Dere was more lasses dat came,but Abby too slow to rez dem all..


Den it was story time:)


We all sat around da fire.One starteds and we all makes a story together :) It all so peaceful and nice..


And den....Dis umm..wierd lass shows up ! And she looks kinda familiar too !





Erena..Even da name sounds familiar...hmm..


We not sure about dis lass,so we chases her out heeeee


We continue are story and thinks everythin all good.She comes backs again ! And dis time she taller and even more wierd O.O



"Erena" comes backs..We not sure about her....We very sure it a lad in disguise.So we testings a lil dis time heeee


[06:10 PM] Kylinn Leimes: Okay, Erena, prove you is a girl! Tell us about - what you favorite brand feminine protection!
[06:10 PM] Koni Lanzius: Ahahaha! XD
[06:10 PM] Koni Lanzius: OMG!!
[06:10 PM] Eren Padar: Uh... uh... kick in da groin?
[06:10 PM] Kelly Kingmaker: lol
[06:10 PM] Koni Lanzius: hehe
[06:10 PM] Feydra Zenoria: heeeee
[06:10 PM] Oona Sharple: uhhh !
[06:10 PM] Oona Sharple: *~*~ahAhAhaHhahahaH*~*~

BUSTEDS! Hahaha ! We not stoopid ! We knows it was Eren ! Pfft ! We chases hims out ! hahahaha
Dat was fun :D hehehehe

Thanks so much everyone fer comin :) And thanks so much Kylinn fer makin party wif Oona :)

Huggies !!

P.S. Oona really wants da "Erena" hooters pic LOL Abby too slow to get dat one.

Yay ! Oona got "Erena" hooters pic :)



Koni takes dis pic :) LOL Him even has wig ha ha ha











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