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HOW TO MAKE A DOOR-- the Dwagon Way

in virtual reality worlds


How you makes a door?  It not as easy as some people may thinks.  Followings is step-by-step guide of how to make virtual reality door.   Please not lets it scare you.   May wanna have stock of cookies on hand... or Valium.

You will need several things:
* Virtual doorknob
* Virtual door
* Building to link it to
* A scientific calcultor
* Ethyl alcohol (vodka or Everclear will do)
* A small quantity of ice
* A shallow glass
* A pillow

Here are the steps involved:
* Rez the house
* Place the virtual door in the proper position. The Dragonforge or WELD doors work well, as they are free and open-source (pick up at ElvenSong Freebie wall).
* Rez the doorknob and put into place.
* Link the door to the house.
* Link the doorknob to the door.
* Realize the door came unlinked when you linked the doorknob.
* Place ice and vodka in shallow glass and take a sip
* Select doorknob, door and house and link all three.
* Suddenly realize everything in your build came unlinked all at once.
* Take a bigger slug of the vodka and ice
* Select your entire build and link it
* Realize on testing that you accidentally linked the door last and now when you touch the door, the entire house turns.
* UNLINK the door, re-select it, select the house last, re-link everything.
* Have another slug of vodka just for the principle of it. Refill glass.
* Test door. It should open. Discover however instead of opening 90 degrees it rotates 180 degrees and gets lost in the wall.
* Do some tricky camera work to locate the now-invisible door, pull it out of the wall, place it back in proper position.
* Use scientific calculator to determine eular-to-radian-to-quaternion-to whatever conversions to get proper rotation.
* Mod the script to the best of your ability so the door opens only 90 degrees.
* Save the script and test the door.
* Notice it now rotates upwards instead of sideways.
* Slug down vodka in one gulp. Get more ice, more vodka, take a deep breath.
* Manually replace door back in place, go over script again, realize you accidentally changed the Y axis instead of the Z axis, try to remember prior settings, re-set the parameters, save script.
* Drink more vodka before going further. By now you should be caring less about whether the door works or not.
* Touch door. To your delight find it works perfectly. However, doorknob stays right where it is, floating in the middle of the doorway.
* Discard separate doorknob idea and use Gimp to add a doorknob representation to the door texture.
* Test door. It works. Congratulate yourself.


Total time to make simple door that opens and closes: 2.5 hours.

Vodka consumed: Dunno, lost track. Lay pillow on floor to sleep it off.
Satisfaction in a job well-done: Considerable... until time to add the back door.

Note: prepare to grit our teeth every time a friend points out that you did your doors the hard way.



* Unlink the door and turn it phantom.





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