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A note of thanks to Bryster Shan

by Mao Lemieux


Who keeps the bartop free from rat and ork
and pixie's tricks and Dwagon's probing snout?
"A drink for you I'm thinking," asks, uncorks
and pours us rums, or Wootnog, dwarven stout?
Who bids us hearty welcome, knows our names,
acknowledging each one of us as "Lord"
or "Lady," warm and bright as any flame,
unsatisfied until our drinks he's poured?
How empty would our Second Evenings be
without the fellowship he catalyzes
with cookies, dancing, witty repartee
and customers (who bring their own surprises)?
So tip the man, and let's all raise a flagon
To Bryster Shan, who tends the Thirsty Dragon!





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