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The Dragon and the Pet Shop Tags: dragon pet shop


Is true story.


A dragon walks into a local pet shop.

"Greetings!" he says to the owner. "Do you have any rabbits?"

"Oh no," the shop owner says. "I know you dragons. You just plan on eating that rabbit. I would not dream of putting the poor creatures through such a final experience!"

The dragon stops and thinks. "I'd really like a pet. How about a guinea pig?"

"You're not fooling me," the shop owner replies. "You're a dragon. You'll just eat that guinea pig! I could not possibly allow an innocent creature to go through such a terrible ordeal!"

"Uh... chinchilla?" the dragon asks.

"Never!" the shop owner retorts. "Such would be cruel torture for such a beautiful animal!"


"Absolutely not!" the owner replies.


"I shall not!" cries out the shop owner. "Not if you paid me ten times their worth!"

The dragon pauses, thinking.  "Cat?"

"All you want, half price."




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