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Elf Clan Charter

VISITOR GUIDELINES     updated 2018-09-05 

Welcome to Elf Clan lands!

Basic charter: * HONOR * RESPECT * FRIENDSHIP *

NO DRAMA, zero tolerance-- fair notice.

New visitors and members are welcome! Feel free to explore. If a building is unlocked you are welcome to explore (if locked, please respect privacy). The entire land is at your disposal.

We are friendly folk, our lands harmonious and peaceful. Please help us keep it that way.

Family-friendly lands.  Please keep your appearance, chat and gestures honorable.  No see-through clothing or nudity, no lewd activities.


Ancient Elf Clan saying: "What you do in your home is your business. What you do in the streets is ours."


VISITORS:   Please recognize you are a guest in our home.  As in real life, guests are expected to conduct themselves with with honor, respect and friendship. 

These lands are a respite from crude.  Please help us maintain that peaceful, friendly environment.



All region owners have control over their own lands.  We here discuss things that are wisely avoided in these family friendly regions.

* REAL LIFE.  People come to Elf Clan as a respite from real life worries.  Please help us maintain our peaceful and harmonious atmosphere by leaving real life issues and activities at the door.

* CONTROVERSIAL THEMES.  Occult, demonism, vampirism, sexual and foreseeably offensive themes and activities are excluded from these lands.

* POLITICS, SLAVERY, RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES. Please check attitude and ego at the door.   Both politics and religious activities can be very  divisive and are not Elf Clan theme.  This includes national emblems, election campaigns, religious activities,  icons, statues or symbols of any kind.  In short, we're here to escape real life, not drag it into our fantasy-based lands. 

As a note: this includes fantasy-based gods and demons.  Over the years we have found it wise to completely eliminate such concepts on our lands.  Such things are unnecessary to theme and do not promote group harmony.

* Drama, propaganda, and people-with-attitude are  unwelcome. (Drama is defined as excessive emotional display and negativity, power-plays or "head games").  Visitors and members are expected to honor group guidelines rather than expect us to conform to visitor whims and opinions.   Zero tolerance when it comes to drama.  Friendy is the theme of the day.  ; )

* WEAPONS. Weapons guidelines are pretty much left up to each region owner.   In general, standard weapons guidelines apply.  Using a weapon of any kind on an unwilling target is considered abuse and handled accordingly.


* LOCKED AREAS. If a ground-area is unlocked (or allowed-exploration high sky area), feel free to explore.  We welcome visitors and explorers.  If it is locked, please respect resident privacy. 

Before entering a building, please check your map and if someone is home, "Knock knock!" is considered polite... just as in real life.  (This of course does not apply to obviously public buildings such as taverns.)

Sealed enclosures (such as no-visible-entrance skyboxes) are considered "locked".   If you have to "camera in" or otherwise enter the area without authorization... that is considered trespassing.


ELDAR and Land Owners.  The Eldar (ancient Elven) are the managers of Elf Clan, the ones who make and enforce group policy.  They are Guardians of our group, with ultimate authority.   Land owners are considered Guardians with similar authority over their own lands

Our Eldar and land owners go out of our way to be friendly and hospitable, considering all members as our equals-- so long as those members show equal honor, respect and friendship in return.  Indeed, a great deal of Elf Clan policy has been a result of friendly member feedback and suggestions.  Feel free to approach the Eldar with your ideas and concerns.  Feedback is our greatest asset.



Wayfinder Wishbringer (Founder of Elf Clan)

Peter Lioncourt

Moontan Valeeva

Cinnamon Raymaker




Snoots Dwagon




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