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Da Awful Rat Invasion-- RatBusters to Da Rescue! Tags: rat invasion rat busters ratbusters

Originally posted May 18, 2010


I heard awful news yesterday: da Thirsty Dragon Tavern was invadeds by RATSES!

Accordings to Tavern Keep BRYSTER SHAN, dese rats all ober da place. Bryster thinks it was Dwagons did it (well, one in particular) but how we get rats to come to tavern? We just dwagons an always innocents.

However, we CAN get rats to go away. So for modest price, we offered services of RATBUSTERS!

Bryster not too happy with whole idea. He thinks dwagons put rats dere. So we negotiated a bit.


Bryster declared a court of judgement, and we called in a Jury to decide if da dwagons was guilty of bringing in rats, or if we innocent and dere to cleans it up. Da Jury voteds INNOCENT, UNANIMOUS of course, cos dwagons is always innocent.


Despite verdict, Judge Bryster become executioner and pulls out sword. He chased Eren all over da place but he neber catches hims, because dwagons is fast an flips ober counters.

In da end, rotten ol Barkeep tricks poor dwagon. Here is full historical record, exactly as happen. You be da judge.

[18:09] Entering ElvenMyst
[18:09] Curious Hazelnut: Hi mister bryster, sir.
[18:09] Bryster Shan: Greetings! Hail and Merry Met!
[18:09] Taralyn Melodie: merry meet bryster
[18:09] Curious Hazelnut: May I have a cookie? One with no rat bits?

(Eren enters, dressed to the nines in a full "Ghostbusters" getup)

[18:09] Eren Padar: ¸.•*?RATBUSTERS ? `*•.¸
[18:09] Eren Padar: ? *•.¸WhoYaGonnaCall?¸.•*?
[18:10] Eren Padar: ¸.•*?RATBUSTERS ? `*•.¸
[18:10] Eren Padar: ? I aint afraid of no rats!?
[18:10] Curious Hazelnut: HI Eren.
[18:10] Eren Padar: We camed, we seed, we kicked its hiney!
[18:10] Curious Hazelnut: you missed a rat.
[18:11] Eren Padar: Okies, lemme figures up cost of dis job
[18:11] Eren Padar counts rats
[18:11] Bryster Shan: Not paying.
[18:11] Eren Padar: One
[18:11] Eren Padar: two
[18:11] Eren Padar: elebendy
[18:11] Taralyn Melodie: *smiles*
[18:11] Bryster Shan: Who would like a drink?
[18:12] Eren Padar: I WOULDS!
[18:12] Curious Hazelnut: and you left a rat on the bar, too.
[18:12] Eren Padar: Bryster, you is right. I is detecting rats.
[18:12] Eren Padar: Wif my rat thingamaboby
[18:12] Eren Padar: Dere definitely rats around
[18:13] Curious Hazelnut: we need to call the health department
[18:13] Curious Hazelnut: condemn the bar?
[18:13] Shawn Daysleeper: ya these rats have been here for days
[18:13] Eren Padar: Bryster hire me to get rid of rats
[18:13] Bryster Shan: Did not!
[18:13] Eren Padar: You did! You said "Come take care of dese rats!" Right in main chat!
[18:13] Bryster Shan groans
[18:14] Bryster Shan: Eren puts rats on bar so that he can charge me for cleaning dem up.
[18:14] Eren Padar looks through records....
[18:14] Eren Padar hands bryster order sheet:
[18:14] Group Chat: Eren Padar: [18:06] Eren Padar: Woohooo! I be dere!
[18:07] Group Chat: Bryster Shan: Good! You can clean up the dead rats.
[18:14] Eren Padar: Yup, dat is order form right dere.
[18:14] Taralyn Melodie: hehehe
[18:14] Eren Padar: Bryster hire me to cleans up rats
[18:15] Bryster Shan: You missed the bit where I said you put them there so you can clean em up.
[18:15] Eren Padar: Ohh dead mousie right dere
[18:15] Curious Hazelnut: are you sure he didn't hire *me* to clean up the rats?
[18:15] Bryster Shan: This is a scam.
[18:15] Eren Padar: Dead mousies costs extra
[18:15] Eren Padar: Prolly whole cookie
[18:15] Eren Padar: Okies I losted counts
[18:15] Eren Padar: I start counting again
[18:15] Eren Padar: One...
[18:15] Eren Padar: Two....
[18:15] Eren Padar: Elebendy...
[18:15] Bryster Shan: How about an angry kitty?
[18:15] Shawn Daysleeper: why didn't clarence take care of this?
[18:15] Eren Padar: Yeah!
[18:16] Eren Padar: BAD CAT!
[18:16] Bryster Shan: Clarence doesn't get up on the bartops.
[18:16] Eren Padar: How he gonna get rats if he stay off bartops?
[18:16] Eren Padar: Okies Bryster, I counts three live rats anna dead mouse.
[18:16] Eren Padar: So dat gonna costs 4 cookies an 2 rums.
[18:16] Clarence: I saw that Dwagon thing put dead rats and mice everywhere.
[18:16] Bryster Shan: Busted!
[18:17] Bryster Shan: clarence saw the whole thing.
[18:17] Taralyn Melodie: hehehehe
[18:17] Eren Padar: Dat pretty fair price.
[18:17] Taralyn Melodie: i think your busted Eren
[18:17] Eren Padar: Dese rat guns not grows on treees you knows
[18:17] Eren Padar: I always gets blamed for rateses.
[18:17] Eren Padar: But what is I? Pied piper?
[18:17] Eren Padar: Rats shows up, I gets 'em
[18:17] Eren Padar: Dat wot I do. We da ratbusters
[18:18] Eren Padar: ¸.•*?RATBUSTERS ? `*•.¸
[18:18] Eren Padar: ? *•.¸WhoYaGonnaCall?¸.•*?
[18:18] Eren Padar: ¸.•*?RATBUSTERS ? `*•.¸
[18:18] Eren Padar: ? I aint afraid of no rats!?
[18:19] Bryster Shan: Right! Eren? You claim to have been hired to clearup rats and mouses?
[18:19] Eren Padar: Yeah, you hireds me.
[18:19] Bryster Shan puts on Judges hat.
[18:19] Eren Padar: I not been paid yet though
[18:19] Taralyn Melodie: there's still a rat over here Eren!
[18:20] Eren Padar: Okies Bryster, you gots rat ober here
[18:20] Koni Lanzius: oops
[18:20] Eren Padar: And you gots rat here on fruits
[18:20] Eren Padar: And I detects rat by tip jar
[18:20] Eren Padar: And dere ded mousie here
[18:20] Eren Padar: So I give you a deal.
[18:21] Eren Padar: You pays for 3 rats and I take out da mousie for free.
[18:21] Taralyn Melodie: *giggles*
[18:21] Eren Padar cacklelates...
[18:21] Eren Padar: Dat be 4 cookies an 2 rums
[18:21] Bryster Shan: Eren Padar! You are hereby to be tried for the henious crime of spreading dead creatures around the Tavern.
[18:21] Feydra Zenoria: lo ... giggles
[18:21] Bryster Shan: You is under arrest!
[18:21] Koni Lanzius: hehe
[18:21] Eren Padar: I not spread no ded creatures in tabern! Dey prolly died from eating sammiches!
[18:21] Eren Padar: Or maybe drinkings wiskeys
[18:22] Bryster Shan: If they did they were your sammiches.,
[18:22] Eren Padar: Did you feed dat mousie Ork Snot Ales?
[18:22] Eren Padar: I always gets blamed for taburn stuffs
[18:22] Bryster Shan: Right! I need a jury! We is gonna Try Eren Padar!
[18:22] Eren Padar: Dey not MY rats
[18:22] Koni Lanzius: Ahahaha! XD
[18:22] Eren Padar: I not said "Rats come sit in taburn"
[18:22] Taralyn Melodie: clarence said you did
[18:22] Eren Padar: Ratbusters is on da job!
[18:22] Koni Lanzius: hehe
[18:22] Bryster Shan: The accused will remain silent!
[18:23] Curious Hazelnut: and the rat by the cookies thinks it's Eren's rat. I asked him.
[18:23] Koni Lanzius: go, Good Elf!
[18:23] Eren Padar: Well, if you not wants me to remove rats, of course dat you choice....
[18:23] Bryster Shan: SILENCE!
[18:23] Eren Padar: I'll just put this back where I found it....
[18:23] Bryster Shan: Do you have a Lawyer?
[18:23] Eren Padar: Oh there goes another one. Look at dat critter.. he a big one! Hooo boy! Dat some critter!
[18:23] Bryster Shan: Who wants to defend the Dwagon!
[18:24] Feydra Zenoria: ohhhh defending a dwagon is fun
[18:24] Curious Hazelnut: don't look at me.
[18:24] Eren Padar: But, if you not wanna hire me, dat okies. It you choice. I'll just puts dis back where I finded it.
[18:24] Curious Hazelnut: Eren's funny but he's gross.
[18:24] Eren Padar: Wot?
[18:24] Koni Lanzius: hehe
[18:24] Eren Padar: What I do gross?
[18:24] Feydra Zenoria: he looks sooooooooo inocent giggles
[18:24] Bryster Shan: Seems to me the the Dwagon is not understand the seriousness of the charges against him!
[18:24] Feydra Zenoria: innocent but heeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[18:24] Eren Padar: I here to REMOVES ratses. I not can helps it if dey attracted to Brysters Taburn!
[18:25] Feydra Zenoria: who invited the rats in?
[18:25] Bryster Shan: Who wants to be on the Jury?
[18:25] Taralyn Melodie: *giggles*
[18:25] Taralyn Melodie: meme
[18:25] Feydra Zenoria: get some good dwagons here giggles
[18:25] Bryster Shan: SILENCE IN!
[18:25] Feydra Zenoria: jury of dwagons would be fine
[18:25] Koni Lanzius: :D
[18:26] Eren Padar: Nobody invited rats in. Dey just shows up!
[18:26] Feydra Zenoria: who is the judge?
[18:26] Bryster Shan: i'M THE jUDGE!
[18:26] Eren Padar: Dey rats!
[18:26] Feydra Zenoria: seeeeeeee
[18:26] Feydra Zenoria: showed up they did
[18:26] Feydra Zenoria: and who put food out for the Rats I ask?
[18:26] Eren Padar: Well I gonna sit down. All dis Ratbustin is hard work.
[18:26] Bryster Shan: Koni Lanzius? Will you stand defense for the accused?
[18:27] Koni Lanzius: i will!
[18:27] loopy String: giggle
[18:27] Bryster Shan: THank you!
[18:27] Koni Lanzius: we pleald insanity your honor!
[18:27] Feydra Zenoria: Feydra *Laughs Out Loud*
[18:27] Eren Padar: WOT????!!!!
[18:27] Curious Hazelnut: Oh, I believe that.
[18:27] Eren Padar: I needs a new atturniquet!
[18:27] Koni Lanzius: hehe
[18:27] Bryster Shan: The case against Eren Padar is the he with willfullness and premeditation did leave dead animals over the Tavern. How do you plead?
[18:27] Curious Hazelnut: Eren is definitely a few donuts short of a dozen.
[18:28] Eren Padar: NOTS GUILTY!
[18:28] Koni Lanzius: Ahahaha! XD
[18:28] Eren Padar: I INNOCENTS!
[18:28] Bryster Shan: Oh he understood that alright!
[18:28] Eren Padar: Can I habs my four cookies now?
[18:28] Curious Hazelnut: Um, Mister Bryster .... can I ask a question?
[18:28] Bryster Shan: Koni? Do you wish to provide evidence of the Dwagon's innocence?
[18:29] Koni Lanzius: huh... errr....
[18:29] Curious Hazelnut: psst, Koni ....
[18:29] Curious Hazelnut: This rat over here doesn't look all that dead.
[18:29] Curious Hazelnut: Just sorta slow.
[18:29] Koni Lanzius: the defendent is innocent by way of..
[18:29] Eren Padar: Hey waits! Judge can't be Plaintiff too!
[18:29] Curious Hazelnut: and the one on the floor is downright energetic.
[18:29] Koni Lanzius: oh we dont have a crime!
[18:29] Koni Lanzius: if the rat lives
[18:29] Koni Lanzius: the charges wont stick!
[18:29] Feydra Zenoria: heeee details details
[18:29] Bryster Shan: My Tavern. My rules!
[18:29] Eren Padar: I innocent by way of being a DWAGON! Dwagons is always innocent.
[18:30] Feydra Zenoria: nay they LOOK innocent is all
[18:30] Eren Padar: May I makes a point in my case?
[18:30] Curious Hazelnut: only the mouse looks dead.
[18:30] Bryster Shan: We talking about dead critters on bartops!
[18:30] Eren Padar: Yeah! Curious right! Dat a good point!
[18:30] Eren Padar: Is only ONE ded critter, an itta mouse.
[18:30] Taralyn Melodie: hmm the only dead one is the mouse i think
[18:30] Eren Padar: dead mouses happen
[18:30] Koni Lanzius: ohh but I think he's pining for the fwords, yer honor
[18:30] Eren Padar: Coulda been lefted by Ozzy
[18:30] Bryster Shan: Silence!
[18:30] Eren Padar eeps
[18:30] Koni Lanzius: not dead, just resting
[18:31] Eren Padar: Yeah Koni right
[18:31] Eren Padar: It pining for da Fjords
[18:31] Bryster Shan: Eren Padar? Are you a Dwagon?
[18:31] Eren Padar: I is a Dwagon
[18:31] Bryster Shan: Ah-hah! So you confess????
[18:31] Eren Padar: Hey wait, I not been sweared in!
[18:31] Eren Padar: Bryster, you wanna do some swearin?
[18:31] Taralyn Melodie: wait? he's being accused of being a dwagon?
[18:31] Shawn Daysleeper: it's bad for business
[18:31] Bryster Shan: No swearing in da bar.
[18:32] Eren Padar: Hey wait a seconds. I has one thing to say about dese ratses.
[18:32] Eren Padar: "They're not dead yet!"
[18:32] Koni Lanzius: no bleddin crime er!
[18:32] Curious Hazelnut: He's acused of leaving dead rats on the bar.
[18:32] Eren Padar: Brings out you ded.
[18:32] Koni Lanzius: dey pinin!
[18:32] Eren Padar: Brings out you ded.
[18:32] Bryster Shan: Eren Padar has confessed to being a Dwagon and is therefore guilty as charged!!!!
[18:32] Taralyn Melodie: well, he is clearly innocent of leaving DEAD rats in the bar
[18:32] Eren Padar: Yups, Bryster failin to serve drinkses
[18:32] Eren Padar: Being a Dwagon make me automatic innocent.
[18:32] Bryster Shan: Clarence saw Eren leave the dead critters.
[18:33] Taralyn Melodie: but the rats not dEAD!
[18:33] Feydra Zenoria: you sure mouse not taking a nap
[18:33] Eren Padar: Let me ask Clarence. Clarence, stay quiet if I not leaved ratses.
(long wait...)
[18:33] Koni Lanzius: 'es meditating
[18:33] Eren Padar waits....
[18:33] Eren Padar: Okies see?
[18:33] Feydra Zenoria: ahhh
[18:33] Eren Padar: Clarents says I not leaved ratses.
[18:33] Clarence: You busted Eren.
[18:33] Eren Padar: Hey!
[18:33] Shawn Daysleeper: lol
[18:34] Bryster Shan: Guilty!
[18:34] Eren Padar: Cat's can't talks! I being frameded!
[18:34] Koni Lanzius: Ahahaha! XD
[18:34] Koni Lanzius: a hangin' judge!
[18:34] Feydra Zenoria: forgot the jury
[18:34] Taralyn Melodie: the jury hands down the verdict
[18:34] Taralyn Melodie: and i say innocent!
[18:34] Feydra Zenoria: aye I say innocent
[18:34] Bryster Shan: I hereby sentance you to being dunked in da Pond!
[18:34] Eren Padar: OKIES!
[18:34] Koni Lanzius: Ahahaha! XD
[18:34] Koni Lanzius: a dunkin!!!!
[18:34] Koni Lanzius: he needs a bath!
[18:35] Eren Padar: Koni you GREAT lawyer. I gonna get dunked in pond!
[18:35] Koni Lanzius: Ahahaha! XD
[18:35] Bryster Shan: THe evidence before the court is incotrovertable!
[18:35] Bryster Shan: There's no need for the jury to retire.
[18:35] Koni Lanzius: dont for get to wash da pits
[18:35] Eren Padar: Somehow dis court case not seem fair for dwagons.
[18:35] Koni Lanzius: Ahahaha! XD
[18:35] Eren Padar: I wanna hears from da dragons ober dere.
[18:36] Eren Padar: Does dragons says I innocent? /me makes big blinky eyes
[18:36] Koni Lanzius: hehe
[18:36] Eren Padar: Okies I calls on da one sensible person in da room to make da decision of whether I guilty or not
[18:37] Eren Padar: DA RAT! Dat rat be total unbiased.
[18:37] Koni Lanzius: Ahahaha! XD
[18:37] Eren Padar: I bet he frame me even!
[18:37] Shawn Daysleeper: it's the rats fault
[18:37] Eren Padar: I bet these rats all hims friends!
[18:37] Eren Padar: Is court ober? I getting hungry for my 4 cookies
[18:37] Eren Padar: Koni, I only chargings him 4 cookies an 2 rums
[18:37] Bryster Shan: You is going in da pond!
[18:38] Curious Hazelnut: Free drinks for the guilty!
[18:38] Koni Lanzius: I'll bring your bubble bath stuff and ducky
[18:38] Eren Padar: I would likes to points out dat I comed all dressed and ready for rat removal.
[18:38] Eren Padar: And da judge said NOPES! I NOT HIRING YOU!
[18:38] Feydra Zenoria: ahhhh?
[18:38] Eren Padar: So I trieds to removes rats, an hims says nopes.
[18:38] Eren Padar: Does I get to be pond dunked now? :D
[18:39] Feydra Zenoria: ohhh yeh give him a bath
[18:39] Koni Lanzius: hehe
[18:39] Eren Padar: if Bryster hires me, it only take me couple minutes to gets rid of ratses. And I cheap
[18:40] Curious Hazelnut: does anyone else see the problem with dunking Eren in the pond?
[18:40] Eren Padar: I not see any prollem with it! :D
[18:40] Feydra Zenoria: he needs it .. phew!
[18:40] Eren Padar: Hey I a clean dwagon!
[18:41] Curious Hazelnut: ya, if you put Eren in the pond the water's gonna be so dirty nobody else will be able to swim for a week until the scum goes away.
[18:41] Taralyn Melodie: *grins*
[18:41] Koni Lanzius: hehe
[18:41] Eren Padar: Hey I not a dirty dwagon!
[18:41] Feydra Zenoria: hmmmm that is problem ok
[18:41] Eren Padar: I swims regular!
[18:41] Feydra Zenoria: take him throw out into ocean
[18:41] Eren Padar: An I eats deodorants!
[18:41] Curious Hazelnut: once a year is not alla time.
[18:41] Koni Lanzius: hehe
[18:42] Curious Hazelnut: and swimming in the bog of eternal stench doesn't 'zactly make you clean.
[18:42] Koni Lanzius: Ahahaha! XD
[18:42] Taralyn Melodie: *giggles*
[18:42] Eren Padar: I not has to sits here be insulted. I can get insulted elsewhere!
[18:42] Shawn Daysleeper: ??HaHaHa??
[18:43] Curious Hazelnut: yep, you could Eren.
[18:43] Curious Hazelnut: But it's more fun to insult you here.
[18:43] Eren Padar: I not see no ded critters at all.
[18:43] Curious Hazelnut: what about the rat behind the cookie jar, Eren?
[18:43] Eren Padar chews slowly, hoping nobody sees.
[18:44] Eren Padar: I not see no rat
[18:44] Curious Hazelnut: move the cookie jar, you'll see a rat.
[18:47] Eren Padar: I gots joke
[18:47] Curious Hazelnut gets ready to cover her ears.
[18:47] Eren Padar: Two hunters crossing bridge.
[18:47] Eren Padar: It about 20 ft down to water
[18:47] Eren Padar: And dey figure good time to use bafroom.
[18:47] Eren Padar: So dey standing dere tinkling.
[18:48] Eren Padar: Off side of bridge into river.
[18:48] Eren Padar: One hunter gets smirky smile and says, "Boy, water sure is cold today!"
[18:48] Eren Padar: And other hunter smiles and says, "Yeah, and it's deep too"
[18:48] Taralyn Melodie: oh dear
[18:48] Koni Lanzius: Ahahaha! XD
[18:48] Taralyn Melodie: *giggles*
[18:49] Eren Padar: What is difference between Rhinocerous and a egg?
[18:49] Taralyn Melodie: ummm?
[18:49] Curious Hazelnut: horns?
[18:49] Koni Lanzius: wot?
[18:49] Eren Padar: Boy I not gonna send you to store for eggs Koni. You prolly bring back a rhino.
[18:49] Koni Lanzius: Ahahaha! XD
[18:49] Bryster Shan: Ack!
[18:50] Eren Padar: Bryster prolly gathering fakes evidence against poor innocent dwagon.
[18:50] Eren Padar: Bryster, wannna hires me to get rid of rats?
[18:50] Eren Padar: I only charges 4 cookies an 2 rums!
[18:50] Bryster Shan: Eren? Dey your rats!
[18:50] Eren Padar: Dey not my rats!
[18:50] Eren Padar: Proves dey my rats!
[18:51] Bryster Shan: Clarence? Who left the rats?
[18:51] Eren Padar: Clarence is a cat. Dey lies alla time.
[18:51] Koni Lanzius: Ahahaha! XD
[18:51] Taralyn Melodie: *nods*
[18:52] Eren Padar: Him knows Eren innocent dwagon dat would neber, eber leaves rats on counter.
[18:52] Eren Padar: But I can gets rid of dems.
[18:52] Eren Padar: It only cost 4 cookies an 2 rums. Comes on, dat pretty cheap!
[18:53] Taralyn Melodie: *nods* its not a bad rate i guess
[18:53] Eren Padar: I already getted rid of ded mouse, for free! (*belch*)
[18:53] Koni Lanzius: Ahahaha! XD
[18:53] Taralyn Melodie: where the mouse go?
[18:53] Taralyn Melodie: ohhhhhh
[18:53] Taralyn Melodie: eeewwwwww
[18:53] Koni Lanzius: the evidence is missing!
[18:54] Eren Padar: Yeah!
[18:54] Eren Padar: No ded animals in here!
[18:54] Clarence: Eren put the rats there. Eren put the rats there.
[18:54] Koni Lanzius: Ahahaha! XD
[18:54] Eren Padar: LIke I said, cats lie alla time.
[18:54] Koni Lanzius: cat has a conflict of interest
[18:54] Eren Padar: Yeah!
[18:54] Eren Padar: He knows he not lies, NO TUNA FOR YOU!
[18:54] Bryster Shan: Any last words Dwagon?
[18:55] Taralyn Melodie: that dwagon is innocent
[18:55] Eren Padar: I demands jury of my peers.
(Clarence attacks Eren at this point)
[18:55] Eren Padar: Nice kitty
[18:55] Eren Padar: pet pet pet
[18:55] Taralyn Melodie: the jury said
[18:55] Curious Hazelnut: is Clarence attacking Eren?
[18:55] Bryster Shan: Yes.
[18:55] Bryster Shan: Sentence is passed.
[18:55] Eren Padar: Nice kitty
[18:55] Taralyn Melodie: are you alright
[18:56] Curious Hazelnut: Throw him in the Bog of Eternal Stench!
[18:56] Eren Padar: Dis cat got wierd purr
[18:56] Koni Lanzius: Ahahaha! XD
[18:56] Bryster Shan: He's gonna folow you home for sure!
[18:56] Eren Padar: I bet it Clarence brought in rats so he'd has supper!
[18:56] Taralyn Melodie: *nods
[18:56] Eren Padar: Cos I bet Bryster forgetted to feeds him so he brot in rats
[18:57] Eren Padar: But I will gets rid of ems for cheap!
[18:57] Eren Padar: Only 4 cookies an... okay.. ONE rums
[18:57] Eren Padar: Yups I checks meter. Rats still dere
[18:57] Eren Padar: But I can kills 'em right out
[18:57] Eren Padar: I broght my ratgun
[18:58] Eren Padar: Okies Bryster, wot final judgment?
[18:59] Curious Hazelnut: Bog of Eternal Stench!
[18:59] Bryster Shan: You is guilty as charged.
[18:59] Eren Padar: Okies. Pond?
[18:59] Curious Hazelnut: Bog of Eternal Stench!
[18:59] Curious Hazelnut: Bog of Eternal Stench!
[18:59] Curious Hazelnut: Bog of Eternal Stench!
[18:59] Bryster Shan: You try to scam me.
[18:59] Koni Lanzius: Ahahaha! XD
[18:59] Eren Padar: Me???
[18:59] Bryster Shan: Yups!
[18:59] Eren Padar: Wot make you think I bringed ratses in here?
[18:59] Eren Padar: Where is pruf?
[18:59] Eren Padar: I bringed rat fighting stuffs.
[18:59] Bryster Shan: The fact that they have your name on dem.
[18:59] Eren Padar: Dey does nots!
[18:59] Koni Lanzius: Ahahaha! XD
[19:00] Curious Hazelnut: they got collars?
[19:00] Eren Padar: I not see collars
[19:00] Gandalf Farstrider: prima facie evidence that one is
[19:00] Eren Padar: I not see branded in furs
[19:00] Eren Padar: I not see rat tags
[19:00] Bryster Shan: Rat #6 Creator Fillo Farber - Owner Eren Padar
[19:00] Eren Padar: Wot you talking about? I think you beens drinkings too much rums.
[19:00] Koni Lanzius: Ahahaha! XD
[19:01] Eren Padar looks close at rat
[19:02] Eren Padar: I not sees no rat tags
[19:02] Eren Padar: Not a collar
[19:02] Eren Padar: Okay Bryster, I makes you deal. I gets rid of rats for 2 COOKIES
[19:03] Eren Padar: You can't say no to 2 cookie rat deal!

(Bryster Draws a sword and starts chasing Eren)

[19:03] Eren Padar: !!! run away run away

(Eren starts jumping over bartops. Somehow no matter where Bryster chases... Eren is no longer there.)

[19:03] Koni Lanzius: Ahahaha! XD
[19:03] Koni Lanzius: well i guess that concludes the trial
[19:04] Eren Padar: KANGAROO COURT!
[19:04] Bryster Shan hums tune for Mission Impossible
[19:04] Eren Padar eeps

(As Eren runs from Bryster and flips over counters...)

[19:05] Eren Padar: I getting hired to get rats out?
[19:05] Eren Padar: Only 2 cookies!
[19:05] Eren Padar: Dat pretty good deal
[19:05] Bryster Shan: Not hired. You is scammer!
[19:06] Eren Padar: *mwwahaas* :)~~~~
[19:07] Gandalf Farstrider: good night all.....hope you get your rat problem fixed bryster
[19:07] Bryster Shan: I have to fix an Eren problem first.
[19:07] Koni Lanzius: Ahahaha! XD

(Eren hides underneath Koni's skirt where Bryster can't get to him)

[19:07] Bryster Shan: Cowedly Dwagon hides in ladiesskirts.
[19:08] Eren Padar polishes boots
[19:08] Koni Lanzius: awww
[19:09] Eren Padar: RATBUSTERS to da rescue!
[19:09] Eren Padar: ONE cookie?
[19:09] Bryster Shan: No wonder eberbody goes home. Too many rats.
[19:09] Bryster Shan: And one scam merchant
[19:10] Koni Lanzius: Ahahaha! XD
[19:10] Eren Padar: Okies I kills rats for 1 cookie
[19:10] Eren Padar: anna rum
[19:10] Bryster Shan: Not paying. Getting health and safety bigwig to come and bust you.
[19:10] Eren Padar: Comes on! One cookie! One lousy cookie!
[19:11] Bryster Shan: You got no license for dat machine either.
[19:11] Eren Padar: It only a portable backpack nuclear accelerator
[19:11] Eren Padar: Great for zappings rats
[19:11] Eren Padar: I hired?
[19:11] Bryster Shan: You couldn't hit a barn door with that thing.
[19:11] Eren Padar: I could! I good shot!
[19:12] Bryster Shan: couldn't
[19:12] Eren Padar: CAN!
[19:12] Bryster Shan: CAN'T!
[19:12] Eren Padar: I show you!
[19:12] Koni Lanzius: hehe

(Eren sets off several volleys which vaporize the rats entirely... not hide nor hair left)

[19:12] Eren Padar: Dere, see, got all 3 rats!
[19:12] Bryster Shan: Oh so I was wrong.
[19:12] Eren Padar: Dey vapor... oh wait.. .. HEY!
[19:12] Bryster Shan: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
[19:12] Eren Padar: Uh....
[19:13] Eren Padar: Can I still habs a cookie?
[19:13] Koni Lanzius: Ahahaha! XD



Comment by Oona Sharple on May 18, 2010 at 3:25pm
    Hahaha ! Umm..Oona thinks ya innocents Eren :) heee So,wut pond dey talks about? Da one wif da really scary fishie in it?

    Oona so scared of dat fishie ! Once Oona hads really bad lag day and fell into pond and sees dat fishie ! Oona totally freakeds out and toodles in dat pond fer like ferever ! Couldn't get out ! And Oona very scared,in RL even ! Oona hads to port out of pond to get out....

    Dat one nasty fishie..Hopes ya not has to be dunked in dat pond..


Comment by Wayfinder Wishbringer on May 18, 2010 at 4:17pm

    I wondered why that pond looked a little more yellow than normal one day. Now I know..


Comment by Oona Sharple on May 18, 2010 at 4:21pm

    Wut ya means yellow? Oona not pee pees in it,if dat wut ya thinks...But Oona almost pee pees in da pants in RL tho..Dat fishie really scary,Wayfinder..

    Oona no likee dat fishie..Oona stays far away from dat pond..


Comment by Zauber Paracelsus on May 19, 2010 at 9:12am

    Never a dull moment at the tavern, eh?


Comment by Butterpaw Bravin on May 20, 2010 at 3:47pm

    awww see whats I misses on da day I can't come? sigh...
    Dat a very exciting advenchure, but Bryster WRONG! Dwagons is ALWAYS innocent!


Comment by Hecatya Idimmu on May 22, 2010 at 3:25pm

    From what i see from outside dwagon Eren is indeed always inocent, but what i like the most at him is that he has no fear, he is very brave.
    Thank you Eren for sharing DA AWFUL RAT INVASION.




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